damn arrows

  • Mida Rana: I'm having some trouble with my computer, and they said that you were the person to come and see.
  • Mida Rana: I was at a coffee shop and I spilled a latte on it.
  • Info Chan: Really?
  • Mida Rana: Ya.
  • Info Chan: Because these look like bullet holes.
  • Mida Rana: My coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood.

Felicity’s inspiring speeches to Oliver in season 5.

hey, so, quick question:

why is it that when dean is being mocked, belittled, verbally torn apart, or violently beaten into hamburger meat by a loved one the fandom jumps to romanticize it by calling it “tough love” and acting like he “needed” it…

…but when dean so much as expresses a negative emotion regarding other people’s bad decisions or a dislike of the way he’s being treated, the fandom instantly labels him “a whiny hypocrite” or “abusive”



Dan Jeannotte (Arno Dorian‘s voice)

OMG! I can’t take it. I need a fic on this.

So Felicity making Thea’s complicated feelings/grieving process for Malcolm all about herself and her dad did not surprise me in the least, but like what has me cackling is these writers can’t even keep their own continuity straight for their fave. She starts going off on how her dad “abandoned” her and it’s like girl your mom spilled the beans less than a year ago. He didn’t “abandon” shit, Donna just upped sticks and left him, and then threatened him into leaving again some twenty years later! Stop trying to relate~ everything in Thea’s life to you. You can’t??