dammit someone stop me

The songs all speak of the rage of Achilles
But what of his love?
It was not his rage that brought Hector to death
But his love.
It was not wounded pride that fueled his fire
It was a broken heart
—  Love has always been more powerful than hate
Why Tanaka x Yamaguchi should be a thing!

Tanaka physically/vocally showing his happiness toward Yamaguchi’s success

Got super angry when he thought Tsukishima wasn’t being supportive



Yamaguchi already thinks he’s hot ;)

I’m struggling out of this art block


And what better way to get out of art block then with this little angel <3 

boueibus as fake facts

based off this

yumoto: 5% of all pet owners are actual furries

wombat: the average human is roughly 70%

aki and haru: in may 2017 our moon will go into “Dark Orbit” and won’t be visible for a month

atsushi: you’ll die if you take a “one a day” vitamin twice in a day

kinshiro: the sun is a sun, not a star

arima: all mushrooms come from brazil

akoya: did you know shakespere invented the letter Q

en: if every human had access to water, we’d drown.

io: 80% of all christmas gifts are returned

ryuu: your pubic hairs can’t burn

I…. I …

File name is appropriate “Dammit Someone stop me” because this will have characters when it’s done, but all that’s currently done of the actual characters is super rough plan sketch.

Also I blame my husband for this whole image.

Mr. Endo - The Motivational Memester
Mr. Kenyon
External image

“Test, one, two…this thing on?

Ah, okay.

Hi, kids! Iiiiiiiits MEME, your good ol’ pal, Mr. Endo!

Now, someone tells me that someone on this…Tumblor thing is feelin’ down in the dumpities, and needs everyone’s favorite friend to cheer ‘em up! But hell, this applies to all of you kids out there!

We all have moments where stress gets to us. I mean, look at me! Torn out of my suit, mauled by children, tied to a gal, who while the cutest patoot, never likes any of my jokes!

But chin up, kiddo! Remember, no matter how bad it seems, bad times never last forever. Never be afraid to ask for the help of friends. Heck, even the ol’ meme-meister here appreciates backup from his pals!

Well, I hope this helps, you guys! And remember, if you ever need any help, the Motivational Memester is always nearby to lend a helping…a helping…crap, did I lose control of the hands again? Dammit!

Can…can someone stop the recording for me? Mangle? Gahh…”

A little something for wayward–vagabond and the rest of you little memers who are feeling down!