damn education i want to read it

i know i only have 560 ish followers but jic it needs to be said, especially @ minors following me, please dont internalize / normalize the dangerously unhealthy coping mechanisms that i use and post about on here.. especially now that im 18 i feel a responsibility to address that answering advicey asks feels iffy to me cause im definitely not qualified to educate or give advice about things that i handle, by any psychiatric standard, horribly,,, and i dont want u to read my posts and be like “damn sounds like shes having fun i wanna try that shit” cause im not. i might make it sound fun to make myself feel better but at the end of the day im just a mess and i dont want to enable u into becoming as miserable as i am ok stay safe

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How would the guys(whoever you want) react to finding out their s/o can't read?

Writin’ this up as headcanon style, so I can do a few more than usual! Sorry I still didn’t get all the guys :c

McCree: At first, he doesn’t believe you, but once you explain it to him, he immediately apologizes. He grew up under some rough circumstances, so he understands not having a full education (he barely got one before he got sucked into the Deadlock Gang). He’s not sure he’s the best one to teach ya, but he’s damn well going to try. He grabs a few books off the nearest shelf and even sets up a reward system (think lots of kisses and cuddles) for the more progress you do.

Genji: He asks if you want to learn, and if so, he’s more than happy to teach you! (if you don’t know Japanese, he also throws in a few lessons here and there to spice things up) He’s not the best teacher (because he tends to get distracted), but he tries his best. He likes to mark your progress on a chart with lots of colors, stickers, and small prizes (especially small pieces of candy). 

Soldier76: He goes ahead and tries to teach you practical things first, familiarizing you with common mission-oriented words. He’s not the best at affirmation, but you can tell he is impressed by your progress (he also secretly brags about what a fast learner you are to the others).

Hanzo: He’s surprised that you never learned, but he insists that he teach you. He catches you up on Japanese as well, and his lessons are incredibly well structured (he explains he had some of the best tutors growing up, so he uses a lot of their techniques). He is very verbally affirmative, but prefers to reward you for good work after lessons, so you don’t get distracted.

Junkrat: He never had a formal education and consequently can barely read himself (he prefers to learn by doing anyway), so he’s at a loss for how best to help. He says it’s perfectly fine not to be able to read, but if you really want to learn, he can enlist the help of some others more capable. 

Reinhardt: He’s definitely going to help you learn. Back when McCree joined Overwatch, Reinhardt helped solidify his education, so he’s got some experience teaching others already. He’s super supportive of you the whole way, and always makes sure to give you things to read that you’re interested in. He likes to celebrate all the major milestones with you as well!

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Culture appropriation within tattoo culture?

Man. That is tough.
I see it all the fuckin time and it pisses me off. Some of my friends (tattoo artists) will post their works of “day of the dead girls”, which features an obviously NOT Mexican girl, or “native girls”, which are obviously NOT native. It’s fucking annoying and I wish more artists would have respect–but most of them just don’t know.
Heck, I didn’t know. I’ve done a few Día de Muertos tattoos and candy skulls in my day, but I haven’t since I learned about cultural appropriation.

For many tattoo artists, non-Polynesians with Polynesian tattoos (or non-Māori with Tā moko, etc) are a laughing stock, but the artists will still do the tattoos to make the money. It’s stupid.

People should stand their fucking ground and say, “no, this culture does not belong to you.”
I do.

As a Filipino, if I saw a non-Filipino with re-created batok, I would be absolutely fucking livid and would want to peel their skin off myself.
I’m Filipino and I’m not about to choose random batok patterns and smack them on myself! When the time comes for me to have some tattooed (and I definitely will), I will put in the time and effort to find a Filipino artist that understands and respects the traditional art, and speak with them about what every pattern means, and what I can have tattooed. Some must be earned.
I really want to travel to the Philippines and visit Whang Od, the last living mambabatok!!

I live in Canada now, and the demand for Native tattoos (Coast Salish, Nootka, Kwagiutl, ‘Ksan, Tlingit, or more commonly, Haida) is very high.

I always say no. Unless the client is Native, I say no, and I tell them why.
I am not Native. And as long as I am living and working on stolen land, I do NOT have the right to make money off of their culture.
I think Native artwork is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I understand that people want the art on their bodies! But they need to put in the time and effort to research and find a NATIVE tattoo artist.
I cannot draw you a real Native piece, and I do not have the right to tattoo it on you. Find a Native artist and find out whether or not they actually want to give the art to you.

If you’re going to have work from a certain culture put on you, at least find yourself a damn artist from that actual culture. That’s literally the least you can do. DO IT.

I think we just need to educate people more. But at lot of people don’t want to listen.
I don’t want to go commenting on people’s pages, because I know they wont listen and I’ll just end up getting bombarded by assholes; I just make my own posts where I can. I know at least a few of my followers will read and hopefully learn.

A Groucho Marx’s quote for each MBTI type

INFP: “A child of five could understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”

ESTJ: “While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” 

INTP: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

ISTP:  “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”

ENTJ: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”

ENFP: “Humor is reason gone mad.”


ENFJ: “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.”

ESFP: “If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.”

ISTJ: “I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.

INTJ: “I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.”

INFJ: “If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

ISFJ: “If I hold you any closer I’ll be in back of you!”

ISFP: “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.”

ESTP: “Die, my dear? Why that’s the last thing I’ll do!”

ESFJ: “If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I’d like to hear it again” 

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i simply wanted to say that an "indian headress" is not an accesory. it's sacred and you wearing like its a bandana is not only cultural appropriation, but racist and extremely offensive. please educate yourself on these things, i would really appreciate that :) i don't want to sound hostile, i would just really appreciate if you recognized and attempted to understand how you're actions offend others.

Hi tumblr warrior, 

I understand that my actions offended you nearly a month ago when I wore an indian headdress to celebrate how awesome my life is. See, the thing is, I don’t really care. While I respect Native Americans a great deal, I refuse to let some anonymous person tell me that I need to educate myself. First, I have read and understood what cultural appropriation is. Second, I’m not just some dumb bitch off the street. I understand that some things I do offend others, and honestly, I don’t give a damn. And if you want to call that white supremacy or whatever else you’re going to label it as, go ahead. Just because my skin is not darker than what I like to call ‘transparent’ doesn’t mean I don’t feel for the plight of others. I know that Native Americans and other races have taken serious blows from whites, and I don’t defend that at all.

What I do defend? Being fierce. And when I went out to celebrate the first birthday since losing my dad, the first birthday since finding the love of my life, the first birthday where I truly celebrated my life as it is, I wanted to look ten times better than any skank in a little black dress. So I fucking owned in my beautiful, custom made headdress. And no tumblr warrior is going to make me feel shitty because I felt beautiful, loved, and free. 

I realize I sound like a bitch, but in my life as a bisexual woman, who is judged for being fat and different and ugly or whatever else you wanna label me as, I’ve quickly learned to not care. I don’t need your approval, and while cultural appropriation is real and I respect the fight, I don’t need you in my inbox. 

In the words of Jinkx Monsoon, “Water off a ducks back.” 

All that I have ever wanted to do was help people. You guys know that more than anyone else. I can’t save anyone, and trust me when I say that I wish I could, I just can’t. I hope you guys remember that, too. That you can’t save people, and you can’t be saved by anyone but yourself, but you can’t do it all on your own.

I am so sorry if you’re going through a rough time, if you feel stuck and that time doesn’t seem to realize that you’re still hanging behind. That you have no idea what to do or how to complete things that are too exhausting for you to deal with on your own (like your education). If your mental health has never been top shape, but lately you feel it is becoming worse. I know how hard it can be focusing on school when you’re having trouble just simply breathing.

I always tell anyone who is struggling with signs of mental illnesses or anything to seek the help that they need for the recovery that they deserve. But, I know how hard it can be to follow advice, and especially to ask for someone’s help.

Which is why it’s so important that we all reach out to one another when we see someone in pain. You may inspire someone to save themselves, which is all I can and try to do with every single one of you who have messaged me over the years, crying about your heart or mind being broken and exhausted.

Whenever I feel down, I will message people and reach out to help and advice, ask if they need to talk, if they are taking care of themselves and so on. It cheers me up knowing that I made someone else’s day just a little better. That I reminded someone that somebody truly cares about them. And I know many of you have the same habit, which is amazing, but you have to think about yourself sometimes, especially when you feel depressed.

Not dealing with your pain can potentially lead to terrifying things that no one should ever have to experience (like harming yourself). And to any of you out there who is struggling with self-harm, if you have ever been clean - even for the shortest amount of time, you should honestly feel proud. And if you are depressed or suicidal, I am so proud of you for just being here to this day. It seems like such a small idea, to just simply breathe and eat, but it can be so exhausting when you’re walking around ill and it seems like no one even seems to care.

If a part of you feels like you’ve just given up, like you’re ready to drop out of school, give up and walk away from everything you love, all of your dreams and all of your friends, you’re ready to just completely lose hope, then you have to reach out, even the smallest scream can help. I promise some weight will be lifted off of your shoulders by just simply venting/ranting to a friend or a therapist.

I am an optimistic person and the positive mindset that I have gotten so used to can calm me down sometimes when i’m sad. I’ve become a master of a positive response to literally every possible outcome of a situation and I love it. I love that I can be so positive, especially when it comes to comforting people. I just hate that it’s not enough. You can be the most positive soul but if you don’t actually stop at times to take care of yourself, positivity just isn’t enough.

One of the reasons that I love helping everyone, and one of the reasons I want to do something meaningful and helpful with my life is honestly because it makes me feel needed. I know that it sounds awfully selfish, it’s just knowing that you helped someone get the help they needed and deserved, or inspired someone to reach out and stay strong, makes you feel useful. It hurts to remind myself that even those I try my best to support are still scared and feel alone, no matter how much I want to help. Which is why that it is so important to me that everyone feels safe to reach out for the help they need, like therapy, and that people reach out and asks if someone needs to talk when they think something is bothering them.

If you’re hurting, I know you want to stay strong. I know you don’t want to hurt the people you love. I know you want to help everyone else before helping yourself. I, personally, want to make everyone happy because no one deserves to feel alone and hopeless, to feel like they have no way out. I believe that 100% and I am sure that you do as well, but you’re too damn hard on yourself to remember that belief when it comes to yourself.

I’m so sorry if this upsets you and I am sorry if this is painful for you to read. I wish that I could save everyone, and I wish that I could make it all good. I want to buy houses where people can live for free. I want to offer education to drop outs and homeless. I want to really change lives, for everyone. I want equality and I want therapy to be free all over the world because the amount of money you have shouldn’t have anything to do with your right to be healthy. I want people to accept you completely, no matter the race, sexuality, or gender that you are. I want people to not think you just want attention when you ask for help. I wish people wouldn’t do any harm to the people they share this world with, but the fact of the matter is, they do, which is why it is important to be kind to each other and to take care of ourselves when we have no one to do it for us.

I’m so sorry that I can’t get you guys all those things. I’m sorry that saying you have a mental illness isn’t reacted to the same way as if you have cancer. I’m so sorry. I love you guys so much. I mean it, every single one of you, even strangers. I don’t care about your past, I only care about what you’re doing to be the best you, right now, even if that means you stumble sometimes. We’re not perfect, and no one is.

Reach out to get the help you need and deserve, because you are worthy of recovery, I promise you. Please stay safe and take care of yourself. It is okay to put yourself first when it is needed. And when it comes to school, I hope you remember that there are more important things than being smart.

I hope you learn to love yourself. I hope you tell your friends when you’re struggling, and I hope that they open their arms to let you cry in them. I hope you don’t shut yourself out. Please, do something to make yourself smile everyday. Don’t feel selfish. Your friends won’t think of you any less for admitting you’re not okay sometimes, if they do, they’re not your friends. Your true friends will maybe feel bad for you for 10 seconds before just wanting to help you with everything they can, and ultimately, this makes them feel closer to you and it reminds them that you’ll always be there if they ever needed you as well. It might help you both get someone to talk to. Way too few of people feel safe enough to share their struggles with even their closest friends and family. Many of us have the habit of thinking people have safety nets, that they have someone to talk to when things get hard, but the truth is, most of us don’t, which is why it is so important to reach out.

Be open, be accepting, be kind, and please be compassionate. Remember to love yourself, and to love others while learning to care for yourself. People are the world and love is all we have. Speak out when something is wrong. Please, don’t suffer alone and don’t watch someone else suffer without attempting to reach out.

I love you all and I am always here for you, and will be more than happy to give advice on reaching out for help (be it going to the doctor to see if you need professional help or how to talk to your friends) or just listen to you rant.

Also here is a list of helpful resources about mental health.
ps. the photo is not mine, I found it on google.

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Okay but after trk is released will we be able to read the deleted scenes? What do we need to sacrifice to get the deleted scenes? I would give probably seven goats for this cause

Dear thecryoftheicemark,

I already have seven goats.

The Raven King deleted scenes will never see the light of day/ bright attentive gaze of Sauron unless I later pull them apart in a workshop for Educational Reasons. 

You don’t want to read them, anyway, because mostly they’re boring or irrelevant or out of character, or I wouldn’t have deleted them. There was this one TRK scene where I began every paragraph with a descending number like so: Eighteen was how old he was when … , Seventeen pencils on the shelf … Sixteen days after that he … At the end of the chapter we realize that Ronan is trying to get to sleep and he’s counting down to zero. BEHOLD MY CLEVERNESS I shouted at the empty air.

Once I got over how damn clever I was, I realized the scene didn’t actually do anything to the plot and I deleted it.

You really don’t want to see them.

I actually have nine goats.



I sent an email in response to the prof’s dismissal of the issue of racism at this school, and its impact on me and other students of colour. I explained racial trauma, and how mental health and social conditions are deeply connected in ways that might not be apparent from an outside perspective.

and lord, I’m fucking terrified. I have to see her tomorrow in class and for all I know she’s going to hate me for asking her to recognize the psychological impact of racism, and to see how this isn’t about experiencing “embarrassment” at your school being racist. my email was polite and I made sure to say lots of nice stuff about her but I’m so fucking scared. this is the class where I had to get the prof to mark my paper on racism and the panopticon after the TA marked me unfairly, so I have no recourse if she turns on me for this. 

this is the fucking shit that you go through if you’re a student of colour with all white profs. you have to educate them while praying to god they don’t get offended and fuck your whole life up. you have to teach someone who has you completely at their mercy. and you try your best to be an ass-kissing, gentle thing, but if they take offense in spite of that, what the fuck can you do? and fuck, last year I had to explain to a white prof for two hours why she can’t use the n-word. I have to explain things that should be fucking fundamentally obvious to these people who have had years in which to access this education. I have to do it while fearing what will happen to me if they don’t like the way I educate them. if I seem uppity. if I speak out of turn. and if they don’t react badly, they think they’re doing something fucking amazing by listening and learning, as if it’s a favour to me that they’re willing to be educated by a damn coloured girl. as if I want to be their educator to begin with. I don’t. I don’t want to do that. 

I just spent an hour of my time explaining in detail the psychological harm that the racism of this school’s students and administration is causing me. I had to recount pain that I’m still enduring for the benefit of her understanding, when I’m in a place where I can’t work on my assignments or do readings. I shouldn’t have to do that. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is painful and destructive. I shouldn’t have to justify why it is dismissive to give a week long extension on a previous paper based on my depression, while giving two days for this. I shouldn’t have to explain why her feeling “totally embarrassed” that the school is racist is not equivalent to me experiencing depression, paranoia, burn-out, and actual physical symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite. I asked for an extension because I have been struggling with the psychological weight of being outright dismissed by the administration, and degraded by my peers. instead of giving me the time I needed, she put me in a position where I had to sacrifice even more emotional energy to explain my pain to her. if she listens, I still lost my time and went through even more shit in recounting my experiences and educating her. there isn’t a way in this for me to win. people of colour having to perform emotional and psychological labour educating white people so that we can get the basic things we need is just another function of racism. 

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I'm white and some of the shit my people put all black people through really disgusts me. I run a pro black blog but I want to do more. What can I do?

We’ve got enough pro black blogs ran by Black People.

If you want my honest advice and are going to take it to heart. If you know as much as you claim you know and what to make the difference you claim you do.

Change your blog. Instead of pro black make it an educational blog about racial matters and answering questions any white people have (of course if your unsure ask a blog ran by a POC who knows the answer and WANTS/ACCEPTS white asks). I assume you’ll be more nice the curious white people then us blogs ran by POC because if you didn’t know our blogs were made solely for POC not for white people.

That’s how you can help. Educate your damn people because God knows to Hell and Back White People tend to listen to other White People.

Cuz if I, a black woman who only wants to get asks from POC, gets a question even a “innocently put one” I’m gonna snap on you for not reading this a POC and the whites are going to leave confused and with deflated egos.

- Susie the Moderator

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. It’s been hard trying to find time and inspiration for art and writing. I’ve been dealing with a quarter-life crisis, worrying about money and what I really should do with my life and pretty much everything else in the universe because unfortunately, that’s how I’m wired. I’ve yet to find a suitable electrician to fix that particular issue. :)

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve felt very estranged from myself since I graduated from college last December. Adulthood leaves so little time for my passions, which are so integral to who I am that I feel as if I’m just going through the motions without them. As a result, when I do get to return to them, I’m rusty and dissatisfied with my skill level. I’ve stagnated big time. I feel very directionless. Pair that with a myriad of family health problems and other chaotic bits of life and work and it’s as if I’m headed down the wrong river. Does that make any sense? My life keeps happening around me, but I have little say in it. It’s a very reactive existence, whereas I always thought of myself as generative. But creativity, growth, and greatness–whatever that might mean–are hard to come by when you’re constantly tapped out, exhausted, and in a bit of shell shock.

I need to be honest. My job is hard. It’s really hard. I don’t feel like a teacher–sometimes I feel like I’m in a war zone. I teach at-risk kids in the inner city. My kids deal with death and murder and rape on a daily basis. Literally. A drug overdose is a routine occurrence for them. They’re deeply affected by it, of course–you have to be if you’re human–but they also have learned to erect walls to shut it out. I do not have those walls. Everyone keeps telling me that I’ll build them but I doubt it. I’m not capable of it. I feel everything intensely. Always. Again, I suppose I’m just wired like that. But man, sometimes, I wish I wasn’t. 

I used to write about abuse, depression, trauma, but I’d never really experienced it beyond my own diagnosed depression and anxiety–which were and always will be the biggest challenges in my life–but I’d never seen it like my students see it. They live it every day. And to some extent, I’m on the other side of a glass wall, watching all this crap happen to innocent kids and powerless in many ways to help. My bosses keep reminding me, “You can’t save every kid.” Logically, I realize that. But I hate that it’s true. I can be there for them. I can show them how much I care by showing up and giving them my all day after day, but I can’t fix it. I can try. But can I really fix it? How can I tell them that education and loving each other are the most important things in the world when their school is falling apart because the government doesn’t really care about fixing schools or when their dads are beating their moms or when their cheer coaches have been murdered? 

And then they come to me and they want answers and I don’t have them. I’m too young to have any answers. I never, ever know what to say. I am not wise. At all. I am inexperienced. I haven’t taken any risks ever so what right have I to tell them to do the same? I feel like such a fraud. 

Do you know they have me teaching theatre this year along with English? I almost burst out laughing when they told me. I never had the courage to really pursue theatre seriously even though that’s all I’ve ever wanted, and yet here I am, teaching it from my rudimentary knowledge base and telling the kids to follow their dreams and that it will all be okay when I feel like I’m lying to them because I cannot possibly know that. 

I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t have an education degree and I’m teaching. I’ve taken barely any theatre classes and I haven’t been in a play in years and I’m the drama teacher. I haven’t written anything in months nor have I been reading and yet here I am, teaching English and thinking, “Well, shit, when Keats was my age, he was already on his way to becoming one of the greats. I mean, he died. He very much died, but still. He saw what he wanted and he doggedly pursued it, Byron be damned.”

But what am I doing? I’m turning 25 next month and what the hell am I doing? Living in a city I hate and teaching kids I love but watching what I really want to do get farther and farther away because I don’t have the money or the talent for it. Or the courage. I am not a courageous person at all. I do not take risks. I’m a very frightened person. I am so frightened of many things–of being shot or killed where I work, of failing, of losing my chance to be remembered, of losing my loved ones to stupid health crap, of losing others I love because I don’t know how to balance work and life, of dying unaccomplished, of squandering potential.

I’ve recently realized that I’ve lead a very scattered life, pursuing art and music and acting and writing and teaching and every other thing because I love it all but loving it all may result in mediocrity across a wide range of subjects instead of expertise in one. I’m multitasking to the extreme most days but I only have two hands and one real passion, and this is hard. This is really hard. I’ve lost a lot of myself. I’m still in there. I just have a lot of housekeeping to do to find me again. And I have got to put up some boundaries and walls because otherwise, I’m not going to make it. 

And I’ve never traveled. Not really. I’ve never seen the world. Do you know why? I had a few opportunities to do so, but I didn’t, because I was terrified of debt and terrified of everything else. And so here I am, worrying about the same crap I’ve been worrying about for years and I’m so tired of it.

I miss art so much. So much. I miss the intellectual challenge of college. I miss time to think. I miss the possibility that I could do great things. And then adulthood–bills and money, money, money and you lose it all–comes around and it’s harder and harder to do it. 

I’m trying–I am. I’m back training for voice acting, which is like a saving grace. I love it. Am I good at it? I don’t really know. But it clears my mind and challenges me and might be something to strive for. I’ve also inserted little snatches of art time into my day. My artwork sucks right now. Let’s just be real here, it sucks. Same compositions–or lack thereof–dwindling knowledge of anatomy, uninspired and untrained use of color, but at least it’s something. Until I get time to really, really focus on pushing myself, it’s something. Kind of like working out–which I’ve always maintained, come hell or high water, because I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t have your health, you’re screwed. But I just have to build those art muscles back up.

I’m ready for something new and exciting that pushes me in the direction that I really want to go. I want to reroute this raft and get to my river, not someone else’s. I’m so tried of being the crisis manager for other people’s lives. This is going to sound weird, but I think I need to be a little selfish. I’ve lost me and I’m so worn out, I feel 300 years old on the inside.

What has been wonderful are those little moments of rediscovery, like when I draw like I use to or when I write or spend time with my boyfriend, who makes me feel like all of these worries are minuscule and that my dreams are very doable. Or when one of my students has a breakthrough of some sort. Or when I get to spend a quiet day with my family. 

I’ll be okay. I just don’t know what “okay” will mean, or when it will happen. 

I refuse to put this under readmore because then  you would ignore it.

Honestly, the community here hasn’t changed since I started here two years ago. The only change was that I was accepted into the fold for awhile. Then I went on a couple months’ hiatus for college, and it’s like I’m starting here all over again. 

Tumblr is great for organizing information and showcasing your OC. There are so many people with so many ideas here that it’s a great place to mold fan creations. However, the community is not so accepting of new people. In order to have a successful OC here you must: 

  • Be an amazing artist. Pencil and paper will not do. We’re talking fancy art tools that cost hundreds of dollars. Even then, you must work hours and hours on one picture, and make your own damn icons!
  • Have a custom theme. Nothing from google searching will do. You have to make all the coding yourself. As if we all have the time and education for that. 
  • Custom posts formats. Much like the theme, people want your words to do special things and sit in odd places on the post. AND THE TINY PRINT. I can’t read tiny print! But I guess having that makes you a literate RPer. 
  • Long posts. Paragraphs on paragraphs. Flawless grammar. I’ve always treated RP as a casual thing, with usually two small paragraphs and call that good enough. But for most, that’s too casual. They want a novel. Rolelplaying must be your second job. 
  • OCs can have some trauma, but too much and then they’re no good. It doesn’t matter if the person can write it well. Too much and they’re a “Mary-Sue”. 
  • OCs have to be young and preferably white. I know no one means to be like that about the race, but it happens. As for the age thing, well no older person can have adventures or dynamic relationships! 
  • OCs cannot have a dark past. That makes them less quality as everyone does it. Only canons may have dark pasts.
  • OCs must be super complex and developed in order to have any relation with a canon character. 
  • As a mun, you must work tirelessly on your OC to get recognition. Spend hours sending in memes and offers of plotting to your role models and hope that one of them talks to you. 

I’m not preaching because Rose hasn’t been getting any attention. It is like this for many OCs here on Tumblr. I know a couple of people who are equally unhappy with this. There are quite a few younger people here that make OCs that most people just ignore and pass off. This irritates me because that hurts their development more than helps them. 

My first OCs were garbage. They existed way before Tumblr was created. They were even in a different fandom. I guess they were also my way of working through problems. I was in middle school/high school. They were the classic “Mary Sue”. But even if they were, and the fandom was full of older people, those people gave me a chance. Not everyone, but a few. From them, I learned how to be a better writer and what made a better character! I have since left that fandom for the Kingdom Hearts one. I have another OC that I refuse to bring to Tumblr for the aforementioned bullets above. They were not that great at the beginning either, but people helped me to develop my writing and character. Now I would say that they are pretty unique!

OCs are amazing because it’s a person’s way of contributing to what they love. OCs add another way of looking at a story. They add more to a story. They might take the story in another direction that you didn’t think about. OCs are great. Every OC can be great if they are just worked on. Rose improved quite a bit since coming here.

That’s why I say that I give every OC a chance. It might not always work out because everything is obscure or I don’t know the fandom that they come from. Maybe it’s my own poor understanding. Maybe it just doesn’t click between us muns. But I understand what it’s like to be in that situation and I know how important it is to have other people guide you along. It is glorifying when a canon character interacts with your OC. To many, this validates their OC. The fact that everyone has segregated into cliques, especially those that are not private and exclusive but give off that vibe, do not help. 

I was in one for a time myself. It was great at first, but then I began to be left behind. I started as the group leader, but ended up being the obnoxious little sibling that they were forced to bring along. It depressed me, much like Tumblr depresses me now. I would watch the conversations go on but never contribute because it no longer felt like my place to be. Eventually I left the group. Rose was the only OC in there. 

I had accidentally began to base Rose on everything that went on in that group. So I had to spend a long time backpedalling on a lot of ideas because they really belonged to that group, and I was just forcing myself to fit in with them. But really, it was limiting. If you do everything on your own, you can do whatever you want. 

Honestly, it irritates me when people become elitist in the RP community, especially the Kingdom Hearts fandom. This is all off of a children’s game, and when the children come here, people brush them off as childish and ignorant. Is it any different than those forty-something-year-olds that shun and cast away children just coming into Marvel and DC because the children only know the movies, and not the comics themselves? Or how about those Star Wars fans that were there since the first one way back when, who claim that these new kids aren’t true Star Wars fans? No. It’s exactly the same situation.

I’m not saying that everyone HAS to interact with OCs. If they make someone uncomfortable, or they stated that they will not RP with OCs in their rules, fine. No one is mandated to RP with OCs. If someone makes you uncomfortable, you should definitely stop RPing with them. I once had to block an OC because the mun was always breaking rules of powerplaying, godmod, and constantly in my inbox. This is not to say that OCs must make a nuisance of themselves. But when a mun is constantly pushing their OC, and being annoying about it like I am, it’s because this is the character that they are passionate about. Sure they have some canons on the side, but people will always pick their OC. That is the character that they worked hard on and it is theirs. 

What most don’t understand is that muns for OCs are STARVED for constructive criticism. That doesn’t mean that someone should tell them what to change about their character or tell them everything wrong with the character and bash them to pieces, but they want to hear what people honestly feel about their character. They would like to hear how they could improve their writing or some other ideas that they could try. OCs are not immediately perfect, and nor are they perfected in a day. It’s a long process to create a well-developed character, and often they need a helping hand.

Eraqus has always been a strong muse for me, but I also made that blog in order to draw people in to Rose, or pay them off for dealing with her. That was wrong. I should have never used that reason to make that blog. Now that there are other Eraquses on Tumblr, I’m the bad one. Mostly because I give every OC a chance at first, or younger people who’s writing is not yet completely developed, or perhaps people that don’t strictly follow the canon. Because I do that, people assume that I am less quality. 

Is this rant going to change a damn thing? No. Am I just wasting time by blowing off steam? Most likely. Will I lose a lot of followers after this? Absolutely!

People like to think they’re better than others every chance they get, because real life tends to beat us all down. But those people who act like their shit don’t stink are no better as a person than the new kids here. They just happen to have had more time to develop themselves, whereas these kids are just starting.