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Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz


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You know, I love your Au stories of Lance, especially of the centaur lance, parasite Lance and Thundercat Lance. I admit I am now into Lancelot shipping and sometimes I kinda imagine if Lotor captures Centaur Lance, would Lotor make him as his personal hourse ?

I’ve gotten a bunch of asks for centaur Lance and Lotor, so I whipped up this crappy picture.

For fuck’s sake.

We have Rip Hunter, a man who electrocuted his own mind to send himself, unprotected through time, so that he could keep his part of the Spear of Destiny out of the hands of his enemies.

We have Rip Hunter, a man who couldn’t kill Vandal Savage when the man was helpless before him in Egypt, and couldn’t kill Per Degaton despite knowing the kid was going to grow up to release a plague that would kill ¼ of the world’s population AND aid in Savage’s rise to power.

We have Rip Hunter, who agreed with Kendra not to kill Savage because Carter was in danger, despite killing Savage being the answer to all of his problems.

We have Rip Hunter who presumably had knowledge of the Spear of Destiny all through season one, but chose against trying to assemble it, even though it might have brought back his family.

We have Rip Hunter, who loves his team enough that even with his brain completely scrambled, he’s imagined them as his fictional heroes.

And we watched Eobard Thawne specifically alter Rip’s brain on screen.

But there are still fans who will say that Rip “probably didn’t need to be brainwashed to join the Legion” in Rip Hunter’s own damn tag.  

‘Fucking hell. 

Give me Jemma Simmons holding on to Leo Fitz for dear life after getting out and saving the day. Give me Jemma Simmons kissing his face all over like in the pod. Give me Jemma Simmons checking his pulse and not letting him go. Give me Fitzsimmons sinking to the floor just holding on to eachother while Fitz whispers that everything’s alright into her ear while she whispers “yes” back and he doesn’t know why. Give me Jemma explaining everything about what happened with LMD!Fitz and Fitz realizing what she was saying yes to. Give me Jemma breaking down the next time she sees Fitz without a shirt on because she’s reminded of stabbing him and give me Fitz consoling her. Give me a proper Fitzsimmons proposal and post-event conversations.

Give me all the Fitzsimmons reunion and aftermath of the who is the LMD and proposal scenes.


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