damn creepypasta

Damn Micks, back at it again with another drawing! So this is the finished version! I’m super relieved when I finished this. Can you find all the (probably not) hidden dragon balls? This was awesome to put together. See ya in the next post!

ok one of my big pet peeves with horror fiction rn is the overuse of creepy smiles. like sure, creepy smiles as horror have been a thing since forever, and justifiably so because a smile in certain situations can be extremely unsettling. i get it. but since that “the smiling man” story hit reddit i stg every other damn creepypasta has the key frightening aspect be that the antagonist smiles creepily. it gets so old..like if i took a shot for every time i read the words “unnaturally wide grin” id be dead right now.

honestly until people stop using it so repetitively, and in the exact same way every time, its up there with creepy dolls and children as an Incredibly Boring Horror Trope

Arguing With My Thinking Voices
  • Me With My Regular Thinking Voice: Egoraptor, Why are you my thinking voice?
  • Thinking voice: cause you watch too much game grumps..
  • Me: Nahh i dont.
  • !!
  • Me With My RP Thinking Voice: Mrcreepypasta,Why are you my rp voice?
  • RP thinking voice: Just face it you watch creepypastas every damn night..
  • Me: Nahhhhh..
  • RP thinking voice: Yesss you dooo...
  • Me With My Slenderverse Thinking Voice: Mr Nightmare,Why are you my slenderverse thinking voice?
  • Slenderverse Thinking Voice: I think you know why..
  • Me: Why?
  • Thinking Voice: You're really damn obsessed..
  • *Is Still Arguing My Regular Thinking Voice*