dammit such a cutie

…because Johnny totally needs to sing some Bruno Mars.

His voice would be perfect for any of those songs and I just happen to love “Uptown Funk”, (even I think Johnny is way too shy and humble to be singing some of those lyrics :-p) so here we are. Also, I didn’t want to give him the hat because why hide that beautiful hair from the world?

Johnny is a total hottie.*fans self* Who knew an animated gorilla could be so attractive?

If Johnny was human, he’d totally be Bruno….

I’m obsessed with the idea of Ravenclaw Tim and had been drawing him over and over and over……….


i’m really grumpy bummed that i can’t post any art since my laptop is still on the fritz 


i remembered i had these two nerds in an attachment in an email i sent to myself to look at color/palette comparisons on different screens, sooo… here ya go, a very lowkey and nonsense tideover until i can get this tech nonsense sorted out TvTb

oh, and since i’ve got the ‘original’ res too:

Dating Hoshi (SVT) Would Include

I’m sorry I’ve been inactive the past couple days ;n; Mingyu and Yoongi versions coming soon <33

S.Coups // Wonwoo // Woozi // Mingyu

  • Him approaching you all confident and suave but then he gets lost in your eyes and forgets how to speak
  • You’d find his sudden staring creepy is he wasn’t looking at you in such an enamored way.
  • And then you realise you just managed to make Kwon Soonyoung speechless
  • He’s a greasy shit from the start tbh
  • Bad pickup lines even though you’re already dating
  • Calls you ‘jagiya’ and ‘baby’ more than your name
  • Also clingy from the start
  • No problem with PDA at all
  • Surprise kisses all the time
  • In public he’ll  always have a hand in yours or arm around your waist
  • Like you’ll be chilling at the dorm with the members and suddenly you and him are one entity
  • Although you almost always are i mean he clings to you bc skinship makes him happy
  • In bed he will cuddle right into your side and wrap his legs around you so you’re encaged
  • Neck kisses all the time omg
  • Back hugs
  • Never a dull moment when he’s around but that’s a given XD
  • His phone wallpaper and lockscreen are different selcas of you both making weird faces
  • Not the jealous type but will whine when you’re not giving him a lot of attention
  • You become part of the gag trio automatically it becomes a gag quartet
  • Likes you to sit/lay in his lap
  • Loves coming home to find you wearing his shirt
  • You playing with his hair and peppering him with kisses to relax him when he’s stressed or tired
  • You constantly reviewing his new dances
  • Him making them gradually sexier bc he loves seeing you all worked up
  • Always trying to prove his sexiness
  • Though you already know all too well
  • When he practices for hours and hours and gets all sweaty and just
  • There’s more sex than one may think
  • Bc like I said he loves getting you all worked up and dammit he will finish what he started
  • Rough sex with him is always such a ride
  • Or it’s slow, sensual, you know actual love making he’s great every time though he’s a dancer I mean
  • Barely ever fighting with him
  • When you do he leaves bc he doesn’t want to say something he regrets or hurt you so he just leaves
  • Most likely dances the anger away
  • When he comes back you kinda just stare each other in the eye and if it was his fault you bet he’ll kiss you long and hard when he apologizes
  • However if it was something you did he’ll go straight to bed and try to fall asleep (but he can’t bc he can’t sleep without holding onto you ;n;)
  • You end up apologizing and snuggling up to his side and who is he to not forgive you
  • His smile being your fave thing ever
  • When you’re upset his go to is aegyo and silly skits
  • Usually with DK and Seungkwan
  • They work best as a trio what can I say
  • Constant compliments on both ends~ Esp from you bc he gets too insecure and it hurts your heart bc this sunshine is wonderful he has no reason for his insecurities ;;
  • Tickle fiiiiights
  • You always gotta cook for him he doesn’t do cooking
  • He cleans in return bc he doesn’t want you to have to do everything
  • Bringing him and the boys food when they’ve been practicing a while and them all loving you for it
  • Him pulling you into his lap and feeding you and not being able to contain his smiles!
  • Piggyback rides~~~
  • Piggyback rides all around the Pledis building that boy is proving his strength and making you laugh good times
  • His kisses are often quick, playful pecks but he also loves slower, deeper kisses that always seem to hold so much meaning
  • He always tastes faintly of some sort of candy
  • Likes to poke and squish your cheeks
  • Fun dates like amusement parks or zoos or smth
  • Before literally every shower: “Wanna join?” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • You wouldn’t expect to walk in on him singing and dancing to SHINee so much only yes you would bc he is a fanboy
  • Always finding him and Seungkwan singing and dancing to Beyoncé and you’re never surprised tbh you just watch and thank god for dat ass
  • Sings really cheesy cute romantic songs to make you smile
  • Overall Soonyoung cares about you so much that making you smile is his no 1 priority. He’d make sure every moment was fun, he’d make sure you were taking care of yourself  (and vice versa I mean he practices too much and you worry) and he’d always shower you with affection because he wants you to know how much he loves you 24/7!

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His smile is my favourite thing dammit look at this cutie

-Admin Belle

anonymous asked:

Who's you fave out of tfw? :) Also, I hope.you feel well~~

Aw, thank you, dear anon! I’m quite good today and I hope you’re feeling well too :D

And my favorite out of TFW? Aw dammit, I can never decide >.<

I mean, there is our badass cutie pie:

And our mighty warrior “Puppy Dog Eyes”:

And of course him, the answer to all our prayers:

I have so many feels for all of them, it’s just impossible for me to decide >.<