dammit i feel stupid


Fringe + Love 15/20.

This episode is such a wonderful way to show us how much Peter loves Walter. We know he does, of course…but is the first time he is so open about how much he worries, how much the thought of losing his father hurts him. Olivia realizes this. That’s why she looks so worried, why she observes Peter so closely…because losing Walter could potentially destroy Peter.

And later, when the truth comes out, is because of this love that Peter forgives him.

Don’t mind my ramblings, lots of feels as always because of Fringe.

So I know I’m not the best author out there. Which is why I’ve always done it for fun and not as a serious life choice lol And I know my content tends to be nothing realistic, and basically quite literally fluff because its cute but really doesn’t have much substance. Sometimes I feel bad for it, because I feel like I should be writing the heavier stuff, the meaningful things, the stuff that actually has importance and makes people feel something. I feel like I’m less because I write the pointless stuff. 

But it’s what I like. It makes me smile to think of it and write it. I like picturing domestic situations, I like growing up together stories, I like people being happy. That’s me. I’m an optimistic, generally very upbeat person. I write how I feel and that’s how I feel. I don’t mind putting turmoil and conflict in my fics, but it’ll always have a happy ending cause I like happy endings. I like Disney movies lol 

And this was just to remind myself I’m no one but me. I can’t be someone else and I can’t write like someone else. I can only do me and that’s okay. I’m pretty okayish lol