damn! they blew up the metro!

Syphon Filter, level 1, by britain.

When I first played Syphon Filter I thought it was just going to be a Metal Gear Solid knockoff since MGS had recently come out and redefined action games with the stealth mechanics.  I was thrilled and delighted to see how run-and-gun it really was.  I don’t think I ever even beat the game, though I have fond memories of it and enjoyed the sequels.

Right after I heard about this site and read through it, I whipped out a pad and did Syphon L1, because for years I’ve cited that as How A Game Should Damn Well Start, With The Subway System Blowing Up and a Flame-Thrower Shootout at the Jefferson and all.  I know I forgot pretty much everything and I wish I had the recall or attention to detail that most of these entries have.  Hopefully I made up for it with the cursewords.