damn busy


the holidays are commiinnggg~! ^^ i made these wooden x’mas charms to debut at AFASG this weekend, but a few people who have ordered from me online recently might have gotten one in their package too as a surprise fufufu! :3c

i was thinking of doing a YOI-only giveaway with these as one of the choices for prizes, alongside another regular giveaway (both on my twitter), but more on that later! 8DD


i just wanted to draw a flustered keith with lance showering him in cute spanish pet names~  if anyone knows how to properly end this let me know?  

Lance translation: “my favourite pilot; the most beautiful~, most wonderful~; my darling~, my sweetheart…; my little pastry!; my dear Keith.

translations also captioned

this is so sappy im sorr yy jsadfgkas

ok very scary halloween story

I’m sitting at home, minding my own damn business when fucking Yorick (my personal skull, an old decoration that told jokes before it died a couple years ago) tells a fucking joke. Out of the blue. Not even a joke. “1…2…Boo!” He says cryptically, then he laughed and I fucking turned in my chair, pausing in my leisurely screening of Halloweentown 2 and drawing Hamlet. I put down my fucking tablet pen and go to Yorick’s spot on top of the microwave. He is silent, as skulls should properly be.

And I fucking turn him over

And I look at his fucking power switch even though I’m Positive this guy died years ago.

And It Wasn’t Even On Boys. It Wasn’t Even On.

Miiko (x?) Leiftan~ Game Eldarya from the great @chinomiko​ and her team!  (Check her out!)
Inspired by this song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPOtSknsdXs
I tried out a new way of coloring (I dont have much time). What do you think? ><’ its so horrible. Urgh


Joe Teague → tank top [requested(ish)  by: anon]