so i was looking for Queen misheard lyrics

I’m back again. I thought it would be a fun idea to do Queen this time, and goddamn it was. We got shit like:

Captain Corn, the most nutritious breakfast cereal on the market 


whoa alright freddie damn 

oh god ass peeling 

please don’t


don’t we all

ok thanks 

2 users have a religion argument 


I sure did 







pooh is a l w a y s the answer 

fucking HOW 


this is a lot different than my american history class 

aw damn im sorry to hear :(


должен идти быстро

and finally 

please freddie. please give them back 

MCR Misheard Lyrics 

FOB Misheard Lyrics 


Ghosts or no ghosts, the party raised the roof and was not crashed by Montys; nor did Silver slip up between his two girlfriends. (Singing, he thinks, is not the only area of expertise in which he’s surpassed his old man - he’s good at juggling, too! Yeah, let’s see how you do when you’re keeping more than three balls in the air, Silver.)

The espresso ran out before the party did and Tibby was exhausted, but her dead relatives woke her up in plenty of time to catch the cab down by the kicked-over trash can. She is so not gonna miss the trash at the curb!

#Sorry did you say Kal and Brin?  Because I can see this too#oh man though like in the past - which was actually the future— Superboy on the Legion’s cruiser just ugh dammit Kal I’m gonna kill you!



I can totally imagine Kal annoying the fuck out of Brin, his best fraaaaand. Just pay attention to me Brin. I can’t sleep Brin. Brin, are squirrels plotting to overthrow the earth, Brin, bRIN. BRIN. HEY BRING ARE YOU AWAKE? HEY BRIN LET ME SING YOU A SONG. THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. WHICH IS FUNNY BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SONGS THEY ACTUALLY SING. DO THEY EVEN SING AT ALL, BRIN?? THESE ARE THE LIFE QUESTIONS I AM IN NEED OF ANSWERS TO. WHY DO OREOS AND PEANUT BUTTER TASTE SO WRONG BUT SO RIGHT!??!

I mean there is no end to Kal’s shenanigans. You know this. If he’s willing to draw you a super penis out of markers and crayons, then you know he’s gonna be a total shit here, too. 

Guys Sinister 2 was great 

Dylan: you know Milo I don’t actually want to murder my family so yeah can you go please?

Milo to himself: fuck shit shit what are we supposed to do now?

Milo: Uhhhh joke’s on you then ‘cus those weren’t meant for you!

Milo to himself: shit now we have to go after the dumb one shit dammit boogeyman is going to be so pissed 

I watched a curious young fellow today; full of light, yet shrouded in darkness. Like a burnt marshmallow, or a charred corpse. He carries himself like royalty, yet when asked, denies any ties to the throne. I followed this small prince around for a while, mostly do to the fact that I was avoiding my duties in my own realm. Ya didn’t like that much, did ya Haskill? Ha! 

Anywho, this Anduin spends most of his time wandering azeroth, making frequent visits to some undead man who I haven’t learnt the name of. Seems to have a thing for him! I don’t blame him, I’m quite fond of the boney ones as well! …Bah, that wasn’t very funny. Scratch that, Haskill. Dammit man, you’re writing down everything I say again, aren’t you?!

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  • Friend:So have you watched Mission Impossible?
  • Me:No
  • Friend:Ant-man?
  • Me:No
  • Friend:Uh, wanna watch Pixels?
  • Me:No
  • Friend:God-dammit what do you watch?!
  • Me:*turns around and stares into eyes* Steven Universe.

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foster's whole personality is just my favorite thing ever because he's a lowkey asshole sometimes but he also (reluctantly) cares about a lot of people?? like the most recent fic with him and beni, it was just "am i really gonna do this, do i really have to be a good person right now and save this guy, god dammit yes i do, fuck" and i feel that so hard. he's just such a gem god bless

oh man, this is literally the best message. you made my day, anon!  

– Mod August

Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 9: Ron and Diane

And I thought Adrian Monk from Monk had a problem, but Chris Traeger sees his therapist 15 times a week. I mean I know he doesn’t do any thing by halves but this is excessive and I feel really awful for him and god dammit, Chris, why aren’t you happen you have everything going for you but it’s never enough, why can’t you stop feeling sad. Do you need a hug? You need a hug. I want to hug Christ Traeger and you all should too.

He has has so much but he is so alone. It’s like the shadow of his rare blood disease never left him and he is a hollow shell of a man whose excessive positivity is the only thing stopping him from truly breaking and living in Pawnee and working with all these people has whittled away and he can’t keep it up.

*sobs grossly but actually because crying for media is ridiculous but I feel like if I could I would be crying and  sobbing grossly right now*

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'I'm trying okay? I've changed.'

       ( ant-man starters )  –  accepting

               i believe you can do it. but i am not seeing the… the… 

                                              (   god dammit.   )

                         the word for…   it is like to be trying….

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Send me a❗ for my muse’s reaction to yours suddenly saving them from an attack at the last second.

Bodies of human beings and Horsemen of the Apocalypse were laying on the ground. The stench of blood hit the dark haired soldier’s senses.

“Dammit.” Yuuichiro Hyakuya gritted his teeth. “Is there no end to them?”

It has been five hours they were fighting on the first line to defend . All the men were exhausted, they wouldn’t last long like that.

However that old man’s orders were definitive: “We do not know why, but it seems something like an invesion of Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared near to all our bases! You will have to defend with your own life the bases and the people hiding in there!”

The lack of chosen soldiers had to separate even the squads since this time the only enemies where those filthy huge monster and every base needed at least one powerful soldier to protect it. He was worried for his comrades.

“No.” He shook his head strongly as to chase away those dark thoughts “They’re going to be ok, I trust them.” 

Another of those horrible creatures appeared in front of him and the other low ranked soldiers.

“Back away! I will take care of them!” As he shouted for the other men to leave the monster to him, Yuu ran towards that ugly thing, his sword high. A strong jump and skilled movements and he found himself on the head of it.

“Die already!” The sword holding Asuramaru’s power slughtered what should be the head of the creature. But suddenly a sound reached his ears. And he didn’t like it at all.

Yuu didn’t have the time to say anything that he heard something coming towards him. Another monster appeared in front of him, quickly crawling on his direction. He was going to face it when his leg ceded, his knee hitting the ground.

One leg of that hige thing was almost going to hit him when a white cloak appeared right in front of him and the sound of a metal slaughtering flesh filled the air.

“M-mika?”  Emerald eyes widened “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t..” 

Mika. He couldn’t believe it. He saved him. Mika saved him again.

So the iceberg never broke and I poked at it and I poked at it and I poked at it and I poke
And I poked at it but it stayed stagnant then I poked at it some more and in my notepad, man I wrote
If I don’t have it, if I don’t grab it, if it don’t chip then a toe tag is, one last I'mma hope, so iceberg don’t float
If I do manage to do damage to you dammit, it’ll be grand as, ten Grammies or my granny still standing with a note that read “Granted, don’t you panic’‘
When you make mistakes the most, one day it’ll make you grow
When you outlandish and you lose manners, to God you shall consult
When the bright cameras are still cramming in your face and it provoke
You to act mannish, just stay planted cause you reaping what you sowed
Keep positivity in your heart and keep a noose from 'round your throat and
When you get mad and when you poke at it, when you poke it at just note, man
The iceberg is a reflection of you when you re-new your vision
Just think if it had sunk Titanic, the fuck you would do to a critic, my nigga?
Yeah, yeah, tell me, when thugs cry, do you hear 'em lord? Do you hear 'em lord? Do you hear 'em?
And if my ship go down tell me who will abort?
And they won’t let me live even when remorse that I give, when they gon’ rejoice and forgive, tell me how I stay positive"
When they never see good in me, even though I got hood in me, don’t mean he won’t redeem me, Lord.
—  Kendrick Lamar - Autumn Leaves
Think about it.

I’m looking around. And I’m seeing a generation of persons whose goals are to be biggest and the baddest. Who seem to believe self worth is measured by our ability to violently react to the slightest of things.

Dammit when are we going to learn that shooting off a gun at everything doesn’t make you a man? And doing anything to have your own way doesn’t make you impressive?

Pulling a trigger is easy, I know, I’ve been trained to do it. Try ACTUALLY doing something with your life.

Suck it up. Behave and get some real goals. Acting like wild animals only gets you in a cage.

Then some stupid follower is just going to put up one post saying “free my boy”. Then two days later the world forgets.

If everyone thinks they are bad, and everyone shoots at everyone, whose left without holes?



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17) Do you smoke? If so, what? one time i put flowers in paper and tried to smoke that bc i’m dumb as fuck and thats it
18) What do you do to get over your anger? i have a dammit doll and i slam that against a wall
19) Do you believe in God? yeah but its more of a higher energy, not a man
20) Does the person you’re in love with know it? no bc i’m not in love romantically but i’m platonically in love with my friends so in that case yes
21) Favorite position? CEO
22) What’s your horoscope sign? sagittarius
23) Your fears? ocean creatures, needles, creepy men, commitment
24) How many pets do you have? What kind? one dog named ali shes a collie
25) What never fails to turn you on? red wine, neck kissing, and money
26) Your idea of a perfect first date? hanging out outside and having a picnic or something
27) What is something most people don’t know about you? answered

I really wish I can order myself a binder w/o my family knowing