damn aokise


  • [ when Kise joined the team ]
  • Akashi: I will not tolerate this kind of behavior any longer.
  • Akashi: Now, repeat to me what you're not going to do.
  • Aomine: I will not..
  • Akashi: Mhm?
  • Aomine: Get distracted by Kise.
  • Kise: *walks by*
  • Aomine: *starts following Kise*
  • Akashi: What did we just discuss here?!

Kuroko no basket in the ZONE 

Damn this beat

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Title: Playful Scars (1/?)
Pairings: AoKagaKise (ot3) 
Summary: Kise is a prince of a perfect kingdom and decides to adopt two cubs, a panther and a tiger. What he doesn’t know is that these two felines are going to prove to be much bigger problems than what he thought.

Note: Don’t worry there won’t be any bestiality, promise. Inspired by this

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