dammit luhan

Luhan & Baekhyun - Broken

It was that time of the year when the annual ‘Summer Carnival’ would be held down on the foreshore of the beach close to your home and school. You had been every year ever since you were old enough to go out with your friends without your parents having to tag along for supervision. You’re entire year level from school would always be there too, so everyone would bump into one another and mingle around having a great time.

The carnival was opening up tomorrow and you hadn’t had anyone to go with because friends that you usually went with were ALL unavailable. You really didn’t want to miss out this year but it was starting to look like you were going to have to choose between staying home or going alone which would be no fun at all.

“You can come with Jaime and I.” Your ten year old brother said in consideration with a smile on his face as he walked into your room whilst you were tinkering with your laptop. He knew you loved the carnival so much and therefore invited you, but you didn’t want to be such a burden on them.

“It’s okay. Thanks for your consideration though.” You smiled at him as he shrugged his shoulders and ran out of your room not fussed nor phased one little bit. You shook your head with a smile and turned back to your laptop where you had been having a group conversation with your closest friends while scrolling through the constant feed that kept popping up on your dashboard.

Raina: I’m really sorry I can’t make it this time ____.

Elly: So am I. I feel really bad.

It’s absolutely fine, don’t worry about it. You replied. There is always next year for us to go.

It wasn’t their fault that both of their parents decided to go on a trip with their families at this time of the year.

Elly: Next year! I promise!

You smiled a little, just looking at the message as you scrolled down looking at all the statuses and photos that continued to popup. But there was one thing that you had not expected to pop up and this time of the year while over the holidays. It wasn’t a status nor a photo, but a message.

Luhan. The name flashed repeatedly in a little box at the bottom of the page. With a little red 1 beside his name, meaning he had sent you one message. Your heart began to increase, beating harder and faster. You moved your cursor down and let it hover over his name for a bit before hoping it and seeing a short written message before you.

Luhan: Hey, I was wondering if you would like to go to the summer carnival tomorrow. Luhan only ever messaged you when you were helping one another out with Psychology homework or if he had a question for you which was generally school related. You two were friends at school and were always talking whenever you were together, but when it came to social network, you hardly ever spoke, hence why the message felt so out of the blue.

Reading the message was like a dream come true. Finally! Somebody to go with. Your smile turned into a larger grin feeling such a sudden excitement rush through your body.

I’d love to. You initially wrote before back scaping it completely. That sounds weird… So instead you wrote: That’s sounds great! Who else is going? You mentioned expecting him to have invite some others.

You saw that he was typing almost instantly, which only got you even more excited.

Luhan: Awesome. Well some of the other guys (meaning his friends) will be there, but I was thinking I could pick you up and we could go together and just meet them there? Your heart skipped a beat for a split second as you gasped heavily. You were almost shocked. Is this a date?

Yeah sure! I’m down for it. Roughly what time will we be going?

Luhan: I can come pick you up at 6:30?

Perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow then.

Luhan: Will do. And that was the end of the conversation. You were so giddy with joy on the inside and out. You couldn’t help but smile in anticipation for tomorrow. But suddenly, the shock realisation hit you with a gasp; what will I wear?

—– NEXT DAY —–

The doorbell had already gone off and you were still deciding on shoes. You looked at the time and Luhan was 5 minutes early. Dammit, Luhan. You slid into your ankle cuffed scandals and zipped them up at the back before taking your bag and walking as fast as you could towards the front door.

“Bye.” You called out in reply to your family as they had already said their goodbyes. You yanked on the door handle and opened the door as you generally would to see Luhan, all done up in a collared shirt that had been rolled up to his elbows and chino jeans, looking as dapper as ever.

“Hi.” He smiled cheesily and spoke with a soft voice, holding out a single white flower in proposal to you.

“Hi.” You replied with a plastering smile that was going to stay the night. “Thank you.” You whispered as you took the flower and walked back down the hallway, delicately propping it into the vase of daffodils your mother bought not long ago.

“You look lovely.” His voice was still soft, but was full of joy to see you looking so beautiful. He wrapped his arm around yours and walked you to his car that had been parked out the front.

“Thank you. You look very dapper this evening.” You tried to stay in that formal persona as that’s what Luhan was similarly going for aswell. As he escorted you into his car and brought the engine to life, he looked at you with a smile, mesmerised by you. Luhan had a thing for you, but it was still a developing thing; Luhan believed that tonight was going to be the make or break for his feelings.

The trip to the carnival from your house was only a ten minute drive with traffic and all, but was definitely not a quiet ten minutes. You had suspected it to be a little awkward, but Luhan was not phased at all, he just went with whatever he could grasp onto.

“I’m excited for the fireworks.” He explained, a smile growing joyfully on his face like a little kid.

“Me too! The fireworks are always the best!” You exclaimed in agreement with him.

“I figured they cure a lot. Stress, anxiety, pain, everything. The brightness in the sky is something that puts a smile to anyone’s face, while the loud noise scare away your worries and the unnecessary negative thoughts even if it be for a few minutes.” You sat there for a moment, taking it all inand trying to process it all but you didn’t quite understand his feelings. You’d never felt like fireworks had down that to you before, it had always been just a build-up of excitement as you watched the sky light up.

Luhan felt a little stupid after saying it and not getting any response from you. You hadn’t realised you hadn’t responded as you were too carried away in your own thought, but Luhan just focused on the road until you spoke.

“I’ve never felt that way.”

“Maybe tonight you will.” He said with a smile, looking over at your side profile that seemed buried in thoughts.

Very shortly after, Luhan had reared into a parking spot nearby the carnival. Parking was extremely hard to find during the festive season and during summer, so both yourself and Luhan felt almost lucky to have found such close parking.

“Xiumin decided that we were all to meet up down by the kiosk. Do you mind if we go there first and greet everyone? They should all be here by now.” Luhan said as he got out of the car and headed over to where you were standing in front of his car. You nodded your head with a smile as he threaded his arm around yours and walked into the carnival with you.

“Is there a lot of people?” You asked as you entered it looking around and over the abundance of men, women and children who filled up the place.

“Not really, but it’ll be good.” Luhan assured you, leading off towards the permanent kiosk nearby the chair-o-plane.

“Luhan! ____! Luhan!” You heard a voice being raised from the left of you, only to see Chen waving you two over with his girlfriend Nina. Nina was a good friend of yours, so you were highly relieved to see her. Luhan leaded you over to his group of friend hanging around on a picnic blanket with drinks for all.

“Hi.” You waved in greeting to all who acknowledged Luhan and your arrival. As you weren’t the closest girl Luhan’s friends associated with, they welcomed you regardless and made the effort to make you feel welcome.

The live music at the event wasn’t so loud from where you were seated. The screams from the rides opposite the general seating area where many people seat up picnic and such were so much louder.

“Are you going on any rides?” Luhan asked as you looked around at all the rides. The rides were mainly for the children’s entertainment – but year after year you found yourself on the Ferris wheel and driving around on the dodgem cars.

“Maybe just the Ferris wheel.” You flashed a smile back at him before feeling a grumble erupt inside of you. “First I might go get something to eat.”

“Want me to come?”

“Sure.” Luhan walked alongside you through the crowd and towards the back stalls behind all the rides and towards the American stall, where they sold the best wedges you could probably get without having to venture around the city to find something just as good.

“Wedges?” You offered Luhan as you get in line, ready to order.

“I’m alright.” He says, showing you his can of soda.

“Not drinking tonight?”

“No. I’m taking you home tonight and I want to be as sober as ever. Safety first.” He said before whipping down another sip from his can. You felt yourself flush red before turning back to find yourself the next to order.

Once you got your bag of wedges and paid for them, you set off with Luhan to have a look around at the other stalls that had been set up before returning to the others. You found yourself purchasing some tokens for Luhan and yourself to ride on the Ferris wheel and a bag of fairy floss to share.

“Do you want to go on the Ferris wheel now that it’s getting a little darker and closer to sunset?” Luhan asked as the two of you stood and looked at the small Ferris wheel, spinning as it put on a lovely light display on the exterior of it.

“Sure, sounds good.” You smiled, following him over towards the queue outside of the Ferris wheel.

“____?” A voice in the void echoed towards you in doubt. It clearly wasn’t Luhan’s as he was standing right beside you, so you looked around and to the left of you, standing only a few metres away was Baekhyun, your best-guy-friend from when the two of you were much younger. You had not seen him in about six years, making it very exciting for you have noticed him.

“Baekhyun!” You exclaimed as he made his way over towards you with a growing smile on his face. You embraced him into a tight hug, unaware of the jealousy Luhan had churning inside of him. “How have you been?” You asked, patting out the creases on his shirt.

“I’ve been well. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“It has been too long!” You said, thrilled to have seen him again. “Oh, this is my friend from school. Luhan.” Suddenly you felt Luhan’s around grip around your waist, pulling you to his hip. “Luhan…This is Baekhyun.” You unsteadily said, shocked by how Luhan was holding you so firmly and close. He was holding you so close, almost marking you as his territory of some sort, like these two were tigers and Baekhyun wanted a piece of the meat that ‘belonged’ to Luhan. The moment made you feel uneasy – but you liked the fact that you thought Luhan was jealous of Baekhyun.

The both smiled and waved at one another, exchanging greetings with one another.

“I should, let you go on your ride.” Baekhyun said as he saw the pair of you approaching the front to be hauled into the next cart on the wheel.

“Wait.” You whipped out your phone as quickly as you could, opening it into your contacts. “Give me your number, we can hang out sometime.” Luhan was in rage. As Baekhyun took the phone and tapped in his number, Luhan really wanted to grab the phone and throw it miles away. This was not on for him at all.

As Baekhyun handed the phone back, he said a quick goodbye before adding, “Hopefully we’ll bump into one another again.” You waved at him, nodding your head before moving up the line and into your cart.

Luhan removed his arm as you hopped into your seat and took the one opposite you to balance it out. Luhan tried not to show how jealous he was by hiding his expression with a small smile. You smiled back at him with a small giggle, not oblivious to Luhan’s actions from earlier. You thought he was jealous, and you enjoy thinking that.

As the cart locked up and the wheel went spinning up, it gave a great view of the sea from above.

“It’s always the best at sun down.” Luhan mentioned as his eyes fell direction onto the foreshore. “Beautiful, like you.” His eyes peeled from the setting sun and looked deeply into you with a softening smile.

“Thank you.” You take and savour the compliment as you chew on a small piece of fairy floss, smiling back as your cheeks flared red evidentially. You hadn’t expected such a thing from Luhan at all. It was quite amazing realising that a few words could make your heart feel whole and have you feel different in a split second.

Luhan just smiled, without anything else to saying to continue on further. The ride continued to carry on, going around and around a good six times before you were escorted out of the cage. Luhan’s arm flung around to hold your waist again, this time not as firmly as he did when you saw Baekhyun. The two of you conversed and walked back over to the picnic blanket, sitting down to drink and eat fairy floss.

“The fireworks are going to be on display in like half an hour!” Xiumin exclaimed with pure joy as the sun began to hide behind nearing clouds quicker than everyone had expected. The darker it got, the more life the festival had.

Time went by a lot faster as the group of you socialised and began to talk about the most absurd things as your bag of fairy floss went around and was shared with everyone else. Whilst you were enjoying your time with the others, Luhan had his eyes peeled, constantly looking around for this new Baekhyun guy who just walked into his life. There wasn’t anything Luhan was intimidated by, he just didn’t want Baekhyun to call dibs right as he had the chance to do so tonight.

Minutes before the fireworks, Luhan took your hand and lead you off into the crowd of people who had their head held up high in the sky no wanting to miss one second of the firework show. The rides has stopped operating and the MC up on stage made everyone aware that the fireworks were going to go off at any second.

“Excited?” Luhan asked.

“More than ever.” You stood shoulder to shoulder with Luhan, starring up at the stars above before hearing the MC give out a countdown.

“Ten, nine, eight…” You felt a pair of eyes beam onto you, but you were afraid to look knowing it wasn’t Luhan’s. You kind of ignored them and stared up at the sky and loudly counted down with a majority of the folks here. “Seven, six, five…” Luhan slowly moved his hand, entwining his fingers to your ever so slowly and gently. “Four, three, two… ONE!”

The sky lit up ever so brightly, but as soon as those first few spark made it to linger with the stars, you were pulling closely in Luhan, his lips colliding with yours passionately like it was some kind of light of its own. The fireworks and the kiss both ignited you electrically. Your body was rocking from the loud sounds, but for a moment you realised that what Luhan told you earlier was something uncomprehendable. The fireworks gave way to the negative energy and you were losing yourself peacefully.

Once Luhan pulled away with an irresistible smile, he looked up at the sky before flickering his eyes over to the right of him. The man he saw was astonished and almost hurt. He’d been looking at you and Luhan the entire time, wishing that he hadn’t looked over to see what was true. Baekhyun’s eyes flickered back up to look at the fireworks, swallowing hard and Luhan scowled him away. You hadn’t yet noticed and you were never to know.

As broken as Baekhyun was, there was nothing he could do but feel weakened and devastated that after all these years of missing you and not be able to contact you until this day, he lost his chance to some loser he didn’t even know. He couldn’t put words into how he was feeling. He was, well… Broken. 

Exo reaction to you being bisexual.

I declined this request a few times, cuz it was too simplistic, but you guys just won’t give it will ya. lmao xD. So here it is.

Warning: This will be repetitive… whoops


*finds it strange at times and wonders if the girls you hang out with were your girlfriends at one point*


*he’d be quick to give you kisses or soft hugs, being totally fine with it*


*he’d care more about what the public would think, knowing that not everyone is as tolerant. Also if anything were to happen he’d be quick to stand up and defend you*


*he would acknowledge the information quickly fitting the puzzle pieces together. This information wouldn’t effect your relationship at all*


*he’d do his best trying to keep a serious face not wanting to offend you in anyway, but as he thought of more ideas he couldn’t help but smile excitedly*


*he would’ve known the second he meet you*
“Oh gurl, I already knew”


*baekhyun would have always thought that you were bisexual, but wasn’t sure. When you confirmed it. He would act surprised unsure what to say* 


*I believe Lay would be very shocked, he’d need some clarification what exactly how it worked, but in the end he’d just find you more unique and special*


*He’d be so happy that you told him and would encourage you that it’s not something to be embarrassed about, but proud of because it makes who you are*


*this wouldn’t effect any of the feelings kris had towards you*


*would have to ask, just in case*
“Please tell me, you liked me and knew I was a guy and not a girl..”

(y/n): “well… about that….”

Luhan: “dammit… every time”


*Xiumin is the type of boyfriend to be supportive about everything, he wouldn’t be bothered by the information and it didn’t change how he loved you*

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for all these chinese awards i can imagine krishan negotiating
  • kris: oi i'm invited to the Sohu fashion awards tomorrow.
  • luhan: me too
  • kris: you goin'?
  • luhan: nah cbf. i went last time. this times your turn.
  • kris: god dammit
  • another time
  • luhan: i'm invited to the baidu awards
  • kris: so am i
  • luhan: i think its your turn to go now
  • kris: why don't we both ditch?
  • luhan: ok
  • luhan: so when are we gonna stop the suspense for the fans and the media?
  • kris:
  • kris: nah lets make them wait longer
Sehun - Early Morning

It took one deep breath and a quick, small stretch for you to find the unfamiliar scent lurking around the room. You tried opening your eyes, but your head felt heavy and pressured so you decided to leave it alone. It’s probably nothing.

You basically pushed it aside as it was hard enough for you to do something as simple as open your eyes.

You rolled over onto your other side and felt a beam cross your face. You also noticed how unfamiliar the bed began to feel as you didn’t sink into it like you usually did in yours.

You heard your phone buzz but dsnt bother to answer, you were way too slow at processing the basics this morning. You pushed everything aside and tried to focus on sleeping again.

Wait… Isn’t the window on the other side of the room? Even the speech on your head sounded groggy and helpless. You tried as hard as you could to open you eyes and eventually began to see out of them. You saw tall buildings opposite the window, clothes on the floor and a completely different furniture agrangment with different furnishings to your actual room.

This is when alarm bells began to ring. What the fuck. You almost said aloud but managed to bit your lip in the process.

The first thing you did was grab your phone, seeing around 9 new messages from your best friend Luhan.

1:39am Luhan: Hey, where are you?

1:47am Luhan: Let me know when you’re ready to leave. I’m at the bar :)

2:01am Luhan: Have you left without me? :(

2:07am Luhan: I can’t find you anywhere. I’m leaving with Chen. Hope you’re having fun wherever you may be. ^^

8:44am Luhan: ____, where are you?

8:45am Luhan: Are you with Sehun?

Sehun? You turn to your left and see a male figure facing the wall, sleeping peacefully. His hair messy all over and his milky pale skin covered by the black covers.

“Sweet Jesus.” You exclaim trying to be as quiet as possible.


9:23am Luhan: I’M SCARED REPLY TO ME.

You quickly reply to his messages, apologizing and explaining what happened last night; moments you vaguely remember.

After you sent the long message to him, you realized that the clothes on the floor were yours.
“For fuck sake.” You mutter climbing out of bed, pulling back on your lingerie.

The male that was resting beside you who you assumed was Sehun took a deep breathe and a small stretch just like you did when you had awoken.

He rolls over with a pleasing smirk on his face, his eyes landing directly on you. You look at him and pull a warm pillow from his bed.

“DON’T LOOK!” You screech. He chuckles.

“I saw it all last night, not a big deal.” You scowl him. That stupid smirk wasn’t going to do him any good at this point in time.

You take the pillow from your body and throw it at him, slipping back into the dress that had pooled at the floor last night.

“That’s not a way to treat the owner of this apartment.” He takes the pillow and plots it beside him, sitting up as he looks at you standing there on your phone.

“Are you Sehun?”

“I feel kind of offended although I slept with you, you can’t even remember my name.” His snarky and pretentious ways weren’t exact going to get him anywhere in this situation.

“Well Sehun, I’m sorry to bother you. I’ll be leaving now.” He interupts you before you can leave the room.

“Don’t you want to look at the view, over the city?”

“Th-the city?” You gawk, clutching all you belongings to your ches.

“Forty-three floor up from the ground we are.” The smirk fades and is replaced with a beaming smile. He gets up out of bed, letting his junk be revealed so freely and proudly as he walks over to his wardrobe; pulling out a pair of tracksuit pants and briefs; sliding into them as he watches the shock rush through you.

“FORTY-THREE FLOORS UP?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” You screech, sitting down on the bed in a state of acrophobia.

“Well you had no trouble getting up here last night. What’s the matter?”

“Promise not to laugh?” You sound like a ten year old oh my god.

“Um, okay?” Sehun says, sitting down beside you almost as an act of comfort.

“I have a fear of heights.” You look at Sehun for some sign of empathy but all you get is a small chuckle. You hit his bicep telling him to shut up. “I told you not to laugh!”

“I’m sorry but it’s kind of funny.” You curl back up into a ball, refusing to open yourself up to Sehun again.

“Aw, c'mon ____, it’s not that bad.” He throws his arm around you gently and smiles at you.

“You’re going to have to escort me out and if you do I promise it will be the last time you see me.”

“What if I want to see you again?” You literally wanted to smack the smirk off of his face. It just kept coming back all the time. Besides that, you couldn’t keep the blush on your face a secret.

“Well, I-Uh… I can’t.”

“You can’t what? Stay up forty-three floor up into the sky?”

“Yes that! Shut up, you’re scaring me even more!” You hit him in the stomach. He whines but remains silent. The both of you sit at the end of his bed

“Come back to bed with me.” The state of shock hits you right in the stomach, penalising you to stiffen up.

“No, I can’t.”

“Then what can you do?” He gets up off of the bed and makes his way around it, tucking himself back under the sheets.

“If you come to bed to sleep a little more I’ll take you home later.” He smiles, opening the sheets up for you with his pleading eyes.

You oblige sheepishly and take off your heels, slipping nervously into the sheets provided.

You face the male which never stopped smiling and rest you head on his extended arm.

“Come closer.” He gives smooth permission and watches you shuffle gently toward him; your head now rest on his shoulder. He grabs you arm and wraps it around his waist as he does the same to you.

“Close your eyes,” His voice is still soft and gentle. “and forget how far you are from the ground.” You swallow hard, closing your eyes as you smell the breif scent of masculine cologne left on him from the night before.

“Just remember that you’re safe in my arms.” You feel yourself smile, his kindness was truly more profound then his cockiness and you like that a lot about Sehun.

You may not have known Sehun for long - although you felt like you’d known him for quite some time - but you were really hoping this wasn’t your last time with him. You were undoubtedly falling in love with him.

EXO as Dragons

Baekhyun: *has black scales around his eyes* DOES THIS COUNT AS EYELINER?!

Chanyeol: *flies around burning as many things as he can* I LIKE FIYA. FIYA IS GOOD.

Chen: *is a rather small dragon* *”accidentally” looks down shirts*

Kai: OMG WHAT AN ADORABLE LITTLE PUPPY *accidentally burns the puppy* SHIT. SORRY.

Tao: *burns bag* MY GUCCI, NO

Xiumin: *awkward silence* Sehun, you have a lisp…. o.o

Sehun: I do not havth a lithp. e.o

D.O: *burns everything* BOW TO ME. 

Kris: *le Dragon king* No, bow to M-E.

Suho: *golden scales* I’m far more expensive than you,  Thehun.

Luhan: *casually perving on Sehun*

Xiumin: Stop perving on Sehun, dammit… ><

Luhan: *snaps out of it* What? I did -no- such thing.

Lay: I’MMA UNICORN >:3 *breathes fire*

Trying to get Luhan's attention like

Me: Hey Luhan can I talk to you for a minute?

Luhan: -not responding-

Me: Luhan…?


Me: Helloooo Luhan…?




Me: T______________T

Xiumin: Luhan someone’s talking to you.

Luhan: Huh? Did someone call me?

Me: -_-