I will title this masterpiece: “Please put your shirt back on, Bokuto-san” *akaashi voice*

Part of an anatomy study with Bo. I liked it so i cleaned it and slapped some… color…(?) on.

till date I’m pissed off at the HIMYM ending. It literally burns my soul. The whole Barney and Robin “divorce”, like fuck you man. Those two were literally perfect together and above all that they had so much chemistry, it was magical. And then the whole Tracey dying? why?!!! why was that even needed. Why couldn’t Ted and Tracey get the happy ending they deserved? and gawwwwwwd Ted going back to Robin?????????? IT’S LIKE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED.

sorry i’m pissed off. the writers are dickheads. i hate you. just sayin. 

Shattered (Calum imagine)

Summary: You’re there when Calum falls apart

Word Count: 950

Warnings: Mentions of cheating 

A/N: This is for @cliffwoes and @cliffovevo‘s blurb night! I’m in love with the concept of best friend!Calum and I’ve been feeling emotional for the past few days so this baby was born! I hope you enjoy it! (I also use a part of a quote in a section of dialogue!)

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The moment you see Calum, face puffy with eyes leaking droplets of water, standing outside your apartment, your heart skips a beat.

“What happened? Are you okay?!” You ask, alarmed at his bedraggled appearance. Your best friend doesn’t say anything, merely walks inside your home and makes himself comfortable in your bedroom.

Following him, you watch as Calum collapses onto your bed and curls into a tight ball - shorts loose with his tank top askew - providing a perfect view of his stiff collarbones.

“Cal? Talk to me!”

You plod across the floor before clambering on your bed, facing him and reaching across to tug at his arm. The gentle sounds of his violent tears sadden you: you can never bear to listen to anyone being in pain, let alone the one person who’s always been there for you.

Silence ensues, the comforting circles you’re pressing into his skin seeming to do nothing.

Please, I’m worried,” You whimper, beginning to grow scared that something serious could have happened.

Calum’s gaze slowly drifts up, focusing on your face. The red lines blurring his eyes send a pang through your heart, pain strewn so delicately through his pupils it takes your breath away.

“She’d been cheating on me for three months!”

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I’m just picturing Lance unknowingly insulting Thace. Like: Galras take pride in a lot of shit, right? Their race, “superiority” and all that shiding; it wouldn’t be far fetched that they also took pride in strong and healthy offspring [and their part in helping Zarkon rise higher in power bla bla bla] 

So let’s say the idea of using Keith for infiltration purposes comes up at the table. Everyone is unsure of the idea of risking him like that and all, but Lance - well being Lance - is just “Well yeah! It’d be a great idea, you know? If he wasn’t so obviously short for a galra……”

And every things just taken a quiet turn and he just feel the stares burning into the side of his head and he turns and just finds both Thace and Keith giving him this alarmingly similar look of annoyance

Are you suggesting that my sons a runt? Cause jeez Lance, what galra would like to hear you tell them that their kid might be unhealthy and unsuitable to be of their own race? He hasn’t reached that growth-spurt yet, he’s fine

His precious furball may be small, but hell if he ain’t one great fury-induced warrior 

pros of the current bittybomb system:

- you can mentally prepare for each update

- it doesn’t leave too much time for speculation in between updates

-all the fandom rising from its ashes at the same moment

cons of the current bittybomb system:

- if you have exams you’re fucked

- if you’re not in the US your sleep schedule is fucked

- if the last update ends in a cliffhanger you’re truly fucked