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u still takin requests bc... it's been so long and im still wanting to see bitty and jack under a blanket on the sofa but bitty's sitting in jack's lap n bein all safe n criss cross applesauce while being hugged by my muscle boy

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Deadpool, Please!

Okay, I may have watched the Deadpool trailer one too many times and now that results in this nonsense. I’d apologize, but… *sigh*  I’ll only strike again.

For @devereauxsdisease who encourages this sort of behavior.

Sometime in January when the falconers are flying cross country for a roadie and Jack is sitting quietly staring at the clouds out the window, the thought of his future with Bitty slips casually into his mind. That in itself isn’t unusual. He thinks about Bitty a lot and brainstorms cute things that might make him laugh, but for some reason this time it’s more of a calm, assured feeling of I’m Going to Marry This Boy. It isn’t scary. It isn’t surprising. It isn’t even sudden. It’s a quiet moment of happiness, of accepting that yes he gets to have this and knowing he wants to keep this for the rest of his life. That is the moment Jack decides that someday, however far into their future it may be, he’s going to ask Bitty to marry him.


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Fashion Bitty

Ok so I know that the general consensus is that Jack is a low key sugar daddy and that Bitty is flustered and somewhat embarrassed by the money that is spent on him (like “Jack you can’t spend this much money on me it’s ridiculous!)

But consider: Bitty is a Fashion Hoe and loves being able to own actual designer clothes.

Picture Eric Richard Bittle, with an extensive collection of men’s Louboutins flats, silk French cut shirts, fitted custom Italian suits and a few Prada sunglasses.

His most prized possession is a Valentino tux that Jack got him for his birthday to wear to a black tie event for the NHL.

And like, Bitty is always looking Fierce, and when Jack and Bitty are out, and they make appearances together, designers start to notice Bits.

That’s how his career as a fashion model begins.

He gets approached by a Vogue exec at an event and at first he thinks it’s about Jack but the guy is like “no, we want YOU.”

And he gets some advice from Alicia and ultimately just goes for it.

He doesn’t walk very often because of his height, but he is on the cover of Vogue Italia and GQ and he is the face of Armani’s Fall collection and he becomes a close friend of Christian Louboutin.

He ends up being one of the first male model to wear stilettos for a Louboutin collection and it goes viral.

BEYONCÉ retweets a pic of the ad with the caption “he did that” and Bitty keels over.

Bitty has brunch with Alicia,Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum on a regular basis. This is of course where he is convinced to be a judge on the revival season of Americas Next Top Model and comes on as a guest judge a few times on Project Runway.

Eric and Jack have had lunch with Tim Gunn.

Jack, of course couldn’t be happier because now everyone gets to see how beautiful his boyfriend is.

And, when Bitty gets to the point where he has his own collection out, Jack is the photographer for the campaign.

Bitty doesn’t need Jacks money to buy designer clothes anymore.



Okay but imagine Jack waking up at some god awful hour to make breakfast and pack lunches for everyone. It’s like “oh we have to plan a heist, better make sure my boys eat in between everything.” Jack’s boys never go hungry.

Or imagine Geoff always prepared with something random like God damn band-aids or fucking candy to sneak to the boys when Jack isn’t looking. “Quick Michael take this Jolly Rancher before she complains I’m giving you cavities because you’ve earned it,” or “Oh no Gavin bunced his knee when he tripped I got it.” (Geoff why do you have band-aids but no other medical supplies???)

Now imagine Gavin always has extra electronics. Small things like headphones or batteries because Ryan likes to absentmindedly chew on the wires of his headphones so we always need more, and Geoff loses it and screams if his flashlight dies so that can’t happen. Of course he has multiple chargers since his phone dies from taking pictures.

And what if Jeremy makes sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen especially after he shaved his head because sunburn is no laughing matter and sometimes the sun hurts your eyes and gives you a headache. “Yes Ryan you’re gonna where the sunglasses over the mask because it’s funny.”

How about Michael constantly going through the dirty laundry to make sure no one, ESPECIALLY GAVIN, left anything in any pockets because Jack lost some nice earrings that way and Gavin has destroyed too many phones. The laundry is always folded before it reaches the bed rooms once it’s all clean too.

Now just think about Ryan staying up until everyone is asleep to make sure they’re all comfortable. Putting blankets over them, taking off forgotten shoes, (or Michael’s glasses so they don’t bend up.), putting their phones on the charger, etc. Yet he’s still the second one up to help Jack make bacon pancakes every Thursday.

  • Crutchie reports for the school paper
  • Jack is the star of the baseball team
  • Crutchie has to go write the piece about the championship game
  • Jack warms up with his hat on backwards and his sleeves rolled up and Crutchie dies inside
  • Jack does the finger gun thing before his first at bat and Crutchie dies even more
  • Crutchie doesn’t even like baseball.
  • It’s raining and cold and windy and doesn’t feel like spring
  • it’s either moving really slow or super fast and rarely seems to be in between
  • It’s not super complicated but it isn’t exactly fun to watch either
  • but Jack kind of makes it worth it because he makes it look so easy
  • (plus he’s really cute and Crutchie’s never seen him in a baseball uniform before and it’s weirdly attractive)
  • And then it’s bottom of the ninth, Jack’s last at bat, and their team is down by two and there’s a man on second but that means Jack need a home run to get into extra innings and he’s good but he’s only hit one home run all season
  • Crutchie gets really into it and ends up cheering really loudly
    • “C’mon, Jacky! You can do it!”
  • And Jack makes brief eye contact with Crutchie and smiles and Crutchie dies again because hot damn that boy has a nice smile
  • And then Jack gets a strike
  • and another strike and a ball
  • and it’s making Crutchie die inside ‘cause now he’s really into the game
  • so he yells again and Jack winks at him this time and mouths something
  • which was supposed to be “wait for it” but Crutchie doesn’t get it so he just smiles and nods
  • And then Jack narrows his eyes and Crutchie cannot handle how cute he looks when he focused
  • and the ball comes and Jack hits it and it’s going going going gone
  • and Jack pretty much just jogs the bases, not stopping but slowing down to wink at Crutchie again because lbr, Jack is the biggest flirt with everybody always
  • and then they go into extra innings and basically it’s kick butt time
  • Jack’s team does the things where it’s like as soon as somebody does something well everybody is doing amazing
  • and they’re like
  • fuck yeah, we’re gonna win this thing
  • and they end up winning by like four runs and they all know it started with Jack’s home run
  • and Jack’s hat gets knocked off while they’re celebrating winning states and gets put back on backwards and Crutchie cannot handle the Baseball Hot™
  • and so of course Jack has to come over to Crutchie and probably lean against the fence and Crutchie is stuttering and trying to interview him but Jack is flirting
  • and you know that video of Rami Malek where that guy compliments his eyes? This one?
  • That giggle is what Crutchie does when Jack compliments him
  • which makes Jack laugh because wow that boy is bad at being subtle and wow is it cute
  • And somebody from the team probably comes over and tries to pull Jack away but he shoos them away because now making Crutchie giggle like that again is the main thing on his mind
  • so he flirts like there’s no tomorrow and Crutchie is blushing and giggling and Jack is both very self satisfied and very falling in like
  • and he ends up inviting Crutchie to come with to the team pizza dinner thing after the game under the pretense of letting him talk to more of the team
  • but pretty much it’s Jack slyly getting Crutchie’s number and favorite foods and stuff like that while the rest of the team (probably most of the rest of the gang except Dave Kat and Saz who’re also newspaper) watches in amusement at the obliviousness of the small blond school reporter
  • and then they’re totally Jack’s wingmen in a group chat while Jack is texting Crutchie
  • and the result is a super awkward but cute coffee shop date and a super cute but awkward relationship
  • (that gets better fast because Jack likes making Crutchie giggle and blush but he also needs to know that Crutchie is comfortable and good at all times)
  • and basically Crutchie ends up really liking baseball and goes to all the games
  • the end