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So I just finished playing Oblivion and I can’t stop thinking about this?? During the battle for Bruma Martin marched in and started fighting with a daGG E R???

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daisuga & coffee

This isn’t my favorite writing, but it turned out pretty cute. Also Daichi RIP

“Why,” Daichi murmured to the gods above.

“Why what?” Kuroo asked from behind him. Daichi groaned and faced his boss, this was his fault.

“Why am I working the 3am shift every.day.this.week?” he responded, punctuating each syallable. What did he do to piss Kuroo off?

“Oh, that.” Kuroo replied nonchalantly. “I’m just doing you a favor.”

“How is waking me up for a 3am shift doing me a favor?” he rebuttled.

“Daichi, Daichi, Daichi, do you know who comes to the cafe at 3 every single day?” Kuroo asked, a wicked smile on his face. “No, of course you don’t, because while you may oogle at him from the counter, you’ve never actually had the balls to go talk to him.”

“Daichi doesn’t have the balls to talk to some one? Well this is new!” Oikawa remarked as he joined them in the staff room. 

“Oh yes,” Kuroo grinned, his eyes gleaming. “You know that guy who always comes in at 3?”

“Fair skin, silver hair, beauty mark under his left eye?” Kuroo nodded. “That’s Sugawara Koushi, he’s in my physics class,” Oikawa explained.

“You know him?” Daichi asked, obviously interested. Oikawa smirked.

“I know everyone Daichi, you should already know that,” Oikawa scoffed, his head held high. 

“Wait, Oikawa, you’re break isn’t for another 15 minutes,” Kuroo remarked, glancing at the clock.

“It’s slow and Kou-chan was doing fine on his own,” he shrugged.

“You left Bokuto behind the counter alone! Dammit Tooru,” Kuroo yelled, rushing out of the room. 

“Well,” Oikawa said, putting a hand on Daichi’s shoulder. “This is your chance, don’t fuck it up.”

He did.

It didn’t happen right away, the first few days of his week of early shifts were rather bland. The actual angel Sugawara came in everyday, ordered a latte, and set up all of his books and notes on a table in the corner. Thanks to some miraculous force, Daichi was able to go through these days without error. It was the fourth day, however, where everything went to shit. 

It had started like any other day, the cafe was open and ready to go when Suga arrived at 3 on the dot. He ordered his usual latte, but this time, instead of going to the table in the corner, he sat at the counter, just drinking his coffee. He didn’t get his books or notes out, he just sat, looking at Daichi.

“So,” the silver haired man began, taking a sip of his latte. “How’d you manage to get stuck with this shift?”

“Uh,” Daichi stumbled, he obviously couldn’t tell him the real reason. “My boss is an ass,” he settled with.

“Is that so?” he laughed, and oh was that the most beautiful sound Daichi had ever heard.

“It’s not so bad,” Daichi chuckled. “I’m Sawamura Daichi, by the way. Everyone calls my Daichi.”

“Sugawara Koushi, Suga for short,” he introduced himself. Daichi smiled, this was going smoother than he imagined. 

“Well, Suga, do you want a refill?” he asked, already reaching for the cup. 

“I would love one,” he smiled, and Daichi swore his heart stopped. He didn’t think this gorgeous man could be any more beautiful. Daichi took the cup and turned. 

Everything went wrong.

He turned directly into an open cabinet, smacking his nose and stumbling backwards. He dropped the mug, which shattered against the concrete floor. As he was stumbling backwards, he slipped on some spilt coffee, falling right onto the broken mug.

“Oh my God are you okay?!?” Suga asked, rushing around the counter to Daichi. 

“That fucking hurt,” he commented, sitting up. He nose hurt from the cabinet, and there was a sharp pain in his back. 

“Daichi you’re bleeding!” Suga exclaimed, kneeling next to him. “There’s glass in your back!”

“Oh, fuck. Okay, um, there’s a first aid kit in the staff room. Would you mind switching the sign to close while you’re at it?” Daichi instructed, trying carefully not to move. Suga nodded and got up, rushing to the front of the store before going to the back. 

“Take off your shirt,” he ordered as he came back, first aid kit in tow. Daichi was able to unbutton it, but he couldn’t slid it off his arms without wincing in pain.

“Um, Suga,” he muttered, his face turning red.“ Could you maybe help me, please?“ 

“Oh, of course, I didn’t even think-” he rambled on.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, this wasn’t your fault. I’m not even sure how the hell I managed to fuck up this badly,” he joked, earning a slight chuckle from Suga.

“I will say, that was definitely something to watch,” he grinned, sliding off Daichi’s shirt. “The way that played out didn’t seem real.”

“I believe it,” Daichi smiled. He may be in pain, but seeing Suga laugh made it hurt less, as cheesy as that sounded. He hissed as Suga started pulling the glass shards out of his back.

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I’m going to clean it now, so sorry in advance.” Daichi bit down on his tongue to prevent the groan from coming out. After a few minutes of silence, Daichi heard the rustle of band aids.

“I’m going to put these on the deeper cuts,” Suga explained, pressing softly against his back. He paused slightly before adding more pressure to one of the spots on his back. 

“Okay, you should be good now,” he said, sliding back. Daichi carefully stood up, grabbing his shirt from the floor and turning to Suga.

“Thanks,” he said, grabbing the first aid kit. “I’m going to go call Ushijima to come work, I should probably go to the hospital, just in case.”

“I agree. I actually should go too, I have some work to get do. Goodbye Daichi,” Suga waved, grabbing his bag and walking out the door.

“Goodbye,” he muttered to the silent shop. He stood for a moment before turning and walking to the staffroom. He called Ushijima, asking him to come into work. He agreed, he could be there in 5 minutes. Daichi put his shirt into he back of the couch and sat down carefully; he would have to ask Ushijima to clean things up.

“What’s on your back?” Ushijima asked as he entered from behind Daichi.  Daichi turned his head slightly, taking in the other man.

“Band-Aids. I had a bit of an accident,” he admitted.

“Not the band-aids, the writing,” he replied, seeming uninterested in Daichi’s injury story. Daichi’s eyebrows squished together. Writing? He walked over to a small wall mirror and turned around, his back facing it. He turned his head and read the writing on one of the larger band aids.

It was a phone number


Requested by the lovely @girl-next-door-writes

“Bones! Have Med Bay ready immediately. She’s been hit. ”Jim yelled into the communicator as he lifted you into his arms, giving the orders to be beamed back up to the Enterprise. Your vision was blurred, as Jim held you tightly.

“Hold on (Y/N). Bones will fix you.”

The last thing you see are Jim’s dark blue eyes before you passed out.

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He spoke, blazing with fire, and his lovely waters were seething.

And as a cauldron that is propped over a great fire boils up

dancing on its whole circle with dry sticks burning beneath it …

so Xanthos’ lovely streams were burned with the fire, and the water was boiling

strongly blown by resourceful Hephaistos.

The last of the pieces for my “Beyond the Trojan War” final depicting scenes from Homer’s Iliad.

I wanted to draw the battle between Xanthos and Hephaestus with Achilles trying to cross on dead bodies, since my prof described it the first lecture back in January! Plus bonus Aeneas being chucked to safety by Poseidon! (and a crane because I had a bird theme going in the other two and its one of Hephaestus’ sacred birds and it looked more impressive than a quail, to be honest) 

Achilles // Helen // Xanthos

Lullaby-Part 8

Summary: Dean and you approach the baby’s due date when complications occur. ( PART ONE ) ( PART TWO) (PART THREE) (PART FOUR) (PART FIVE) (PART SIX) (PART SEVEN)

Prompt: inspired by @deanwinchesterxreader

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Word Count: 1600

Warnings: Language, fluff, the Angst! Like holy shit angst. Trouble late pregnancy. Blood. ANGSTY AF

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I’m really sorry…ANGST and TRIGGERING  Please know that I am warning you now.Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.

I am so thankful for all y’all reading this series.


You fell asleep, back pressed against Dean because that was the only way you two could sleep together now; your gigantor stomach not allowing you to flop over him any longer. He was barely awake, breath deepening but his hand still rubbed across your belly gently. It’s funny, you had always thought Dean and you were as close as two people could be, but it was so much more now. There was this new level of connection, a new level of feelings that you had never been aware existed. It was the way you two looked at each other across the room, how the small touches had become more meaningful. There was just… more.

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BODY ELECTRIC // masterlist

Request: Hey lovie 💕 I just wanted to say first that you’re an amazing writer and I LIVE for your stories. I was wondering if I could make a request for Kylo Ren? The reader is a force user like Kylo, but tries so hard not to show her powers because of fear that snoke will find her. So she works at like High End stripper club and that’s where Kylo finds her because someone tip him about her. I was greatly inspired by this song: Body Electric - Lana Del Rey Thank you 💕

A/N: This was a rather different request to write and I didn’t think I’d actually really like the outcome but ya know if there isn’t angst it can’t possibly be my writing. Thanks @decodexariel​ for the request, enjoy!

Warning: NSFW (?)

Word Count: 3.3K+

It was said that the world–universe–you now lived in was split between the good and the evil; the light and the dark. But there was that gray zone that was barely unheard of and hardly touched, not many falling under it as they were either chose to stand on either side or had no say in what they wanted. Then there were those Force users who had to stay hidden because a certain military organization claimed to had wiped them all out–no thanks to their commander and supreme leader.

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Sam Winchester-Smitten


Pairing: Sam x reader

Word count:994

On a hunt Sam gets hit by a love spell which makes him fall for the first person he see’s.


“Where the hell did Sammy go?’‘You growled as you swung at the decoy the witch had set.

’'Gone to find the STUPID witch’'Dean yelled as he fell to the floor.There was a sudden loud bang and you and Dean both looked at each other with panicked faces.You slid on the floor dodging the decoy as you turned the corner skidding to a hault. Sam was on the floor groaning holding his head as the Witch smirked before waving her hand and vanishing.

’'Dammit!’'You yelled before rushing over.’'Sammy?You ok?’'You asked standing in front of the injured man.

’'I think s-’'He stopped half way as he looked up his mouth falling open slightly as he looked up at you his eyes meeting yours.He gulped his eyes glued to yours as his mouth fell back open again.

’'Sammy?’'You called your brows furrowing in confusion.You watched him wearily as he shook his head before standing up.

’'Yeah sorry,I’m fine’'He nodded as he glanced at you again.You nodded but looked at him with hesitation.

’'Dean were ok’'You called as you and Sam walked over to Dean lying on the floor painting.

’'They just dissapeared’'Dean panted 

’'Yeah so did the Witch’'You grunted looking back to see Sam looking at you.You shook it off as you reached your hand up to help Dean up.Dean nodded a thanks before he turned to Sam his face fronting to confusion.

’'What?’'Dean asked and you turned around to see Sam glaring at the older Winchester.

’'Nothing lets just go’'Sam muttered.You raised your eyebrows before rolling your eyes.

’'Boys’'You muttered hoping into the Impala.


’'So I say we check it out’'Dean nodded pacing the floor.

’'Let’s go then’'You nodded jumping slightly as Sam stood up abruptly.You and Dean both stared at him confused.

’'There’s no way (y/n)’s going it’s to dangerous’'Sam stated shaking his head.

’'What?’'You and Dean said in sync before turning to each other sharing the same shocked look,mirroring each others features.

’'Since when have you never let me go on a hunt Sam’'You scoffed laughing before grabbing your coat.’'C'mon stop screwing around Sammy’'You laughed but he reached out and grabbed you pulling you close to him as he looked at you in awe.You stared at him in shock as you put your hand on his chest trying to push him away but he wasn’t having any of it.

’'God your so beautiful’'He coo'd 

’'You’ve only just realized that Sam’'Dean snickered making Sam’s features darken.

’'Back off Dean!(y/n)’s not yours’'Sam growled pushing you behind him.

’'Oh my god!’'You sighed rubbing your face as you looked towards a surprised offended Dean.’'Love spell’'You groaned running your hands through your hair as Dean burst out laughing his eyes watering.You glared at Dean before smirking.

’'ooh Sammy,Dean’s making me soooo upset’'You whined winking at Dean who now looked at you with a pissed expression.

’'Like that’s gonna wor-AHH holy shit!’'Dean yelled as Sam with the most scariest look on his face was now charging at Dean.’'YOU BITCH!’'Dean yelled which only angered Sam even more.Dean grabbed his jacket running out.

’'Where are you going!’'You screamed

’'To find the witch! You stay here with Lover boy’'Dean yelled slamming the door.You groaned before looking over towards Sam who was staring at you with so much love, you laughed nervously scratching the back of your neck.


’'No Sam let go!’'You huffed trying to pry the hunters arms off you.’'I just need to pee JESUS!’'You screamed he let go now looking at you sad.

’'Your mad at me’'He whispered grabbing his hair ’'Let me make it up to you, please let me deserve your love’'He coaxed as you dodged his arms running to the bathroom.You couldn’t out run the damn long legged brother as he caught you again.

’'Ok ok Sam I tell you what let me go to the toilet and…I’ll kiss you’'You nodded.His eyes lit up as he nodded reluctantly letting you go.You slipped into the bathroom sighing as you locked the door.

’'I miss you already!’'Sam yelled.

’'Oh boy’'You sighed.

Finally you knew he would probably barge the door down if you didn’t come out so you opened the door only to find him waiting outside the door picking petals off a flower.’'Your back!’'He jumped up as he leaned in to kiss you but you pulled back not being able to do it.You started to run round the room and he laughed thinking you were playing.He chased after you and soon you were lifted into the air.

’'Gotcha’'He grinned turning you around and leaning forward.

’'Sam no!’'You yelled pushing your palm in his face.

’'Your right’'He nodded lighting up in recognition.You sighed but jumped back when he pulled his knife out.

’'Woah woah Sam!’'You yelled backing up.

’'We can only be together if we die,I’m doing this because I love you’'He smiled as he lurched forward.You screamed ducking as the knife went straight through the wall.

’'Sam please stop!’'You screamed as he jumped on you slamming the knife down luckily you moved your head so it went straight into the carpet.His huge weight pinned you down and you knew you were going to die.He reached up again and you clenched your eyes shut waiting for the pain but nothing happened.You peered one eye open to see Sam with wide eyes as he dropped the knife.

”(Y/N)“He breathed out jumping off you and helping you up.


’'I can’t believe Sam was so in love with you he tried to kill you’'Dean laughed as Sam’s face lit up a rosey red.

’'Hey can you imagine if Dean would have walked in there first’'You laughed making the boys both look at each other 

’'Ok who’s for beer’'Dean yelled standing up shivering in disgust 

[SUMMARY: Clarissa is tired of Negans on and off flirting and decides to play a drinking game with the Saviors while Negan watches jealously. What she doesn’t know is that Negans always liked her, he just never felt good enough for her.]

Semi smut/ jealous Negan

Negan and Clarissa.

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Can’t Be Controlled (Avengers x reader)

1. avengers x reader (female) fic or onshot it doesn’t matter where the reader is sorta like raven from dc comics who is half demon powers (her powers are empathy, emotion negation, healing, telekinesis, astral projection, teleportation, and flight a lot i know) and she’s been hiding it from the team and she uses them when ultron attacks and has to explain her powers to everyone and maybe a pending relationship with steve? i love your writing style btw

2. Where reader is an all powerful being that could take any one of the avengers, Tony and Steve try to convince her to join each of their sides but she doesn’t want to pick sides because it’s not her war she’s there to protect the world not fight them.

“No way we all get through this.”

“I’ve got no plans tomorrow night,” Steve sighed, smiling sadly to himself at the sight of you talking to Vision on the far side of the room.  Now that the team was facing what was perhaps its greatest threat, he was filled with regret that he hadn’t found a way to tell you how he felt; that being your friend was just a consolation for what he really wanted.  “Well, I guess I shouldn’t speak so soon.”

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Soooo…I spent today typing out all the dialogue from the major Spones scenes in Star Trek - Beyond. (There’s a tiny Spirk scene at the end also.) I might type up a line by line analysis of each scene, focusing on tone, body language, and facial expressions later. For right now I thought I would just post what I was able to hear (didn’t type out in depth actions, because I want to focus on that in my real analysis later. Super bare bones in the descriptions of each scene). I’m desperate for Spones fics based off this film, so I’m hoping this inspires some. Please…I’m dying without fic!
Also…needless to say but…SPOILERS!!!

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Love in an Elevator

SWN Spring Fic Exchange gift for @writerdragonfly

Word Count: 1624

Tags: Preslash, Meet awkward

Rating: Teen for language

Derek spins his keys around his index finger as he jogs up the last few steps to the third floor landing. He blows out a breath as he rounds the top of the stairs, patting the banister as he does.  Derek is nearly to Isaac’s apartment when he hears a loud thud and muttered curses.

Ow, shit, god dammit!”

Derek rushes towards the small elevator at the end of the hall.  He skids to a stop and gapes; wedged diagonally in the elevator doorway, is a loveseat.  Derek puts his keys into his jacket pocket and calls into the elevator, “Uh, hello?  Are you okay in there?”

Initially the only answer he gets is a series of quiet sniffles, then a cautious voice answers, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Derek isn’t certain, but he thinks he hears quiet mutters of self-deprecation from within the elevator.  He ducks to speak into the gap beneath one end of the loveseat, “You need help getting out?”

A choked laugh is his only response.

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