dammit renee

a concept: neil josten becoming obsessed with sunglasses so all the foxes buy him a pair whenever they’re out. they range from black aviators from allison to bright pink gas station sunglasses from nicky. andrew thinks the whole thing is stupid until one day he finds a pair with little cat designs on the frames. when he comes home and tosses them at neil with a muttered “230%”, neil smiles and adds them to his collection. they are also not so secretly his favorite pair.


An interview with Renee O'Connor about AFIN part I and II
The quote that stuck out for me is that first one about how if it was up to Gabrielle, she wouldn’t have let Xena die and that she did not even care about those souls. But that she did care about Xena being in peace.
Also that Renee felt that her love for Xena changed her emotionally.
You go ROC, always knowing the heart of Gabrielle so perfectly.

  • Me, reading the character bios when I first discovered the show: Hunh, Minkowski is Polish? And we're just gonna go with a flat Midwestern American accent? I suppose I can get behind that; accents are dicey and it's not like it's particularly relevant to the character.
  • Mr. Cutter: How old were you when you started trying to get rid of your accent?
  • Me: ...


*time resets*

Isabelle: N-no. *grips herself tightly* H-he’s the most important thing in this fucking w-world to me. I’m just s-so stupid. 

Calem: No Renee. I won’t.


Max: I’ve been wishing I was dead for most of my life Hau. 

Shiro: *looks at the others, wide eyes* Should we? 

Wally: *shakes slightly* 

Rae: *looks away*

Korrina: *grits her teeth and slaps Hau extremely hard* WOULD YOU JUST STOP! *tears up* Stop it… I don’t care if you choke or hurt me just please… he’s been through enough..
Lydia: Korrina…
Lisia: *hides behind Ilima*
Ilima: *pushes and drags the kids out of the room, slamming the door behind him and slumping to the floor* Dammit…

Arrow Fic: Just Another Wednesday

As requested, here is a sequel to last week’s prompt fic featuring Felicity’s days of the week underwear. This was supposed to be short and sweet, but it kinda got away from me, oops! There’s a teensy bit of almost-but-not-really angst at the beginning (because why let them have regular reunion sex when I can make them try to have reunion sex around Oliver’s injuries?) and a little hurt/comfort, but it’s mostly just fun, fluffy sexytimes. [Rating: Explicit]

Felicity squirms in her chair, crossing and uncrossing her legs for what has to be the millionth time in the last hour.

She really does not like going commando. Not when she’s supposed to be working, anyway. It just feels … wrong. And distracting. Very, very distracting.

Damn Oliver and his underwear thievery. He needs to get back here, pronto, so she can get them back from him. And also for other reasons that are best not thought about while she is trying to work and also not wearing underwear.

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dreadbeasts  asked:

Wash and Terra in group therapy. Go.

“I went insane as a result of the military project I was assigned to, was betrayed by my last living friend, killed her when I saw her again, wiped out the remains of the project, was jailed for it, went insane again while I was in jail, killed an innocent man and took another hostage in order to get the one piece of evidence that would get me out of jail, and ultimately wound up losing that too. Is that enough sharing for you?”

The therapist’s smile had become slightly strained during that speech, but she still carried on. “Yes…thank you for that share, Agent Washington. Terra, how about you? Would you like to share?”

“Uh- I, uh. I was manipulated by someone I trusted, did terrible things across the worlds under his guidance, let the darkness in my heart grow, fought the man who raised me to protect one of my friends when I shouldn’t have been fighting him at all, got possessed by the man I’d trusted, and he used my body to try to plunge every world into darkness.”

The smile had taken on a frozen quality. “Thank you for the share, Terra! I think that’s quite enough for today, don’t you?”

She’s the one who’s going to need therapy after this,” Wash murmured. Terra at least had the grace to look sheepish.