damn boi you fine

Dear Evan Hansen characters as things I heard in high school theatre class
  • Evan: "No offense, but if you don't stop apologizing I'm gonna punch you in the fucking throat."
  • Connor: "Welcome to 'That's What I Call Emo' Volume 7"
  • Zoe: "No, I don't have any brothers." *brother screaming in the background* "He isn't real."
  • Heidi: "No offense, but stop trying to fix my mental health when yours is a disaster."
  • Jared: "You look like you drink bubble bath."
  • Alana: "If you're not gonna respect me as your director you can put on your own damn show"
  • Cynthia: "If you like boys, that's fine. Just stop kicking my door."
  • Larry: "Wait who died"

Can we all agree this is Namjoon era?

This whole purple hair, cute smile, dimples and winks action got me so damn hard in YNWA photo concept..

He stole my eyes the most with that wink tbh

God bless our leader Rap Monster

and I will bitch slap anyone who doesn’t think that boy is handsome…



“Nice To Meet You”

Shameless Preferences, Enjoy! (Media pieces aren’t mine, credit to owners)

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Favourite part of episode 2. Eric cuddling with Jinnie but Jinnie was radiating too much heat so Eric left. XD

(Also, I would once again like to acknowledge Dongwan’s singing cause he totally nailed She’s Gone. Like 👌🏼 damn boi you fine.)

The Fake Boyfriend (Part 3)

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Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I love this little series so much…

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at first i was just doodling a steven but then i had an idea and things got out of hand

Turbulence in Miami

So to start off I went with my good friend, we got in Miami the morning of the show, we originally wanted P1 tickets with group photo but ended up getting P2 and Hi-Touch. Picked up our wristbands etc around 1 and went to our hotel and literally spent those hours before 5 getting dressed, cause I, a Jackson Wang stan, needed to make sure I was beat to The Gawds, like of all the days my makeup had to be perfect it was that day… AND it was I just knew it was gonna be a goodt night because my brows came out perfect on the first fucking go, outfit choice if you see my DP (I’ll submit a picture later maybe~) I had a mauve scoop bodysuit with high waisted jeans a kimono and some cute peep toe booties, we finally get in around like 5:30 something? And P1 had the main floor so we found a little higher platform right where the lower seating is and stood against the rail/steps to the second level, because we are both short and ironically everyone in P1 tall as fuck, amazing view of the stage btw!

Moving on to the show (this is where my receipts come in) they perform hard carry and now are talking and Jackson is in my direct line of view!! And amazingly enough there was a fuxking space in the crowd where we BOTH saw each other perfectly!! So I’m in awe watching him and he’s looking around then I notice he hasn’t looked anywhere else in a while and I think “oh shit is he looking at me? Nah” out of habit I licked my lips AND BOY DID IT TOO AT THE SAME TIME WHILE STILL LOOKING MY DIRECTION I’m dying inside. Jinyoung was making his speech so I’m trying to focus on him and I also notice Marky but I could not get the feeling of someone staring me down out the corner of my eye so I 👀 and it was Jackson 💀 I’m nervous man like someone blessed me with chances of him looking at me and letting me prosper that night. Every time I looked at him he’d look around but I swur he was looking at me every chance I looked away or at other members I even waved at him at some point and he smirked! Pause cause lets acknowledge how fine the other 6 were! Yugyeom that boy been working out him and Bambam and Bambam and THAT DAMN MELANIN I mean baby boy was glowing, they all were! I love sun kissed GOT7.

All the way fast forward it’s now time for group photo and Hi-Touch, oh! Btw me and my friend met these amazingly sweet chocolate beauties two came together another lived in Miami they actually were in the same area as my friend and I so we ended up talking and being friends with them through out the whole show so for P2 we had to sit in the seating area until P1 was done with their group pics so we decided all 5 of us would go up together to do Hi-Touch so we all sat next to each other. We waited pretty late to make our way up and MY DAMN STOMACH WAS IN MY ASS THE WHOLE WALK UP TO THE STAGE I WAS BOUT TO DIE! I ended up being in the middle in our group of 5 nervous and trying not to bust my ass ok. So we go up it’s Jinyoung, JB, Yugyeom, Mark, Youngjae, Bambam, and THEN Jackson. Jinyoung is so fine lawd and his hand was so soft!

But ok Im Jaebum!!! This is where I die I look at his hand I touch it like slide my hand against his it happened so slow, I look up and not only did we make direct eye contact but he looked at with his eyebrows raised with a smirk on his face and gave me a quick look up and down and I saw teeth and I just died! My legs hurt right now thinking about it! He came for me!! And I don’t know what life is! Ok…. moving on…. Yugyeom is tall as shit but so cute! Mark looked surprised, I lost my voice that night but I told him I loved him, youngjae is so cute lmao he screamed WOW ok it was 5 brown skinned beauties coming at the same time to say hi to each of them like it was back to back I hope they remember that shit. When I got to Bambam I was stopped and I just Marveled at him and he was blowing kisses! He blew a kiss at one of the girls I was with and he told her he loved her too then turned back and was just smirking like that damn boy know he is fine I tried saying “Bambam I love you!” He said aw I love you too! Then I finally met Jackson I stared his ass down in all his glory and them damn arms and muscles and idk but he had me shook HE DID DO THAT THING WHERE ITS LIKE HE DONT LOOK AT YOU LIKE BOY DONT PLAY MEEEE 😩😭😤 but then he did and idk I blacked out slightly after saying I love you and stay healthy and my ass turned to a baby horse once I got to my friends and was all over the damn place cause my legs went weak! They had to help me walk down the steps I looked back and waved and him (Jackson) and Bambam waved then we waited for the other girls and went outside we all freaked out like that shit was crazy but I cannot…. believe… JB AINT HAVE TO DO ME LIKE THAT 😩 we stayed at the venue until the boys left we missed them leaving tho but omg it was so amazing like I’m ready to go to more fanmeets and concerts this was my first one ever and I’m still at a loss of words

Unfortunately I didn’t get a full shot of my entire outfit but here’s two I took inside the venue, first one is actually after the show waiting for Hi-Touch and the second I took right when me and my friend got inside.

Wonho as a boyfriend
  • “No, we cannot get the cat Shin Hoseok”
  • “But, baby, look it’s so sad”
  • Wonho would be the cutest little cuddle bug
  • He goes from “your daughter calls me daddy too” to “I just want to give everyone in the world a hug” in like 0.25 seconds
  • “Babe, what do you want for dinner?”
  • “Shin Ramyun!”
  • “NO.”
  • working out together and him literally being your hype man
  • “That’s my baby!”
  • “Holy shit babe, yes one more squat you can do it!”
  • “God damn this work out is going to pay off”
  • “Look at that ass”
  • “If you do two more push ups I’ll buy you a treat”
  • Scolding him to keep his shirt on during performances
  • Being jealous because he will literally flirt with anyone regardless of gender
  • Checking out people together
  • “Wait, did you see her ass babe?”
  • “Yeah, it was great”
  • “Wait, baby, did you see that guy? He was so fine”
  • “Damn, boy, work that beard”
  • Hanging out with the boys and them making fun of both of you because you are literal grease balls
  • So much skinship. Wonho is not afraid to express his love for you in an open manner.
  • Like you’ll be walking around doing some shopping or something and he’ll have an arm around you his hand tucked into one of the back pockets of your jeans
  • Kinks. Kinks. Kinks. You are literally the kinkiest couple.
  • “Shin Hoseok, I bought you another choker!”
  • “What is it with you and chokers? You’re so freaky”
  • “You know what it is babyboy. And my freakishness doesn’t bother you when I’m sucking dick, right?”
  •  You’re the couple that says I love you like twenty times a day, but it never ever gets old
  • “I love you, baby”
  • “I know, you told me like an hour ago”
  • “Yeah but that’s an entire hour in which you could have forgotten”
  • Thigh riding.
  • Sub. Wonho.
  • He LOVES being called baby boy. Like he lives for it.
  • He comes home and immediately goes to lay his head on your lap
  • “Rub my head”
  • He falls asleep to you running your fingers through his hair
  • He loves being babied
  • And he loves to spoil you
  • “Umm, Hoseok what are all of these bags?”
  • “I saw all of these cute things and I bought them for you”
  • “What have I told you about spending money on me?”
  • “Not everything is for you. Some of it is for me” *insert cocky ass smirk and wink combo*

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Hot to the Touch: Jae (Day6)

Here is another scenario request from a patient Nonnie! Thank you for being so patient with me! So I just watched Day6′s MV I Wait like 30 times today….OMG these boys are so talented and so amazing and good looking! They are so underrated unfortunately and deserve more love and appreciation! Like how can so much talent and aesthetic be placed in 5 human bodies????

can you do an adult themed Jae (day6) scenario where you accidentally call him hot and ends with you two cuddling ?


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You let out a small yawn as you plopped yourself down on the couch. A part of you wished you were at home right now, snuggling up to warm blankets with the heater blasting, but when your palm tree of a boyfriend Jae called you to come over to hang out for a bit how could you say no. You knew that with the upcoming monthly releases of singles and concerts that the boys would be crazy busy, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to spend any quality time with your boyfriend for quite some time. Problem was that he called about 30 minutes ago and it was getting late.

“Uuuugh…” You let out a groan as you flopped around on the couch. You knew that the more bored you got the more likely you would pass out, which would provide plenty of incentive for Jae to draw on your face with a Crayola. “Oh! I know what I can do!” You let out a mental cheer as you pulled your laptop out of your bag, pulling up Youtube on your browser. You had a busy day with school and work and you didn’t get a chance to look at Day6’s new M/V ‘I Wait.’ You’ve seen the teaser pictures and you could proudly say that the boys looked damn fine. Jae especially. But you wouldn’t tell him that. Would send his ego skyrocketing.

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Tumblr Yoongi (2/7)

Snapchat Jin | Tumblr Yoongi | Periscope Namjoon | Viner Hoseok | Twitter Jimin | Youtuber Taehyung | Instagram Jeongguk

  • Won most followed tumblr 4 consecutive years in a row
  • A mix of sarcastic text posts, memes, selfies  and random art hoe posts which eVERYONE loves
  • Most popular text post has like over 1 million notes
  • Invented ‘let me touch your butt and eat pizza’ and rEGRETS IT EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Loves a good pepe
  • Actually a really good writer and always posts these rly meaningful poems about struggling with mental illnesses and then shit posts about 300 memes hoping no one notices
  • Goes about 2 years without doing a face reveal until one of his close friends (who’s also famous on twitter and has bright orange hair) f o r c e s him to post a selfie
  • Which obviously bLOWS up as he is so fuckign good looking and everyone is kind of shook af bc !!!! damn boy !!!! you fine !!! and tries to force him to post more selfies
  • He doesn’t understand at all bc he thinks hes like ? average looking
  • He does a lot of song recommendations as well
  • ALWAYS answers his hate anons with the funniest replies
  • Instagram Jeon definitely took his profile picture lmao
  • He helped write his periscope famous friend Namjoon’s debut song so they both sit down and decide to make a youtube video talking about how they wrote it and what it meant to them and people started dying some more bc !!!!! this is the guy who talks about how he’s so ugly he wants to die bUT HE’S A CUTIE
  • After the positive response he starts to make a few more youtube videos here and there with help from his youtuber friend Taehyung
  • Like random q and a’s and random tag videos with his various friends
  • He loves to write lyrics and often helps Namjoon out, forces him to be in his youtube videos often, has a thing for writing diss tracks which hint at Jimin
  • hes still bitter that he wasn’t making hella $$$$ off tumblr but now he has youtube so he getting those dollars 
  • Once he did a prank call video saying he was moving to Finland for a job and since he’s so unpredictable everyone fell for it and Jin put it on his snapchat story and Jimin was tweeting about it and he had to apologise for being so convincing
  • L O V E S making his friends into memes
  • In conclusion Tumblr!Yoongi is hilarious yet very down to earth and understands that his words can have great impact and wants to help people by sharing his own struggles mixed in with memes about his friends who he adores

thegreatkoga  asked:

Headcannons of the RFA (saeran & V too plz) reacting to a MC that gets injured easily and ends up laughing while also in pain? Thanks much. ^-^ (I just dislocated my leg and popped it back a few hours ago. And I need the support lol) plz and thank.

Ahh, I hope you and your leg are doing okay! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time since you sent this in ^^; 
also fun fact: I’ve never actually been injured in a serious way? so sorry I’m probably not the best at this lmao. And a summary of this entire post is just “they all have no chill”


  • Every time is just immenSELY CONCERNED??
  • Like it’s great that you can laugh but why aren’t you concerned too??
  • ?????
  • And when you tell him that it happens pretty easily it does not help
  • okay maybe it explains why you’re laughing but stILL
  • He’s doting on you like crazy, even if you say you’re fine 


  • He’s so damn worried
  • chill boy you’re not the injured one here?
  • And it doesn’t matter what you say, he’s gonna want to check if you’re okay
  • Literally any time you get hurt he’s freaking out and it probably takes like 10 years off of his life
  • You keep thining maybe he’ll get better but he nEVER DOES??
  • CHILL??


  • Yeah there’s no way you’re getting out of this
  • It doesn’t matter what’s happened, he’s going to go and get you help
  • And he’s concerned when you say that you get injured easily
  • 100% will get that checked out
  • Like if it’s down to clumsiness he’ll try to help you out
  • But if there’s anything that can be done medically he’s going to find a way to help


  • On the outside, she was pretty calm
  • But still she really wants you to be okay but if you keep getting injured then hOW CAN SHE MAKE SURE OF THIS??
  • Ofc she managed to stay level headed
  • And it helps that you’re so calm about it too
  • She’s still super worried when you say that it happens a lot
  • mother unleashed once again


  • You do anything, he’s already in the room
  • Sweeping you off of your feet and carrying you to the closest surface you can sit down on to check you out
  • usually just prescribes an extra 5 doses of tickle fights and kisses
  • Inside though he’s lost all chill
  • Like this isn’t okay?? Idc if this happens a lot you can’t keep getting hurt??
  • It makes him feel better that you can laugh about it but still
  • His jokes will never falter though, you can be sure of that


  • What
  • What are you doing
  • Why are you laughing??
  • You fell down the stairs whY ARE YOU LAUGHING??
  • Literally does not understand if this is an appropriate way to react to getting injured
  • He’s freaking out and you’re just finding it hysterical you can’t confuse him like this stop


  • He?? didn’t really realise at first?
  • The first time you got hurt was when he was in a different room
  • So you just hobbled in and told him you’ve twisted your ankle
  • Then burst into hysterics??
  • Meanwhile it’s just processing that wHAT YOU’RE HURT????
  • From then on he’s insisting that you let him know whenever you get hurt
  • And you especially don’t make your way to him when you’re struggling to walk wth