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Imagine being Daryl’s younger sister and having a thing for Jesus.

——— Request for anon ———

“Daryl!” you shout across the field, “Stop it!”

“Ya’ best not mess around with my sister!” is the only response you get, and it’s actually angrily addressed to Jesus, who had thus far been dodging Daryl’s chase through the field. You should never have told Daryl about your thing for him; this was just embarrassing, and you were ninety percent sure Daryl was just doing it to piss you off.

Jesus runs to stand behind you, still dodging Daryl’s grabs around you until you put your foot down, “Dammit, Daryl! Can’t I ever like a guy without you embarrassing the shit out of me!”


Request:  Dunk Daryl non-con

Relationship: Daryl x Reader

Warnings:  THIS IS A NON-CON/RAPE STORY. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU.  (It reminds me of a date rape, so please beware if that is a trigger).  Sex, dirty talk, some angst

A/N: I have not written for Daryl since February, so I may be a little rusty.

Words:  2800

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His grip on your arm was tight enough to leave a bruise.  You twisted away and he squeezed down harder as the two of you walked up the steps to the place you called home.  Once you were inside he let you go with a shove into the living room.

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What A Girl Wants: You Ruin Me (Part Two)

Pairing: Past!Daryl x Reader; Jesus x Reader (Platonic); ? X Reader

Word Count: 3053

Warnings: Angst, cursing, violence, slight canon-divergence (?)

Notes: This is the sequel to Say Something and the second part of a new series I am starting called What A Girl Wants. All the parts are going to be based around songs and this part was based around You Ruin Me by The Veronicas. I hope you all like it! Xox <3

Lines used: I don’t care if you loved me, you make me numb.

Part Two of the What A Girl Wants series.

I’m done, Daryl. I love you but I won’t do this any more. I’m sayin’ goodbye, Dixon, and you ain’t got no one but yourself to blame.”

Y/N, wait,” he stammered as you dropped your hand, hurrying after you.

I’m sorry, Daryl,” you sobbed, slamming the door behind you and not looking back.

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i know carol definitely understands why daryl lied to her but…a very small part of me just wants her to get angry with him, to be upset and through tears ask him why he didn’t tell her the truth

maybe this could lead to a love confession lol where he goes quiet while carol’s trying so hard not to lose it right there bc she already knows why dammit but daryl closes into himself and quietly says “cause i love ya and didn’ want ta see ya hurtin’ anymore than ya already were…’ UGH pls

It's Not Funny

Request: Number 18 with Daryl plz :)

A/N: I’m struggling with a bit of writers block but I appreciate you guys still requesting. I love you so much don’t forget it


It all started when you were on the way back from a supply run with Sasha. She had grabbed a couple things you didn’t notice off the shelf of the store you were clearing and didn’t bring it up until on the way back.

“Oh, look what I got.” Sasha pulled out a box of pads and tampons decorated with colorful patterns and tossed them at you.

“Why…?” You trailed off, confused as to why she would even consider picking them up when none of the women were actually well nourished enough to have that once a month horror.

And then it hit you. Assuming your family would stay in Alexandria for a while, they had food and basic needs. Eventually, you’d have to face the reality that the dreaded week would come at some point.

“Oh god,” you muttered distastefully. Sasha nodded in agreement and took out boxes for herself.


Two weeks later, you went to the bathroom only to discover a bloody mess in your underwear. You groaned and took care of the ruined articles and found your hidden box of pads and tampons. You didn’t even bother trying to be quiet when opening those damn pads because your boyfriend Daryl slept heavily in the mornings.

You sleepily walked back to your shared bed and laid down and closed your eyes once more.

Daryl woke you up by shaking you gently and kissing your cheek, something on a normal basis you would adore. But not today.

You were pissed. Not at him necessarily but more so your body for being the way it was. Cramps were knotting in your stomach and they felt like they’d be there all day.

After shaking Daryl’s hand off, you briskly stood up and threw on your clothes. Your boyfriend creeped behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder only for you to shake it off again.

What’s wrong with ya?“ He asked.

“Fuck. Off.” You replied through gritted teeth. Moving any part of your body made you feel like a punching bag so you didn’t exactly feel peachy.

“Did I do somethin’?”

“No,” you sighed and ran a hand over your face. “Just.. Just leave me alone okay?”

You didn’t want to snap at him because you knew you shouldn’t take anything out on him so you left the room and went to go help in the gardens.


You were lying in bed that night, curled up in a ball, shivering in pain. Your back ached and your cramps were getting more ferocious by the minute. Tears were silently streaming down your face; they were more from hormones though rather than the other problems.

That’s how Daryl found you. And of course he rushed over to the bed and climbed beside you frantically asking what was wrong.

“(Y/N)? Do I need to call Denise?” He sounded a bit panicky. You shook your head and continued to shiver.

“What’s wrong? If ya tell don’t tell me anythin’ I’m gettin’ Denise anyways.”

That just set you off. “Dammit, Daryl! I’m sorry I’m bleeding out of my fucking vagina and I’m in excruciating pain!”

Then that little fucker started chuckling.

“Do I look like I’m laughing?” You growled. “I’m in so much fucking pain right now Dixon! You have no idea how bad I am hurting!”

“’M sorry,” he said crawling next to you. “Can I help?”

“Maybe just rub my back,” you suggested to him. Once he started you quickly were more relaxed.

“How long does… this go on?”

“A week.”

“Are ya shittin’ me? That’s awful. But I promise I’ll be a good boyfriend and help ya whenever ya need.”

I was just thinking about the expression on Daryls face when he flung the door open and found Carol in that closet..

arm raised, ready to go and then…

like he couldn’t believe she was there. He had fully expected to have to do away with her, had steeled himself and prepared for it. But she was alive and his expression was one of wonder and shock. She was alive, he hadn’t lost her like he’d convinced himself he had. You can just see that expression on his face so clearly, the shock and relief. He had to reach out and touch her face just  to make sure it was really her (and we didn’t see the last of that gentle touch did we?) before he carried her off to safety ever so carefully. 

I thought the expression was kind of similar here too. After just barely escaping with their lives from Terminus, just taking a breath and assesing the situation he hear hears a snap and looks up, expecting more danger. 

But instead sees her standing there like a mirage.

Probably never thought he’d see her again and that look surprise, the eyes widening, wondering if maybe he was see things. The emotion convey just by  his eyes (a lovely piece of acting I might add on Norman’s part) upon seeing her in the flesh right in front of him, I can’t even describe it but it was just beautiful.. The feeling of love and relief just clearly overwhelmed his senses and he just needed to get to her as soon as possible, to be sure she was, in fact, really there…

I was thinking about when he sees her again (which will be soon) and what his face will convey then. What that will look like. After everything that he’d just been through and most likely thinking she was gone for good this time, what will he look like when he sees her this time?

I don’t know, but we will see his emotions very clearly I believe, the minute he lays eyes on her…

And will it destroy my heart when I see it? Definitely. That much I do know based on prior events. It will rip my feels to pieces, hell its doing it just thinking about it now. 

I just personally can’t wait to see that moment. Because dammit I want my feels ripped apart in a good way for one..

You Belong to Me (Rick Grimes x Reader)

Warning: NSFW

As requested by anon: Welllll I wanted to request a Rick one where they’re all still at the prison (around season 4ish?) and you’ve been dropping hints that you like him but he hasn’t picked up on it and you get fed up with it and flirt with someone else at the prison to get his attention and then he gets pissed off and jealous and takes you to a empty room to “claim you” ;) I understand you’re busy so take all the time you need! I’ll love you forever and ever if you write this, thank you so much!!!! :D

It wasn’t until you met Rick Grimes that you realized just how long it’d been since you had gotten laid.

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So during my binge watching session of my new special edition steel book copy of season 6 of The Walking Dead, I peeped something that I didn’t pay much attention to before (I’m sure others have seen it, I’m just hella late) When Jesus interrupts the ambiance of Michonne and Rick’s sweet sweet afterglow 😠, Daryl is the only person who didn’t react to seeing Richonne scrambling to get dressed. Everyone else was looking at them like wait, what? Not Dixon. Nope, he was just ready to kill Jesus. And maybe he was so focused on that that he didn’t have the presence of mind to react to Richonne, but I like to think he didn’t react because he wasn’t surprised by the pairing. He was expecting them to eventually knock boots. Daryl is the original Richonne ‘shipper. Not sure why I took notice of that in the middle of the night, but I did, and it makes me happy. 😊


daryl and hershel - season 4

“ The Governor rolled right up to our gates. Maybe if I wouldn’t have stopped looking. Maybe ‘cause I gave up. That’s on me.”

You Can Always Come Back - Daryl Dixon

Anon: One of Daryl where he’s numb after Beth’s death but the reader helps him feel again and at one point she’s in danger and he can’t hide his feelings anymore.

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Beth’s death shocked the entire group to their core, especially Maggie and Daryl. You understood why he felt the way he did as you tried your hardest for him to spill out his feelings but you knew it was deeper. Being out on the road didn’t make it any better because you couldn’t get Daryl alone so that he could tell you how he felt, that was the only way he would speak to you. Camping out for the night in an old building you and the group settled for the night, “Where’s Daryl?“ no one had really realized that he was missing as he’d been so quiet recently. In a rush, you ran outside to the road in hopes that he would be sitting out there, just himself and his thoughts. He wasn’t and he managed to take the car that was originally sitting in front of the door that concealed the entrance. “Shit.” you cursed quietly as you ran inside to inform the other’s that the archer was missing and had got the car outside running, leaving everyone. “I’m going after him.” you began stuffing a bag full of ammo for your gun, some water and food, placing your knife in the strap on your boot. “No, it’s too dangerous.” Rick tried stopping you from leaving, placing a hand on your shoulder. Pulling yourself away quickly from his grasp, you stared back to his face with seriousness oozing from your gaze. “I’m going to find him.”

You tried your hardest on the road to Virginia to help Daryl be his old self again. You did small little favors like giving him a portion of your food or sharing your water. Hell, you even picked a flower for him because you thought it would make him at least chuckle some. When you handed him the flower, he just looked at it and let it fall from his hand. Finding the camera that Glenn and Maggie used in a spare bag that was laying on the wet forest floor one night that the group was setting up for rest. “Here.” you scooted close to him and leaned in closely. Resting your head on his shoulder, you raised the camera up and smiled widely. “Cheese!” with the snap of the flash, the camera spit the Polaroid photo out. Shaking it so that it would develop, you looked down to see that you were the only one smiling and Daryl just stared deeply into the camera. “You didn’t smile!” he said nothing but a grunt that escaped his lips. “Well, keep it. Never know when you might need it.” with that you opened his vest and stuck the photo in the pocket.

If being around Daryl Dixon taught you anything it was that you had somewhat of an idea how to track. Thankfully, dead leaves on the ground along with some leftover rain, left some nice tracks to lead in on. Taking the other vehicle that the group had, you hopped in and took off in the same direction. The night was dark but the moon lit your path so that you could try and figure out where he went. It was much harder to do on cement vs natural ground, nothing left tracks like they would originally in the ground. Racing down the back roads, you were going to find him.

“It’s not your fault.” you finally broke the awkward silence that hung in the air above the two of you. Daryl and yourself were keeping watch as the others slept soundly. It wasn’t his fault what happened to Beth and he needed to know it. Once again, no response, just a grunt. “Dammit Daryl, you need to stop now!” this got him wound up because he just didn’t want to hear anymore of it. “Would ya stop!” he yelled back. Walking up to him, you embraced him and just held him there as his emotions flowed from within. “I should’ve done somethin’. I coulda done somethin’ but now she’s dead.” he kept repeating himself, now mentioning the other’s that you’d lost on the way. “We all could’ve but..shit happens and we can’t stop that!” you nuzzled him and rubbed his back. Suddenly, he pulled back from you and turned his back abruptly, now not acknowledging that you existed.

Pulling up, you saw a vehicle sitting in the middle of the road, the taillights were on so that meant that someone hopefully was inside. Stopping your car, you hopped out and ran to see if it was Daryl. It was, he was sitting inside and had a bottle of bourbon in his lap. He was sitting there in silence and drinking away, knocking on his window he briefly turned towards you and then back to his bottle. “Open up!” you commanded him, banging on the window once again. He ignored you. Now you were getting pissed, so you grabbed for the door handle and pulled it open which Daryl proceeded to close it. It was an immature fight that began between the two of you, opening and closing. Which he managed to get his fingers caught in the door and cursed loudly at you. “Leave me alone y/n! Don’t ya understand, you stupid girl!” with that he drove away quickly, leaving you behind. Standing there in the middle of the road, you threw your arms up as you were just dumped in the middle of nowhere. Unknowingly to you, he didn’t drive off too far and decided to crank the music up in the car and attract walkers that were lurking in the woods. It was the CD you burned for yourself before the outbreak started and Daryl hated it. Your favorite song, “Cum On Feel the Noize” by Quiet Riot blasted through the speakers. “Cum on feel the noize..girls rock your boys..” he mumbled to himself as he almost finished the bottle. “We’ll get wild, wild, wild!” with that a loud bang from the walkers disturbed him and they began to swarm the car. Feeling nothing inside, Daryl felt as if what was the point of even trying to survive anymore. The liquor managed to spill over his shirt and when he tried to wipe it off drunkenly, he pulled out the crinkled Polaroid photo of the two of you. Rubbing it with his finger, he gazed down on it and your smile. The way your eyes lit up his dark world, the way you tried your hardest to make him feel again. It had awoken how he truly felt, how he felt about you. He loved you but he buried that deep down even before Beth died. He strayed away from you because when he looked down at Beth’s dead body in his arms, he had a flash that it was you he was carrying. That you were the one that was dead and it scared him. Tears dropped from his eyes and onto the crinkled little photo, with that he turned the engine and took off back to you.
You managed to try and follow Daryl, to try once more to save him and get him back to you and your family. Worried and upset, you weren’t paying very much attention to the road and a walker was crossing. Out of sudden reaction, you swerved around him, your tires slipping on a rotting carcass and it sent you flying off the road and flipped over in a ditch. Your head was now bleeding and your vision distorted. It was gushing pretty bad and all you could see was red, the screeching of the walker brought you out of your daze as you panicked to find your knife. You were stuck on the seat belt that had originally saved your life from the crash but could possibly be the cause of your death because the walker was making his way into your car. Struggling to free yourself and get to your knife in your boot, you felt real fear for the first time as you were about to become walker food. Just as the walker burst it’s head through the cracked driver’s side window, a knife was dug through its skull and was ripped out. You could feel yourself fading in and out of consciousness as  the lack of blood was making you woozy. You were cut free from your seat belt and lifted to safety. You were now in Daryl’s arms and he was running to his car and put you into the passenger seat. “Stay awake y/n! You’re bleeding and probably have a concussion!” he shook you frantically. “You came back.” you whispered and smiled to him. His eyes were feeling with tears again, “Yes I did. I’m sorry I didn’ listen to you, y/n.” he held back some sobs. “I’m sorry, I’m so stupid sometimes and I’m scared you’re gonna be like Beth or Merle. Dead an’ it’ll be all my fault.” he gripped the steering wheel tightly, you finally noticed that your favorite song was still playing in the background. With another smile, you placed a hand on him. “I finally realized now. I love you y/n. It feels so good to finally say it.” he smiled through the tears, you squeezed his arm tighter. “You have no clue how long I’ve been wanting to hear that. I love you Daryl, I guess I shoulda said it first.” turning your head, you listened to the music coming from the speakers. It was Quiet Riot, turning to him with your eyes closed and smiling, “I thought you hated this song?” you chuckled slightly, “You’re right I do…but you don’t.”

When you realize TWD season finale comes on tonight and you finally get to see Daddy

But he’s going to emotionally scar you by beating one of your babies to death with his baseball bat

Damn Scott Gimple

I bet you he is sitting around, on tumblr, looking at the petition, reading our theories….and fucking laughing.

“I got them all tricked.. Like I would kill half of my OTP, silly fandom.”

Bet you he got some tips from fucking Moffat.