dammit luhan

Exo reaction to you being bisexual.

I declined this request a few times, cuz it was too simplistic, but you guys just won’t give it will ya. lmao xD. So here it is.

Warning: This will be repetitive… whoops


*finds it strange at times and wonders if the girls you hang out with were your girlfriends at one point*


*he’d be quick to give you kisses or soft hugs, being totally fine with it*


*he’d care more about what the public would think, knowing that not everyone is as tolerant. Also if anything were to happen he’d be quick to stand up and defend you*


*he would acknowledge the information quickly fitting the puzzle pieces together. This information wouldn’t effect your relationship at all*


*he’d do his best trying to keep a serious face not wanting to offend you in anyway, but as he thought of more ideas he couldn’t help but smile excitedly*


*he would’ve known the second he meet you*
“Oh gurl, I already knew”


*baekhyun would have always thought that you were bisexual, but wasn’t sure. When you confirmed it. He would act surprised unsure what to say* 


*I believe Lay would be very shocked, he’d need some clarification what exactly how it worked, but in the end he’d just find you more unique and special*


*He’d be so happy that you told him and would encourage you that it’s not something to be embarrassed about, but proud of because it makes who you are*


*this wouldn’t effect any of the feelings kris had towards you*


*would have to ask, just in case*
“Please tell me, you liked me and knew I was a guy and not a girl..”

(y/n): “well… about that….”

Luhan: “dammit… every time”


*Xiumin is the type of boyfriend to be supportive about everything, he wouldn’t be bothered by the information and it didn’t change how he loved you*

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EXO as Dragons

Baekhyun: *has black scales around his eyes* DOES THIS COUNT AS EYELINER?!

Chanyeol: *flies around burning as many things as he can* I LIKE FIYA. FIYA IS GOOD.

Chen: *is a rather small dragon* *”accidentally” looks down shirts*

Kai: OMG WHAT AN ADORABLE LITTLE PUPPY *accidentally burns the puppy* SHIT. SORRY.

Tao: *burns bag* MY GUCCI, NO

Xiumin: *awkward silence* Sehun, you have a lisp…. o.o

Sehun: I do not havth a lithp. e.o

D.O: *burns everything* BOW TO ME. 

Kris: *le Dragon king* No, bow to M-E.

Suho: *golden scales* I’m far more expensive than you,  Thehun.

Luhan: *casually perving on Sehun*

Xiumin: Stop perving on Sehun, dammit… ><

Luhan: *snaps out of it* What? I did -no- such thing.

Lay: I’MMA UNICORN >:3 *breathes fire*

for all these chinese awards i can imagine krishan negotiating
  • kris: oi i'm invited to the Sohu fashion awards tomorrow.
  • luhan: me too
  • kris: you goin'?
  • luhan: nah cbf. i went last time. this times your turn.
  • kris: god dammit
  • another time
  • luhan: i'm invited to the baidu awards
  • kris: so am i
  • luhan: i think its your turn to go now
  • kris: why don't we both ditch?
  • luhan: ok
  • luhan: so when are we gonna stop the suspense for the fans and the media?
  • kris:
  • kris: nah lets make them wait longer
Trying to get Luhan's attention like

Me: Hey Luhan can I talk to you for a minute?

Luhan: -not responding-

Me: Luhan…?


Me: Helloooo Luhan…?




Me: T______________T

Xiumin: Luhan someone’s talking to you.

Luhan: Huh? Did someone call me?

Me: -_-