‘Dammit Hardison’ Compilation


Dammit Hardison part 1



Never mind me I'm just sitting here crying

Because the leverage team found each other when they were all so alone and the fixed each other without changing who they really were and they didn’t see each other as wrong or damaged no matter what they had done or how different they were they just supported each other. And they never called themselves a family but team is pretty godam close and found families man

  • Mum:Arte . . . what is it?
  • Me:Hardison
  • Mum:Artisan.
  • Me:Hardison
  • Mum:I want to call him Artemis, like on Wild Wild West.
  • Me:That's not even close.
  • Mum:I'll just call him Artie.
  • Me:*lol* Why?
  • Mum:Artemis, Artisan, they can both be Artie.
  • Me:HARDison. H-A-R-D like hard, ison, I-S-O-N
  • Mum:That's so hard to remember. *beat* Hardimon. Wait what was it again?
  • Me:*facepalm* Hardison.