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So the wine thing...

…so he says the wine Sam made from the grapes she helped him harvest would essentially taste like vinegar, and that he’d bought her an ‘82 vintage - then he says “share it with someone special”
So when she opens the drawer she hesitates slightly - and picks the Sam wine over the vintage to drink with Ress…not because *sobs* it’s the wine to be shared with someone special…but *eye twitching* the decent ‘82 wine is the one that’s to be shared with someone special and she knows that Red is a wine connoisseur and while I’m guessing he would be honoured to share Sam wine with her, she doesn’t want to share the wine from *him* with anyone else.

Okay. Rambling. But it makes sense though? Riiiight?!
If I’m gonna go down with this ship I’m going down grasping onto anything I possibly can

Love and Hard Work (fanfic)

This is my first Zankie Fanfic but I knew I needed to write this out!
It’s ALL fiction based on two Boys we love!

Multi chapter fic, more soon!!

This is ALL fiction! I don’t claim to know how they feel about eachother, this is just my way of wanting things to play out.


Thursday, March 26 10:37 pm

Zach was just getting into bed after an emotional day of his head and heart fighting one another when his phone buzzed..

Call back number: Frankie
Why the hell wouldn’t you come to the concert on Saturday?

Oh shit. Dammit twitter!! Why did my fans have to tell Frankie, Zach thought.

He’d been hoping Saturday would come and go without Frankie even thinking about him. Besides, it’s worked for the last month or so. His life would be a lot less complicated if he went to the music festival with his friends and loved Frankie from afar.

Call back number: Zach
What do you mean? Why would I go? You didn’t invite me….????

Call back number: Frankie
Invite you?? Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been waiting to see you for weeks! You leave in the middle of the night and all of a sudden you don’t live in New York anymore!
Whatever, I don’t even care. Have fun at your music festival with your body guards.

Call back number: Zach
First of all, It wasn’t the middle of the night… you just hadn’t come home yet. You were out with your many admirers.
Secondly, That’s what happens when someone dumps you and then expects you to still wait around to see if they’d throw you a charity concert ticket.

Call back number: Frankie
Fuck off, Zach. I just wanted to see you.

Call back number: Zach
I wanted to see you too, every day for the last two months….but you made it clear that you don’t need me anymore. Why would I stick around to watch you have the time of your life and not share it with me.

Zach was hoping he would leave it at that. The conversation already had him lying in the bed of his childhood home, with tears rolling down his face. He loved this man, with every fiber of his being. He just didn’t understand how they could make it work, so the best thing to do was to quit now and try to save themselves.

Call back number: Frankie
That’s not true. I love you.

Call back number: Zach
I gotta go, have fun in Miami Frankie.

Friday March 27th 2:34 am

Zach couldn’t go to sleep after he got Frankie on his mind again. He couldn’t help but feel that he was making the biggest mistake of his life.
He wasn’t sure what to do about Saturday but he knew that he didn’t want to be in a Hetero based night club with his highschool buddies tomorrow night. Golfing with Pizzle then maybe dinner and a movie sounded perfect.

Call back number: Zach
Hey bro, I’m not really feeling goin’ out tomorrow night. I’ll see ya Saturday tho. That bass be pumpin!!!

Call back number: Logan
Don’t try to fool me, Rance.
That fairy is in town and you wanna see him. Gross.

Call back number: Zach
Really Logan?? What the fuck dude.. That was uncalled for. I know you don’t like him, but he’s not going anywhere. So get over it.

Call back number: Logan
You’re delusional. He’s not waiting for you. See ya Saturday, douchebag.

Zach had been back in Florida for almost two months now. He had been spending the days playing in boats and golfing with his friends then he would end up sending videos of all sorts to his fans. However, the ache of heart break never went away.
He knew he shouldn’t have left New York, but e knew that if anyone was going to take him coming out seriously….he had to do it alone.

Friday March 27th 3:35am

MY SISTER SLAAAAAYS!!!! Thank you Orlando!! We love you!

@Arianagrande thank you Orlando!!! Love you babies!!! Can’t wait to see my love @ranceypants on Saturday night in MIAMI!!! [emojis]

Call back number: Frankie
What the fuck are you doing!?!?!? He’s not coming!!! Oh my god Ariana. What did you just do!!!

Call back number: Ariana
Just relax.. He can’t say no to me. You need to see the love of your life and I am helping you. But YOU need to fix this. You understand me?

Call back number: Frankie
Thank you my goddess….

Friday March 27th 8:45am

Zach finally got to sleep around 4am so he was still Hal asleep when he opened his twitter and saw the tweet for Ari. Oh crap. How would he say no to his favorite girl in the world. His time with Frankie had really gave him the opportunity to see just how amazing Ariana was. Her family and friends meant everything to her and she’d do anything to make them happy….just like her brother.

@ranceypants @arianagrande I wish I could see you!!!! I know you will werk it!!
Hoping that would make her back down, he flinched when his phone buzzed again.

@arianagrande @ranceypants See you tomorrow, baby! Tell Pizzle his backstage pass is waiting!

Oh my god. She knows I can’t say no to Pizzle. That perfect little shit was totally trying to get hin and frankie together again and Zach couldn’t help but love her even more.

Call back number: Zach
Ariana, I can’t come. Frankie doesn’t want me there and it would be so awkward. I appreciate you so much tho!

Call back number: Ariana
You’re coming! You guys need to fix this. You’re the cutest ever and this isn’t right. Don’t let me down, boo! See you backstage. Your passes will be at will call. *MUAH*

At that moment. Zach had a new found hope. Maybe they could fix this. It wouldn’t be easy, they had a lot of insecurities but maybe. Just maybe.

Call back number: Zach
Fuck. Your sister won’t let me say no. Why is she doing this to us? It’s obvious we’re not good for each other.

Call back number: Frankie
Move back to New York, Zach. Please.

Call back number: Zach
Hahahahaha. Riiiight! Like that worked out so well the first time.

Call back number: Frankie
You were perfect. I was an ass Zach, I know that. Please come back. I won’t push you to go public.

Call back number: Zach
I came out, you idiot! I came out for YOU!! I knew that was most of our problems so I needed to make it right. But after I did it, he were nowhere to be found! We could have made it this be celebration but no, you were busy. Leaving for three weeks to frolick all over the damn country with half naked guys.

Call back number: Frankie
You just left! I was there, every night in bed with you, having you fuck my brains out and then you just left. There was never a reason to be jealous. My heart is yours.

Call back number: Zach
Just hookup with Doug and be happy.

@FrankieJGrande It’s too early for heartfelt confessions….but I can’t help it!!! I’m SOOO excited to see my one and only tomorrow!!!!! #ZankieAF

Call back number: Zach
Really? Not cool.

Call back number: Frankie
I love you. You make my world whole. I won’t give up on this.
Btw, Doug isn’t my type.

Call back number: Zach
How will I trust you? I can’t. You say one thing one day, and act like I don’t matter the next.

Call back number: Frankie
Welcome to my fucking world Zach! But you’re out now! Our lives would be so different together now. I can finally tell everyone that you’re mine!

Call back number: Zach
Frankiiiiie, you’re making this so much harder than it should be. I know you love me, I do. You’re life is just so different now.

Zach knew his reserve was crumbling. Damn this love thing. He really needed to work on this staying mad at frankie thing, but he couldn’t. He didn’t feel appreciated with Frankie sometimes, and it was starting to eat away at him. The sex was always incredible, like mind blowing. However the next morning Frankie would be out the door and Zach would be left at the apartment with nothing to do.

Call back number: Frankie
I never dumped you. I said I couldn’t handle hiding anymore, you’re out now. We’re getting married and having babies. Tomorrow.

Call back number: Zach
We can’t magically be all better, Frankie.

Call back number: Frankie
I’m here three more days, it can happen. Come over to Nonna’s today????

Nonna… Zach missed her so much! She always seemed to make everything better. Everything was simple with her. You loved somebody? You stay with them. Somebody messes with your family? You have them pushed out of the country.. You don’t mess with Nonna’s family!

Call back number: Zach
I’ll let you know. Maybe.

Call back number: Frankie
See you soon baby!

Friday March 27th 5:37pm
When Zach pulled up to Nonna’s huge house, he was filled with nervous anticipation. He needed to not make a big deal of seeing Frankie.

Nonna answered the door with a giant smile on her face and embraced Zach, letting him melt into her like he had missed doing. When they walked into the family room, was watching tv and turned his head to meet Zach’s gaze. There it was. The electricity they both feel when they’re in the same room.

Frankie it up off the couch and simply took Zach’s hand, pulling him into the kitchen and pushing him against the wall. Zach stood there staring into the fierce eyes of his love before leaning forward and pressing his lips to Frankie’s. He knew their problems would just vanish…they needed to work on them, but this was a start.
Zach pulled his phone out of his pocket and kissed Frankie’s cheek while pressing the camera button.

@ranceypants I’ve missed this face. [Picture] I love you @frankieJGrande [emojis]

@frankiejGrande @ranceypants Always my love! I’m never letting go again! I love you!!!

They knew Twitter was going to explode and Zach felt like that was a big step in the right direction. He hadn’t been with Frankie since coming out and this picture would speak a million words that people have been waiting for.

Zach leaned over and give Nonna a big hug and kiss on the cheek, after posting a selfie with him and the matriarch Grande woman as well.

"Thank you for dinner, Nonna. I love it here so much!"

"Of course sweet boy, just remember this thing called love is a lot of work. Go give my sunshine something to smile about, please."

Nonna then walks out of the kitchen and upstairs without another word. Zach is left with Frankie and the smile on his own face. He loved this man and together they could make it work, this he knew!

Thanks guys! Let me know what you thought!!! More soon!

In all honestly in my mind, Zayn just hasn’t left One Direction like they’ll show up in magazines and I’ll be like “God dammit Zayn missed the photoshoot cause he was late again” and they’ll perform at award shows and I’ll be like “Zayn must be sick or something” and their new album will come out and I’ll be like “God dammit why didn’t they give Zayn any solos on this album? Did he have a sore throat will recording it?” Cause my mind and my heart is just not ready to except a One Direction without Zayn in it.

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Calum Casey Colton and Ashton should all fuck Luke and call him a pretty princess

dammit Ashton why can’t your name start with a C… but yeS they should, Ashton can take the back, Calum in the front, and then Luke can use his hands on the other two

Either way, I’m terribly frustrated. Marvel’s commitment to the female gaze (see all sorts of Marvel movies where the hero is shirtless for no good reason, Thor: The Dark World being the best example) has brought them a female fanbase, and with Guardians they sold 44% of tickets to women (up from about 40% on their previous films). They know women are out there. They know they buy tickets. They’ve been interested in catering to them. So why not a movie about them, or merch featuring them?

Marvel, I know you’re reading this. I know you’re reading all of these articles. It’s time to just make the announcement. We’re getting restless out here, and if you end up rebooting Howard the Duck before you give a woman a lead role there’s going to be hell to pay.