dammit zelda!

A good BotW Headcanon (spoilers): After the game Link and Zelda recruit all the companions (Teba, Riju, Yunobo, and Sidon) as like, the second generation of champions. And they all go on adventures and have a great time together and they’ll all best friends and no one is sad anymore the end.

Music has a power to it, the power to express emotions, to have other feel those emotions. Link had always loved music, he had is ocarina with him at all times, he played the songs he learned as a child to remember his days of childhood a hundred years ago. And ever since he and Sidon established their relationship he couldn’t help but compose songs for Sidon and how he felt. Sidon was amazed with every song Link played him; the sweet melodies filling the air with love and care. The way Link can express himself without words made even more astonishing.

Sidon wanted to do the same.  Sidon expressed himself with his words. He sang praise for Link at every given chance. He loved to hold Link close to himself and tell Link how he cherished, treasured, valued and love Link so mush.  However words can only do so much. Link taught Sidon actions speak louder than words. So over the course of some time Sidon would go to Kass for lessons in music.

“So you’ve finally gotten interested in music? That’s wonderful!” Kass said with excitement in his eyes, “What brought this on?”

“I wish to express my feelings for Link in a different way than in words.” Sidon explained, ‘I know Link loves music so perhaps I could play him something.”

“Ah, young love.” Kass said dreamy, “My friend, I’d be glad to help you. What is it you wish to play?”

And so after many lessons and many broken instruments due to Sidon sharp claws, they settled on an instrument that Sidon could play and then a song Sidon and Kass thought Link would love. True many times Sidon got frustrated and grew tiresome of the instrument but with Kass’s encouragement, excellent teachings and the thought of Link swooned by his display of love powered him threw. The weeks passed and the lessons grew easier. Sidon felt ready to play for Link.

“Well then,” Kass said with a proud smile, “You can play the song for Link.”

“Wonderful!” Sidon exclaimed.

“But if I could suggest something.”

“What may that be?”

“See music can be very powerful but it’s at most affect when you show you mean with body language as well, you understand?” Kass explained to the now confused Sidon.

“I, maybe?”

Kass chuckled, “Here watch,” Kass took the instrument and played the notes effortlessly, he swayed his hips to the tune and gave a slow spin. “See my friend?”

“Yes! Yes I do!” Sidon said excitingly, “Thank you Kass!”

“No problem,” Kass said, “now go to Link, and play for him!”

Sidon nodded and ran to the domain.

It was late at night in the domain. Everyone had gone to sleep, except for Link. He had been wondering where his beloved prince was. He notice Sidon would disappear for hours and when he comes back he would say he went for hunting or for some other reason that was unbelievable. Link has his doubts but he refuses to believe in them. Perhaps it some royal issues Link isn’t to know of. Or maybe it’s really anything to press on. He just wishes Sidon was he now in their bed; it was cold without him there.

Link got depressed without Sidon’s smile. He curled into a ball in the sheets. I wanted Sidon with him now, where is he?

Tick Tick

What was that? Link rose from the bed.

Tick Tick

The window? What is happening? Link got up from the bed and went to the window where he thought he heard the noise. Link got to the window and looked down; down below the window was Sidon standing there with a saxophone in one hand and waving his other to grab Link’s attention.

‘What is he doing?’ Link thought. ‘Why does he have a sax?’

Link opened the window, ‘What in Hyrule are you doing? Where have you been? And where did you even get a saxophone?’ Link signed frantically.

Sidon smirked. He didn’t answer any of Link’s questions. He straightened himself up brought the instrument’s mouth piece to his lips.

‘Why do I have the feeling he is going to play that song?’ Link thought.

Soon the smooth deep notes filled Link’s ear. ‘Oh my goddess no. He’s playing Careless Whisper!’ Link couldn’t stop his lips from smiling. He was now shaking from holding his laughter. Sidon was really into it. Once he looked stared in Link’s eyes Link’s laughter completely disappeared. He watched Sidon’s hips sway in time with his playing. Sidon was truly captivating. The music really did have an effect on Link.

Sidon continued to play never breaking eye contact with his beloved Link. When he had finished he took a bow. “My pearl this is how I fell for you. Words cannot describe how I feel so I hope this song had.”

‘Wait ,’ Link thought, ‘He wasn’t trying to seduce me? He wanted to this to be a cute romantic declaration. Oh goddess.’ Link smile got brighter his cheeks redden. ‘I love you.’ Link signed.

“I love you too!” Sidon shouted.

“Be quite!” Shouted from across the way, “Some of us are trying to sleep!”

This is what brought Link into an outburst of laughter. Link laughed so hard he ws beding over the windowsill.

“My apologies!” Sidon said; his cheek now red from the embarrassment of now knowing how loud he was.

Sidon backed up to Link was a small smile. Link beckoned him with his finger to come to their room. Sidon smiled brightly and ran back into the palace. Link sat on the bed waited for his prince. He swears Sidon was the best thing to happen to him.


Thanks @sleepy-moans I couldn’t get the image of Sidon playing careless whisper on the sax for like three days! Also I’m a sucker for romantic muscial gestures

Sometimes I think about how strange and unpleasant it is that Tetra gets left behind in Hyrule Castle. Daphnes tells her that she’s the last descendant of the royal family, and then, having dropped this bomb, he orders her to remain right where she is. He takes Link back to the surface of the Great Sea, and Tetra is expected to stay there by herself, a brave but small girl in a creepy castle deep under the ocean.

Time may have stopped in Hyrule, but Tetra is still alive. There’s nothing for her to eat, there’s nothing for her to drink, there’s nowhere for her to rest, and I don’t even want to think about things like soap and toilet paper. This girl has spent her entire life going on adventures and searching for treasure and bossing around a group of pirates, but now she has nothing to do except sit and wait.

When Ganondorf shows up to kidnap her, Tetra is probably like, OKAY DUDE LET’S GO.

This girl in my computer class in college cosplays and wants to write storylines for games in her career. I will be friends with this girl and WE WILL TALK ABOUT ZELDA DAMMIT!!!!

  • ~Year 15~
  • Zelda: What?
  • Ganon: Remember when you said you missed your friendsssss?
  • Zelda: Yeah?
  • Ganon: WELL! I FOUND THEM! They were in the Divine Beasts this whole time! So I brought them here.
  • Zelda: You what?
  • Revali: WHAT THE PLUCK?!
  • Urbosa: ...Dammit.
  • Zelda: ...Hi.
  • Mipha: -HHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh...Umm...Hi, Princess?
  • Revali: WHAT THE PLUCK?!
  • Urbosa: We aren't gonna like this are we?
  • Revali: WHAT THE PLUCK?!