damn davie

hey guys….

what if in 13x06…

when Dean and Cas are investigating….

dean says “We’re Partners” ((like they always do but now we got the cowboy meaning too))

then this guy who they meet is like “Partners? Okay.” ((you know the gay way))

and then… dean -doesn’t correct him-


Universe of constant spinning.
Every end and new beginning.
I begin to feel that something’s happening to me… 
And by closing my eyes I’ll be finding Neverland.

ok so the only way i could upload this was to re-encode it into a lower quality (720p), so here you go

Segment of Yuzuru Hanyu on THE★LEGEND, translated by me (using Chinese subs), original source here.


Bette Davis’ epilogue in Feud FX: “In 1983, Bette Davis was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. Within two weeks she suffered four strokes which caused paralysis on the left side of her face. She never stopped working, and continued to smoke up to 100 cigarettes a day. Feted with numerous honors and awards near the end of her life, Davis’ cancer returned in 1989. She died in France on October 6, 1989. Bette Davis was 81 years old. She is interred in Forest Lawn-Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles. Her epitaph reads: ‘She did it the hard way.’”