dammit lizzie

Maybe I’m being harsh but...

Let me just clear up that you can ship whoever the frick frack you want. From Sebaciel to Grelliam. I don’t mind. Be happy with your BB ships. (/owo)/ Everyone is p cool. These ship wars are kind of ridiculous and I really wish they’d stop, to be honest. But I’m going to go into some real talk here. I just wanted to express my view on here about Lizzy X Ciel. STOP. Don’t throw tomatoes yet. Jimmy, sit down. I’m not about to whine and screech about how bad any ship is. Or how annoying Lizzy is or whatever. This is a legitimate argument. And I don’t mind if you ship them. Whatever. :) We chill. I just want to explain why it is that I don’t ship this ship.

Often times I find myself saying, “god dammit Lizzy, stop.” And I do get really annoyed with her. However, I don’t hate Lizzy. I might say it but I really don’t mean it. I respect her motivation and dedication to Ciel’s happiness. She’s a strong individual. But here’s where I find myself troubled with this relationship. 

She doesn’t… really understand him. I don’t blame her for her ignorance about his past. Of course he hasn’t told her. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about his personality in general. She doesn’t support what he’s become. He’s content with who he is right now. He expresses this many times with his speeches about having no regrets and never letting go of his hatred and even his wish in general. That day he made a contract with Sebastian, he later stated that, no, he didn’t make it to avenge his parents. He did it for himself. He has changed and he doesn’t mind it. 

No, I don’t dislike Lizzy because she broke his ring or because she cries a lot. I dislike Lizzy because she doesn’t respect that he’s changed. She respects him as a person. Absolutely. But she spends so much of her time trying to make him back to the way he was when he was younger. She tries to get the Ciel that she used to know back. But that Ciel she used to know is gone now. He is who he is now.

 He doesn’t care for moments of happiness. He expresses that he doesn’t need them. That is now the Ciel that he is. But she refuses that side of him. She spends her time trying to change him when what she should be doing is accepting and understanding this person he has become. Because people change. Relationships are part building eachother to be the best them they can be. Any relationship. Friendships, partnerships, etc. But changing someone’s personality is taking it a step too far. 

He’s become confident with who he is. He’s not upset about his scars. They push him forward and he’s accepted that. These things make him stronger. It’s one thing to try and make someone happy when they’re down. But the thing is that Ciel isn’t particularly “down”. It’s just who he is. He has a morbid sense of humor. He has an “ugly truth” outlook on life. He evaluates things with logic and he sees things for what they really are in reality. Not through rose coloured glasses. That is who he is. But Lizzy, all she does is try to pull him to the lighter side because she thinks being on this dark side must be terrible when in reality, Ciel is quite comfortable where he is. 

I understand her point of view. But I, even more, understand Ciel’s. As someone with mental disorders, I understand that he lives in this dark because he’s learned to become comfortable in it. I deal with my issues and dust myself off in my own way because I know I’m the only one who can help myself in the moment of a panic attack, depression episode, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge when people who don’t experience my disorders try to help. But… it doesn’t help, really. Honestly I’ve heard it all before. Thank you for trying but… these things are problems I will deal with for the rest of my life. People look at me and think wow that must be terrible. And it is. So they try to help and they tell me to, “get out more, talk to friends more, stop doing this, start doing that.” But no. Those things to help me. In fact, these things make me uncomfortable. I don’t care to do them. I am forced to live with these pains and scars and so I deal with it. I’m still alive. I still move forward. These pains can slow me down but they happen. Can’t do anything about them so I learn to cope. That is what Ciel does. Even though these things cut down his ropes, “as long as there’s so much as a thread left, [he] will use it to climb.” Most with mental disorders wish for someone who mutually understands. Someone who acknowledges your way of coping because they know it works for you. We don’t expect you to fix us. We don’t expect you to have all the answers to our problems. But long as you can be there for us, maybe just to sit next to us when we cry, that is how you be there for someone who is like this.

Lizzy is one of those people who tries to fix. She is the embodiment of optimistic. And that’s great. But she needs to learn that Ciel is a China plate. He was dropped on the tile years ago and although he’s been glued, nobody is able to fix those cracks. No amount of positive talk will change that. No amount of smiles. She is there when an opportunity rises for her to try to keep fixing him, but she doesn’t listen. She talks over his responses whereas to stop him from saying something negative even though that’s just how he talks.

So again. I don’t hate Elizabeth. She has admirable traits and she isn’t an evil person at all. But her neglect is her undoing for me. Ciel and Lizzy are opposites. Even stated by Sebastian when he called her the “Daughter of the Sun.” I’m sorry this is so very long. But I’ve wanted to express this for a while now. I’ve a lot of friends in real life who tell me they agree. So I’m wondering if anyone else does. If you have arguments, please be as civil as I tried to be. :3 Rude comments will be ignored. (/;A;)/

::Mun Rant::

Quick thing.

I’m a bit mad at the moment.

I understand Sebastain x Ciel is very popular.

And people also ship Ciel x Lizzie.

But the Sebaciel makes fun of the Cielizzy fans by saying stuff such as “they are cousins” or other mean things like that.

Yes they are cousins, but in the time they are in which is about 1888-1889 that was normal for nobles.

Don’t get me wrong.

I ship both Sebastian x Ciel and Lizzie x Ciel.

It just angers me to see that two sides of my ship are fighting like this.

Ship what you ship and don’t throw a fit!

Everyone has shipping walls.

It’s what we do when we are in fandoms.

Just stop with the ship shaming.


Thank you.

Have a nice day!



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