dammit jinki


Pairing: Onew/Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Dirty Talk, recreational alcohol use, You POV + Onew POV

“What is it?”

“You’re as drunk as I am, hun.” she says, grinning.

She’s approaching. Dangerously. She’s dangerous. Why loving someone that dangerous, really.

“No.” you whisper.

“Honey don’t lie, it makes me want to punish you.”

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anonymous asked:

Ot5 minus Taemin are in college and Taem is Onew lil bro who's in high school- maybe Onew introduces Taem to his friends and fawn over him and touch his hair and stuff and Onew is like '>:C dONt tOuch yOu pERvyS' and Taem thinks they are all weird but hot especially the Dino looking one uvu

I made this out to be a prequel to this.

Hands Off = Taemin was jailbait.
» jongtae. crack-y.

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So this is set in my Deaf Jinki Au and it’s their first fight, but also the first time Jinki lets Kibum hear his voice. So YEA :D It’s almost 4k words and I dont know what this is so yea. Also this is somewhere between jinki’s night with moon and kibum meeting minho for realsies.^-^

The frown on Jinki’s face captured Kibum’s attention rather quickly. He brushed his fingers softly on the man’s elbow, and soft eyes lifted from the hotdog in his hand. “Is something wrong?”

He forgot my cheese, Jinki signed with a pout.

Sure enough when Kibum looked at the hotdog wrapped in tinfoil there was no cheese on it. Without really thinking about it he handed his own to the man while grabbing the other before running back to the hotdog stand. “Can I get cheese for this please?”

Once finished he ran back to proudly present Jinki’s hotdog to him. The reaction he got wasn’t what he was expecting however. He had been smiling nonstop since Kibum had picked him up for his lunch break, but the man wasn’t smiling anymore as they walked back to his job. Once the hotdogs were done and they arrived back at the library he softly kissed Jinki’s cheek before telling him goodbye. The fact the man didn’t giggle and pull him into a kiss on the lips like he always did made Kibum’s stomach churn.  

Jinki disappeared into the thick wooden doors of the old library. The loud thud that echoed out onto the busy street seemed louder all of a sudden.

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Onkey for the lovely keyhunjunkie 

and here we go!

Barefoot Friends mainly for Jinki’s smile when Kibum’s talking to his grandma. It’s not the big onew smile we see on stage. It’s small, and sweet and just like more genuine to me. 

Just use you’re own mic Jinki dammit

Onkey’s Drama cut on High Society please notice Jinki’s little smile as Kibum undresses from his costume.

Cameraman Jinki… Jinki pls there is no reason for you to zoom in so close like that Jinki. No reason at all. 

I want to cry from the cute cheesiness pls stop giggling Kibum. it’s too much

So uh award show, both turning heads. Almost kiss on accident?

Onkey and their love for Americano I can’t stop thinking about onkey coffee dates, or staying in and drinking some together on the couch, or waking up in the morning and Kibum has some being made and Jinki just shuffles out and kisses his neck like mmm coffee. Ignore that

Have a Onkey duet

DJ Onkey being cuties

Very important Hello baby onkey moment. Must see

So if you haven’t watched their commentary on each other’s trips then you should. so Heres Part one of Jinki’s.… and Part 2 

And Kibum’s Part 1and 2 Which is basically how many times and in how many ways can Jinki tell Kibum he’s pretty. 

Basically Onkey admitting they’re married in helium voices.

That’s enough for now. I hope you enjoyed it!

onyoursake  asked:

#jongyu au where Jinki sees emotions in colors around the person #so when jjong is angry his words seem to have a color to them #when he's sad there are swirls of blues and dark navies #leading to where he is in their bedroom. OMG why do you have this awesome ideas!!!! the au would be amazing and asdfghjhg your tags give feels a lot uvu <3

I have toooooo many ideas. Too many.

But thank you :3

I write a lot of things in my tags, so bless you for liking them lol

And ahhh that au would be so fun to write. Jonghyun acting strange and giving the whole ‘I’m fine’ to jinki when asked are you alright and Jinki softly smiling like babe if your color of frsutration and anger could hit me I’d be on the floor. And Jonghyun pouts because dammit jinki I wanna be stubborn let me be stubborn with my emotions and Jinki just throws his hands up like whatever whenever you feel like telling me what I did to get you angry I’ll be in the bedroom watching Netflix