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Do you know any good WoW art blogs to follow (aside from yours of course) for someone who wanted to maybe wiggle their way into the community?

-rolls up sleeves- OH MAN WHERE DO I BEGIN
Some good goblin-centric artists who have active blogs and amazing art :
kirrael dogslug abra-ka-dammit cheesehound spectrezerg milk–pulp dazzle-camouflage sarcoptid dravatti geneticdork robotspider circusofdipshits collectivecreaux nursebendovah angrypigeons/ askquaz

And some more general WoW artists who I follow
guavasaur buttart hollywood-voodoo yung-rage baenling vekusen posia meadowlarking meeshay whinecraft htg17 buttsandbrawns isei-silva pujface wethatkindoforc clockworkpriest thepirateking anzka

There’s so many other good blogs but these are off the top of my head. Hope that helps, anon!

Pffft okay but Hannibal is so fucking theatrical in the end of Hannibal and his obsession with the crossbow cracks me up
Like do you think he shoots it at dinner to impress guests/his kids
Like they’re trying to have a nice family Christmas dinner when Hannibal just stands up and goes
“hEY KIDS WANNA SEE YOUR OLD MAN DO SOMETHING REALLY COOL?!” And he like tries to trick shoot it through the center piece but instead he knocks a bunch of shit off the table and breaks glasses and stuff ad Clarice is just like
“God fucking dammit Hannibal”

Legacy Part 1

Expanding on my Legacy headcanon thanks to phoenix-173 and ananova55.

Marcus Johnson sighed tiredly as he made his way through base. He paused outside a door and squared his shoulders to prepare to deal with the man inside- who had grown increasingly frustrated over the last two weeks. He pushed inside and stopped, shocked.

“What the hell are you doing?” He demanded of the man who was throwing his stuff into a duffel bag.

“Leaving.” The man said.

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about a year ago, I was birthed into the indie community, which is pretty chill I suppose, considering I’ve been able to make some pretty sweet friends. idk about you but a year to me is a hella long time sO I thought it’d be appropriate to celebrate or something somehow since it’s like a fucking birthday minus the cake and booze!!!! I’ve moved around from blog to blog over the years, and I’ve been super lucky to have a faithful few to follow me around and keep me company over this past year. thanks for being chill and being real budz (:

the kids that stuck around long enough for the pancake fiasco:

longlivethekidsx, xdaylight, xnxghtmarex, xdespondent, jaggedlittledreamer, fcrreira, @wearethebrokenpeople (dAMMIT EMMA I STILL CAN’T TAG U WTF MAN), damagedxhearts

the subtle “I’d like to do things with you but I’d probably piss myself asking” and/or “I really really really really like you”:

colxrblindkids, famxuslastwords, theartxst, toeverysilverlining, xgirlsofxnyc, teenxgedrtbxg, sugartoothaches

it’s hella short and sweet (like I am (◡‿◡✿) ), but I really don’t follow a whole bunch of people so y’know, quality of quantity right? so thanks again for being really super cool and sticking around even though I’m a mere pancake. you’ve helped to make my year hella  ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Having Sex For Love (Shelbert Fanfiction; Nothingbutshelbert Rewind)

Day 12. Enjoy 😘

Chapter 8

Blake’s phone immediately started ringing.

“Shit!” He exclaimed when he saw Brandon’s name


“Where are you going!?!” Brandon sound pissed

“I’ll be right back, I gotta do something!”

“Well Lucas just you leave, and he’s sitting over there on the verge of tears man!”

“Dammit! I’m turning around now,” Blake hung up the phone and did a U turn into oncoming traffic. He didn’t care, the last thing he wanted was the little boy he considered to be his nephew crying because he had thought he left! Within seconds Blake was back at the park, parked in the same place in the parking lot. He took the keys out of the ignition and leaned his head on the steering wheel. This was going to be one hell of a day. Suddenly he heard a sound. There it was again. Her voice, but it wasn’t in a giggle this time. She seemed to be crying. He raised his head up to look out the window. There she was; on the side of her truck crying, angry, and yelling into the phone. Blake quietly got out of the car and watched her, but he tried not to make it obvious.

“Thomas are you kidding me?”

“It’s not just about Lucas! Our kids are here to, and they wanted to spend a day at the park with their daddy!”

“Why are you doing this to us?”

“It’ll be so much easier for you to just leave us,” she quietly said into the phone

Blake figured he hung up on her because she pulled the phone from her ear. She cried a little more and then tried to compose herself.


“Shit!” He whispered. Good thing he looked busy getting the gifts out of the truck. He slowly turned to her.

“Miranda? Hey.”

“You and I both know you heard everything that just happened,” she smirked

“Maybe just a little.”

Miranda sighed, “he’s not coming. He says he’s too tired and just wants to relax at home. I was really hoping he’ll come,” her voice was starting to break and the tears were starting to form

“You or your kids don’t deserve this,” he whispered. It’s like it came out before he could stop it.

“Not now and definitely not here. I’m fine,” she said wiping her face

“I’ll give you better, I’ll give you all better!” He said with a little more confidence this time

Miranda looked shocked and happy at the same time. Before she could respond, she heard a familiar voice.


She turned around to see her son running toward her with her daughter not far behind him. She looked at Blake and saw a twinkle in his eye as he looked on at the kids running at her. Thomas hadn’t looked at the kids like that in so long. She wanted to cry!

“Mommy you’re going to miss the party!” Hunter said when he reached his mama

“Yeah mommy, party!” Daisy smiled

Miranda picked up Daisy who seemed to be out of breath. She tickled her a little and smiled when she heard that amazing laugh of hers.

“Mommy who’s that?” Hunter said pointing to Blake

Miranda stood there froze!

Seeing as she wasn’t going to say anything, Blake stepped in, “hi I’m Blake. A friend of your mom and dad and also your Auntie Kelly and Uncle Brandon.”

“You’re the Uncle Blake?! Lucas is always saying cool stuff about you! He told me how cool you are!”

Blake laughed, “yeah I’m pretty …. cool.”

“Come on let’s go! The party starting!” Lucas said pulling Blake’s arm toward the park

“Yay! Party!” Daisy smiled

Miranda smiled! Blake made Hunter forget all about his father’s absence. Miranda admired them talking and walking together as she followed behind.

“Blake!!!” Kelly screamed running toward him

“Aunt Kelly Blake is sooooo cool!” Hunter beamed

“He is, is he?”

“Yup! Lucas was right! Where’s Lucas ? I want to tell him Blake is here!”

“He’s by the snack table I think.”

Hunter ran off, and Miranda stepped up.

“I think my son made you forget something,” she smiled handing the gift over to him

“Crap! Thank you! Lucas would’ve killed me if I forgot about this.”

“What is it?” Kelly asked trying to peak inside the bag

“No! When my nephew wants to open it you’ll see it then!”

Kelly laughed, “well go put it on the gift table yourself then.”


Miranda and Kelly laughed as he stalked off toward the table and got attacked by Lucas and Hunter.

“I wan play!” Daisy said trying to squirm out of her mother’s arms. Miranda put her down and watched her run off to join her brother.

“This isn’t weird is it? Seeing himself outside of his office?” Kelly asked

“Oh no not at all!”

“You said he helped you feel something right?” Kelly asked as they walked over to the cotton candy section

“Oh yeah. I definitely felt something Friday!” Miranda said rubbing her neck where the hickies were shielded with concealer.

“He great right? I told you! He’ll probably be the turning point for you and Thomas!”

“You have no idea,” Miranda whispered to herself

“Mom!!” Lucas said running up to her


“You have to manage the bow and arrow tournament! Come on!”

“Bow and arrow?” Miranda raised an eyebrow

“They’re plastic, but good practice.”

Just then Blake made his way over to them, “hey Kelly, is there anything you need me to do?”

“Yes! I have to go manage this tournament. I want you and Ram to get the cotton candy together. The kids have been waiting since it started.”

“Mom come on!!!” Lucas said pulling his mom’s arm

“Please and thank you!” She said allowing Lucas to pull her away

They started getting the things together in silence. They began making them about 10 minutes later, still in silence. Miranda couldn’t take it anymore.

“Lucas seems to love you a lot”

“Yeah it’s not really that hard to, he joked

She laughed and he felt his heart melt.

"I love that little boy! He’s an amazing kid!”

“He really is,” Miranda agreed

“I remember when Kelly almost flipped her lid when he told her he wanted to grow out in his into a mullet like I used to have,” Blake laughed at the memory

“A mullet?” She laughed

“Yes a mullet! I was hot for your information!”

“A mullet? For your information? You are aware that it’s 2013 right?”

“Go on, make fun of me,” he smiled

She composed herself, “seriously though I’m glad you let the mullet go. The long hair isn’t that bad,“ she shrugged

"Thanks … I think,” he laughed

“Although, I don’t know why, but something about you with short curly hair and some wranglers on makes my mouth dry.”

They stared at each other for a couple minutes. Deep dark passion set in both of their eyes. Miranda was the first to break it.

“Uum I think I just heard Kelly call my name,” she rushed

Blake quickly reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He dialed a number and waited for an answer.

“Angela, I need a favor!”

Blake looked on, basically staring at her ass as she stood by and watch the tournament take place.

“I gotta have you Miranda, I just have to!”

Magic Tricks Part 2

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Gender: Neutral

Word Count: 2434

Warnings: language

Part one: Found here

A/N: Sorry this is so late guys, IB testing is going on and I had lots to do.

“Goddammit,” you let out, looking over to glare at the man sitting next to you. “What the hell man?” you asked, raising your hand in a questioning gesture. He returned your look, but he didn’t have a mischievous grin like you had expected. Instead, he appeared as though he was thinking hard about something.

“Why didn’t you tell them that you saw me today?” He asked before you had a chance to say anything more. Your brow furrowed for a moment and then you realized what he had been talking about. You felt heat rise up the back of your neck and you turned your attention back to the steering wheel.

“They held a knife to my throat,” you said after a moment of thinking up a good excuse. “ I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.”

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Dammit, Skylar, you have made me want to do programming for fun again, and I am an old, old geek. I want to see your innards, too.

hi tabinfl

Friend who such a man some one friends with them up all night hear what you. dammit?

SPN 10x23 Shoot me now.

So during the commercial break there was an anti smoking commercial like on the third commercial and it was shot like Supernatural so for a second I thought the commercials were done, and then I was sad.


Hmm. Won’t kill you. AAAAAND exposition!

Shit. Dean has the thing that corrupted Lucifer. Damn. Does that make Dean the new Lucifer?

He’s going to do it - because he has to.

Oh man. Sam can’t get rid of the mark. It’d unlock the darkness. 

And that would be super bad. So bad. 

And this would be Oscar? Maybe Rowena refuses to kill him?

Dammit don’t unlock more evil guys. This would be like the ORIGINAL evil. This would be so bad. You would have unleashed the original evil Sammy that’s worse than Lucifer. Don’t outdo yourself.

Uh. Dean’s going to kill Sam? WHAT! What! You. WHAT?!

Arrow Season 3 Review

This season was the worst.

1.I can’t stand the main character. Oliver Queen ain’t shit. This melodramatic whoas- me shit is tiring. I’m not worthy of being a hero, white man tears bs, got pretty old in season 2. I get if they wanna make the green arrow like batman. But dammit do it right. I have never read these superhero comic books in my life did the Batman act like this. There Oliver queen is self centered and self righteous. I get this is his shown but that just really turns me off. It doesn’t help that Steven Amell can’t act to save his life, boy always looking constipated when he trying give off an emotion(But this is the CW all you gotta be is “pretty” and white. That also goes for most of Hollywood). This entire season Oliver pushed everyone he cared about away because he didn’t want them to get hurt, but the way he acted like he just gets to decided who gets to join him and who don’t. I wanted to slap him. The way he treated Laurel when she wanted to become a hero, and throwing her addiction in her face. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Oliver can’t even make a good decision so he needs all the help he can get. Him allowing Merlyn to live, trusting him with a plan(mind you the plan was stupid and didn’t even make sense). GIVING HIM THE RIGHT TO THE LEAGUE. Another thing that bothers me about the character there is no separation between Oliver Queen and the Arrow. The last two season its just been the arrow. Oliver Queen might as well not exist. I really don’t like that literally everyone knows his secret. Which is my problem with the flash but not as much.

2.The story. Ra Al Ghul is arguably the most powerful and feared comic book villain.(So I’ve read). That is not what I just witnessed in this season of Arrow. My biggest issue THEY MADE HIM WHITE. I knew when they were casting him, and they allowed non-middle easterners to audition that just a fucking front to not seem like racist pieces of shit they are. Ra is and indecisive ,weak, and just annoying. The stories he be tellin like wtf just get to your point. Every choice they had Ra make the next episode he does the opposite. He wanted the murderer of Sara brought to his knees , but apparently that person becomes the next Ra. Even tho he didn’t want his daughter to take his place because she made a bad love decision. But why would he believe that Oliver Queen of all people, he broke and has questionable taste in women. He wanted Merlyn dead but then he didn’t. If he was just gonna brainwash wash the heir why didn’t he just do that to Nyssa? The league of assassins are weak no one on the team should be able to take them.  And who the fuck was Merlyn's source. Why wasn’t any of the assassin watching Oliver or the crew the entire time.  Am I the only one who saw Merlyn become the next Ra. The Lazarus pit was just useless and killing Thea was too cause she was fine after like 2 point 5 seconds. How did Oliver not get brainwashed, sneak away to central city, and be able to kill Ra. BULLSHIT. The timeline with the flash really fucked up. (Oliver Queen is not that good of a fighter. At least he’s not suppose to be against the league)Ras is apparently immortal one blow shouldn’t kill him. What the fuck did the league do before Ra wanted to retire, cause the show didn't give any inclination to what the league of assassins do. The beginning of the season they hyped up Ra and the league and they did not deliver. Every “shocker” or “cliffhanger” was just utter stupidity of the writers. They down played everyone to hype up Oliver. THERE TRYING SO HARD TO BE LIKE THE BATMAN AND IT AIN’T WORKING. 

3. Laurel. Laurel is my queen my gawd. And she is being treated terribly. This season was suppose to make up for season 2 and it didn’t. Laurel was already suppose to have training. So idk why they make it seem like she doesn’t know how to defend herself. What happened to us seeing her training. Wildcat was suppose to be training her but then he disappeared.(a waste of a good character. It pisses me off even more that he is a POC). Then she was supposed to be training with Nyssa but they didn’t show that. They destroyed her nonprofit law firm, then they made her a prosecutor then the D.A. way to quick. We haven’t even seen her as a badass lawyer in forever. It seems like she has been detached from Oliver and Thea like they don’t even know her. I get if they didn’t want her and Oliver to be together. Honestly, he doesn’t deserve her. But is that really all Laurel was in service for to be Oliver’s love interest? Cause it seems like after they decided they weren’t gonna put them together they threw her under the bus.  Katie Cassidy and the Black Canary deserve better. I feel so bad for her cause it seems like anything she does it just gets undermined.  The black canary is my favorite character on the show. To me she has shown the most growth and is the most human. I know in season two everyone hated her but I loved Laurel then the most. It showed us how we as humans get down,irrational and angry and we can hit rock bottom. Not everyone is all happy,sunshine and rational all the time.(PS Laurel had every right to be mad at Sara and Oliver. That’s just me. They hurt her real bad and i don’t feel they ever really tried to apologize to her). They cut all her scenes. They barley included her in anything group wise. Kaite Cassidy is second billing her face is what I should be seeing every episode. The way they handled her this season was awful. Why does Laurel have to get beat up and stumble but not Thea or Roy. Why does she have to prove she’s a hero. I want so much for the character but the writer keep shittin’ on her.

4. The flashbacks. These flashbacks wee kool in season 1. Tiresome in season 2. Season 3 its just down right annoying.(Except i got to see Karl and Rila) I get that flashbacks are there thing but damn do u really need that many to progress your story.
5. Females in generally. Where the fuck are the female villains. China white(my fav villain besides Slade) and cupid where what the only ones this season. Why do the females backstory have to do with a man doing them dirty(I get that men do shit to us but damn). Katana from what I read online, lost her family(including her husband) and that’s what sets her on the path to being a hero but they erased and made so that she was helping Oliver. Why is it that Nyssa al ghul cant take Oliver or Roy. Nyssa besides Merlyn or Ra is the best fighter. Why do the girls against men get hurt always but never have I seen a man get hurt or injured against women. Dinah Laurel Lance was a better fighter than Oliver, why did they change that. WHY THE FUCK MUST WOMEN DIE TO SERVE AS BS MAN PAIN.
6. The other main/recurring characters.(except Diggle). All the other character seem one dimensional to me and cookie cutter. I’m not going to go into detail.(If you want me to just put it into my ask box). The guest characters weren’t that great but it was just because the writers ruined every character they get their hands on.
7.Diggle. My other favorite character. I called it in season 2 when they gave us that diggle centric episode he was gonna get sidelined. Even tho i ride for him forever. I feel like this season 3 Diggle was really not important, and them making Lyla pregnant was just another reason to exclude Diggle. In season 1 I felt that Diggle was Oliver’s equal his partner now Iike he just his sidekick. Which just makes me really sad.I will always root for David Ramsey because it must be really hard being the only non white in the main cast.( I root for all my black actors having to navigate in Hollywood)

I was so excited for season 3 when I thought it was gonna be about the hive. Cause it meant more Diggle.( the hive I’m familiar with is from the teen titans show) I know season 4 is gonna be about them but I really don’t trust the writers to make a compelling story. And I’m pretty sure their gonna ruin the characters. I’m done with the show. The only two characters I like I see the least and are treated unfairly. I wish Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey the best there gonna need it. It feels good to get this off my chest and I’m just done being angry and disappointed.

Eurovision 2015 Grand Finale Reactions

CHONCHITA!!! OH MY GOSH!! STOP IT! hahah i love you! hahah

she flies!!

man i aint feeling Slovenia’s nasally voice

france time!

aahhh!! I love the Israeli guy. cant believe hes only 16

man those backup dancers know how to shake those booties.. DAYUM

Estonia! :)

oohh man cant wait for the UK song. 

so jazzy! i like it!

Armenia. can i just have the main guy?

Lithuania man

im feeling love to lithuania… 

after that kiss!!

Serbia has Rebel Wilson! hahaha


why Norway? why do you hurt me!.. dont let me go!

Sweden. i love you. but please dont dominate. hahaha give australia a chance mate! haha :P

i told you not to dominate with those animations!! god dammit!!

aww Cypres!!! aw yours so adorbs and that dog on a paddle board.. you cute to

I promise i wont leave you! god dammit!! watching this early in the morning aint helping 


oh my gosh that looks badass!!! surfing in a river

yeah definitely tonight is so good! coz of you!! 

man Belgium.. awwww!!

i cant concentrate with those people with him… it has a dystopian feel

oohh AUSTRIA.. haha

wait what?! did he just sound like another song? like the beegies or something?

interesting for Greece

ill hold on one last breath Greece.. just keep sounding like Celine Dion

hhmm Montenegro.. 

with him dancing and all.. but cool!

wait Germany? okay cool 



Romania.. ah no one can beat count Dracula in 2013 but okay. haha

dafuq Spain.. half naked guy? okay ill go with it

that dress change.. okay you got me interested with your song and dress change.. that guy is so distracting.. good thing he left

oh Hungary


azerbaijan… aawww 

but i wanna go back to bed.. join me!


Albania and me right about now

FINALLY the last act.. and it’s ITALY!!!!

God Damn!!! those voice… my feels!! so… majestic!

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“That will be 300,000 dollars, sir.” Damn how much did this man want? Four blocks of cocaine coming this way, what a rich bitch. Being a drug dealer is hella dangerous but fun at the same time, it’s the shit. Ballin’ with cash in your hands, jokes. You give it to your boss, instead. Dammit. Skull waited for the stranger to give him the money, “I don’t have all day.” With that the stranger ran away with the four blocks of cocaine. Skull rolled his eyes and had to do his usual job, catching the thief. He went the opposite way and went through the shortcuts. Mostly every person would go the same, it’s pretty hilarious and stupid at the same. Hello, there are other ways.

Walking through buildings and jumping over walls, hearing the thief’s footsteps coming closer and closer. Skull came out of now where and trapped the thief. “You can run, but you can’t hide me.” He growled while placing his gun on the other’s head, “Give me your fucking me and take your damn cocaine!” The other nodded and quickly gave the money with his shaky hands. Skull snatched it off and counted the correct money, “Now SCRAM!” The male ran off with his drug.

“Finally.” Placing the gun back into his jacket and placing his hands in his pockets. He walked through the empty city, through the alley. Just to keep hidden. As Skull was walking, someone’s shoulder bumped onto his, since he was looking down. He turned around to meet eyes with another person and he looked pissed. Sigh, someone has anger issue.

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Why do you keep calling yourself a dork? Do you have self esteem issues?

Sh-Shut up, you prick!  I’m my own man, dammit, and I can do what I want!

…You know, at least until the universe consumes me and leaves me as a demented corpse yearning for dreams that are doomed to fail and leave me morose, as it inevitably does to us all.

10 characters from 10 fandoms meme

tagged by pel. dammit pel, do i even HAVE ten fandoms.

  1. Baten Kaitos: baelheit, lord commander of the annoying asshole squad and governor of bad life choices
  2. Star Wars: the darth man. the dude. the world’s worst murderdad.
  3. Pokémon: i’m not gonna say any names but he has a cape, a bowtie, ball pokémon, and stalker tendencies…. … … what do you MEAN “that’s irwin”
  4. Transformers: utlar mgsuna ultra mango minimus nerdus swerve
  5. Adventure Time: mr freeze
  6. Final Fantasy IX: ratchet and clank
  7. Katamari Damacy: but not katamari DEMOCRACY, someone hold proper elections please (the king is the only candidate (always))
  8. One Piece: i used to care about this series but it became so bad i guess now i’m… boned (YOHOHOHO)
  9. The Elder Scrolls: sheogorath, daedric prince of madness, lord of the never-there, and according to tumblr patron saint of cheese jokes and 3edgy5me teenagers who think daedric princes aren’t horrible eldritch abominations and would smooch their self-insert oc with no repercussions (shudders)
  10. Dragon Age: [disgusted noises]

ok i’m done

tagging whoever wants to do this man i’m not picky

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And you're fucking adorable... Dammit what the hell man!!! You sucked up all the adorable of the world and you hoard it for yourself?!?! Share the adorbs!! Please...? Just transmit it to me through a hug or something :,c I want your adorable!! But I want you... So I think I'm going to ball you up into snuggles and take you home with me :)

Meep… You do that ☺️ just make sure you have sweets, reeces peanut butter cups… Peanut butter… Strawberry jam… Mac'n'cheese….

So glad to still be awake at 3:06am. I love living the nightmares I had months ago about being alone and missing you and being single. This is definitely in my top five periods of my life.

God dammit all to hell. Just forget everything. I don’t think I have the strength to heal and to move on and to be better and all this. It feels so god damn pointless. And everyone says “Do it for you man.” Which is SHIT advice cause if I was gonna do anything for me I’d slit my fucking wrists and drive head long down the street until I pass out, and see what ends this fucking nightmare first, bleeding out or the impact of a building.

So I don’t know really. I need to keep going but it feels like such a valid, and better option, to just disappear.

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Other Man by R.K. Lilley

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Other Man by R.K. Lilley


Heath’s jaw clenched, like he was bracing himself for something. “I don’t think I have time for lunch.”
My breath stuttered out of my chest. “What do you have time for?”
He didn’t even bother to answer, just took my hand and started pulling me.
And I let him.
Dammit, once I again, I was going to make this way too easy for him.
But one look at his agitated face had left me with an…

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