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How the fuck does one relationship?? Like I wanna talk to my gf but shit I have no idea what to say ;-; I dont wanna bother her all the time but I miss her and how does one talk ?? What does one talk about?? What do i do dammit (I'm sorry for the rant but idk what I'm doing anymore I'm lost but I love her so I need advice)

i, a person who has been in exactly three relationships that have all lasted a combined 6 months total, am not exactly the right person to ask this

but i imagine being in a relationship should be like,,,,,having a friend that you talk to more often than your friends. how would u talk to your gf if she was your friend? do that. go from there. 

for instance, i just texted my friend rachel, “i saw a hawk this morning it was a good bird” because i know rachel loves birds

i had of course forgotten that we have an inside joke about hawks based on a stupid post from this website, so she naturally texted back, “hohoho monsieur hawk, i am no snek. would a snek do THIS?/??” and we had a good laugh

friendship is weird and i think relationships are supposed to be weird, too.