damn ben you sound fine as you look~

Ben Being on Vocal Rest Headcanons

Warnings: fluff and the tiniest hint of smut, maybe a few swear
my perfect wifey dearest, @radicallyred​, suggested this in our discord chat and i volunteered as tribute to write this! I may lowkey get outta hand with this one, so it’ll probs be longer, e n d m y e x i s t e n c e
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  • So your boyfriend, Ben Platt, is on vocal rest for a week and it started yesterday—Sunday, August 20th, 2017
  • It was somewhat funny to you because he had to carry around a whiteboard, marker and eraser
  • ya know, so he could still communicate with people when you two were out in public

  • Anyways, sometime Monday morning you were in the kitchen (of your condo/hotel room/wherever you two are staying), making him some tea that would help him when he woke up
  • then you heard your phone ding with a text
  • it was from Ben and it read:
  • Hey, (y/n), where did you go? I wake up and you’re gone :(

  • You chuckle to yourself and text an answer: I’m sorry, sweetheart, I was in the kitchen fixing some ginger root tea for you to drink
  • A moment after you send the text, you hear Ben getting out of bed and then hear his footsteps approaching the kitchen
  • Your lips curl into a tender smile as you look over your shoulder and see him, whiteboard in tote

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