dammit i should go to sleep

Final thoughts?

1.As hard as tonight was and as much as my heart broke for Aaron, it was actually so nice to see that *desperation* in him when Robert took off the ring? It’s usually Roberts whose fighting for the relationship and Aaron telling him to get lost during a fight and tonight we saw how much Aaron really truly loves Robert and how wrecked he would be over losing him and it broke my soul but also made me happy? Yeah, I dunno.

2. I really wish Robert had cried. It would have completed the wreckage of my heart.

3. That ring better be back on that mans finger by tomorrow.

4. Please have a follow up talk. Please. I have money. Take it. Just give me a good follow up talk.

5. Someone give Aaron Dingle a long hug for the love of God??

6. And on a serious note, I’m American and Donald trumps inauguration is tomorrow and I’m so grateful for this wonderful fictional world (and fandom) I can dive myself into and have an escape from reality.

What's the fun in That?

Prompt: “You could say you’re sorry you know.” “Now what’s the fun in that?”

Relationship: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

Date Finished/ 12/31/16

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea so yeah. Go ahead and send in some requests for me to write, I’d love for my readers to be happy with my writing instead of just guessing. (Maybe some New Years prompts WHO knows?)

“What the Hell?” You mumbled groggily as you reach out to where Bruce should be sleeping but instead found the cold empty sheets. “God dammit Bruce.”

You slowly get up, pulling on your robe as you walk to the entrance of the batcave knowing that’s where you’d find Bruce at this time of night. Sure enough when you went downstairs and entered the cave, Bruce sat staring at the bat computer.

“You know, I go to sleep with you expecting you to be there when I wake up.” You said sarcastically crossing your arms and approaching him.

“I had work to do.” He mutters not looking away from the screen.

“Like what? Everyone’s in Arkham, and I’m sure the boys can handle a couple muggers and rapists.” You assured him. “I would know because I stayed up waiting for you all last week while you put their asses into Arkham.”

You took a seat on his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “What I’m trying to say is give yourself a break, and come to bed before I make you sleep on the couch.”

“One second dear.” He says typing away on the computer.

“That’s it you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight.” You laugh getting off of his lap only to be pulled back onto it by strong arms grabbing your waist.

“Oh dear, however will I be allowed to sleep in our cozy bed with my beautiful spouse?” He mumbles into your neck lovingly.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry.” You say giving him a playful look.

“Now what’s the fun in that?” He says playfully.

“Bruce Wayne, better yet the Batman, having fun?” You say laughing. “My god I must’ve broken you.”

“Now if anything you’ve completed me.” He says picking you up and carrying you to your bedroom . “and I’m sure I can take a night off of work.”

“Good. The bags under your eyes are starting to look like they belong in a Coach store.”

Me, an intellectual a European, on the night of new SVU: Should I stay up until 4AM? Nah, it’ll probably be boring, I’ll catch it the next day, as always. *sees Barisi night on twitter* dammit I guess I will stay up, even though I have a long day tomorrow.

It’ll be worth it to see some Barisi interact-oh that was it. Those 3 seconds. Oh. It’s over.

Cool. Let me seethe myself to sleep and spend the next morning completely bummed out.

Me, a European, on the night of new Lucifer: I’m going to go to bed early and get up an hour earlier, because I want to watch the episode uninterrupted by commercials, so I can fully enjoy it and bask in it.

*watches Lucifer episode*

What a great, hilarious and poignant episode! What a perfect way to start my day! I feel giddy and energized :D


It’s 3AM in my country and I should totally go to sleep, but hey, have a little fire seraph Sorey some time after he came back for Mikleo.

Basically his costume is like his own as a human, but with a bit of Lailah, and a bit of Gramps.

I like the brown-haired Sorey better (it feels more.. Sorey see ? owo ) but I prefer the red of the right jacket. And anyway, he looks good as a blondie too~

Thoughts During YOI ep.4

-im doing this at 12am wtf @ self

-these thoughts are not in order bc I cant remember stuff for shit

-blondie got them ballet moves tho


-did anyone else notice that Jesus sleeps wiTHOUT A SHIRT ON-

-“boyfriend” BRB SCREAMING

-beach scene. there’s always a beach scene in gay anime.


-damn, piggy used to be rude to people. although mind you that gurl hugging him was definitely over the line-

-victor ya gotta stop with the savagery bc you’re KILLIN ME HERE-

-I had the weird heavy metal song “WTF IS GOING ON” plaing in my head throughout angry blondie’s ballerina thing. it fit a lot more than it should.

-holy everything Prima Ballerina looks like freaking Mistress Moganagall from HP-


-what am i doing with my life

i should’ve been asleep hours ago since i’m still sick bUT DAMMIT

honestly tho i do need to sleep so i’ll get starters and such out tomorrow.
if anyone would like to plot, just hit me up over im or like this post and
i’ll message you for plotting when i’m online again.

tbh i really should write out all of my verses to make it easier for everyone
but… maybe some day. for now, good night!

Me, at 2AM: I’m full of energy now, I should write.

Brain: You can’t, you’re too tired.

Me: Damn, you’re right, I better go to sleep.

Brain: You can’t do that either. You’re too full of energy.

Me: Dang, you’re right. I should write.

Brain: You can’t, you’re too tired.

Me: Dammit, you’re right…


I love you, Stefan. Y o u.

You know what I love? The fact that Daniel says “if you were thinking of pulling a stunt like this, you should’ve called me for back up.” Not you should’ve called anyone for backup but called me. As in I will be there whenever you need to me to be even if I don’t agree because I trust you. I will drop whatever it is I’m doing. As in dammit let me there be there for you so I can prove that I’m totally over you.

As in I am trash and these two have ruined me.

Yesterday you were redundant-
loud in your claims of reluctance ‘I don’t want to get stuck with him.
I don’t want to feel trapped.
I think I should go.’
Tonight, he stops answering and it’s making you anxious 
you crank the volume as loud as it goes 
and sleep with the phone under your cheek 
if the light won’t wake you, the noise will 
(but it doesn’t matter…cause you’re not waiting on a call, remember?)
In the morning, he’ll tell you he fell asleep 
but dammit, you’ll stand your ground 
when the sun sets you’ll start to give in
 when he senses it, he’ll call you baby 
and your cheeks will burn and your stomach will flutter
and right as it settles 
when the butterflies get comfortable , you’ll slip one foot back out the door.
—  kdeanned, tip toes on barbed wire

Late night grading papers, Aizawa-sensei?

(I automatically gravitate to the scruffy character who looks like they need five extra hours of sleep and a gallon of coffee.  It’s the law.)

my thoughts during school

I’m cold
holy shit, shut up
oh my god, you’re annoying
I wonder if they like me
nah, they probably don’t
I hope no one saw that
wow I’m an idiot
I can’t do this
I just wanna sleep
I should really kill myself
aw, why is it snowing again
why can’t people walk in the hallways
I wanna go home