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Wayne Manor is Totally Haunted

(its still friday the 13th heeeeere)

b/c of the Wayne family’s extensive history & the fact that they’ve owned most of the land in what is now Gotham at sm point, ofc the manor & grounds are haunted

-bruce grew up in the house so he’s just in denial completely. its just the usual creaks and groans of an old house guys theres NOTHING HAPPENING

-when dick was in the circus, he was taught to ignore spirits. Ofc some of them could be friendly or familiar but there were too many bad ones trying pretend to be good. So better to not acknowledge any of them

-so ofc he just ignored all the weird shit in the manor before finally moving out & starting the Titans

-after meeting raven he made a promise to himself never to mess w/ supernatural stuff unless there was ‘an expert’ there. (he can, will, and has backed out of rooms w/ his hands in the air repeating “nope nope nope” until he was far enough away to be safe)

-babs always got bad vibes from the west wing of the manor but she’s only ever seen a ghost once on the grounds.

-it was one of the first times she visited & there was a groundskeeper pruning the bushes & making them neat. She waved politely at her & she nodded back and that was that

-it was only a year later when Bruce mentioned that they needed some more ppl to do groundskeeping, b/c there was only the one /guy/ Harold? she doesnt remember ever seeing him… & it’s been a good 4 yrs since they hired someone else… that’s when she realized she saw a ghost.

-she never rlly mentioned it until a year after that revelation bc she was kinda freaked about it

 -Jason nicknamed all the specific knocks and bangs ridiculous names. (& found out years later some of them were actually spot on for some Wayne ancestors ???)

-after he died, he was totally in tune with the dead. Still gave them nicknames, but now they were more appropriate & a lot more chill abt their /paranormal activity/ b/c jay understood where they were coming from

 -Tim is the only one who’s adamant abt there not being ghosts in the manor. (Bc it secretly freaks him out too much but he wont admit it)

-tries to combat his fear w/ memes

-Cass & Damian both know better than to mess w/ demons, so they ignore the hauntings of the house.

-but like dick, they take a ‘supernat. expert’s’ experience & advice seriously.

-steph chooses to remain blissfully unaware & blames everything on Bruce’s imaginary cat. (eventually on Alfred the cat too)

-“Bruce u rlly need to put a bell on that cat & get him to stop pushing stuff over” “steph, u don’t even live here??? Why.”

-duke was the one who put his foot down after his 3rd sleepless night

-“you guys know like 3 ppl who regularly talk to the dead. Each. cant someone come & exorcise the demons or help these ghosts move on???”

-suffice it to say, the manor got a lot quieter after that… but the grounds are still hella haunted b/c its so much harder trying to track down ghosts in the woods

-alfred is p sure that there’s a couple dead bodies in unmarked graves around the wayne property, but it was before his time so its not rlly of concern for the kids.

-”just.. don’t wander too far from the trails. i know you can handle urself but plz”

Batboys playing Mario Kart

*screen is split 4 ways*

Dick: Who the hell picked Rainbow Road? All these damn colors are making my eyes hurt–and that’s the second time I’ve fallen into space!

Jason: Damian did. 

Damian: It’s better than the Haunted Mansion Tim wanted. The roads in that place are all edges!

Tim: At least that Chomp thing isn’t there. I’ve run into that guy every time I’ve seen him!

Jason: That’s because you suck. Shit! Not another fucking bomb!

Dick: I was playing this before you guys were even born. I am a god at this game.

Jason: Dick, shut up. You’re in last place.*gets a question mark* *question mark gives him a golden mushroom* This has to be the most useless fucking one. *repeatedly presses the ‘Z’ button* All it does it is jump me back and forth like I’m fucking glitching! 

Dick: You just don’t know how to use it.

Jason: Strong words from someone playing as Yoshi. *gold mushroom launches him over the edge and into space* Well fuck you too, Wario,

Dick: Yoshi is lovable just like me. Besides, everyone knows Wario is just the asshole reject of the family. *gasps* Did you do that on purpose?

Tim: Dammit, Damian. Quit with the fucking turtle shells!

Damian: That wasn’t me!

Tim: I can see your screen!




Jason: Which one of you fuckers hit me with a red turtle shell?

Tim: That would be Princess Peach over there with her endless fucking supply.

Damian: I picked the wrong player! You three douchebags wouldn’t let me change it!

Tim: Oh, but this suits you so much better. 

Damian: Whatever, Mario.

Tim: This game exists because of Mario.

Damian: This game exists for you to be anyone but Mario. 

Dick: I got a star! Eat dust bitches! *passes everyone up* *falls off the edge into space* *gets put back in last* God dammit. 

Tim: What’s with all the fucking banana peels, Jason?

Jason: You tell me, Mr. “I strategically placed upside down question marks everywhere to inflict maximum casualties.”

Tim: You have no proof that was me.

Jason: I saw you on your screen!

Tim: You screen cheated?

Damian: Doesn’t feel so good does it?

Tim: Can it, Peach.

Damian: Wow, what a clever pun. Did you strategically place that too?

Tim: I’m gonna strategically punch you in the face.

Dick: It’s so nice and drama free in last place.*laughs evilly to himself*

Damian: Have fun trying to hit me while I’m pelting you with red turtle shells!

Tim: *gets a question mark* Not if I have some turtle shells of my own. *question mark gives him the squid that puts an ink blot on his screen* Aw hell.

Damian: *laughs loudly* That’s some defense you got there. 

Tim: I can’t see shit! *slips on Jason’s banana peels*

Jason: *is in 1st place* *hears a blue turtle shell coming* Is that a blue turtle shell? Tim and Damian, shut the hell up. I said, is that a blue turtle shell?

Tim and Damian: *both get out of the way of the blue turtle shell*

Jason: *gets hit the blue turtle shell* WHO THE FUCK SENT A BLUE TURTLE SHELL?

Dick: *more evil laughter*

Tim: It was Dick.

Damian: Did you screen cheat to find that out too?

Tim: This is Mario Kart. They literally show you where everyone is on a map! THERE IS NO SCREEN CHEATING!


Dick: I’m coming for you Jason.

Jason: Get the fuck away from me, Dick. Take your blue turtle shells, and get. The fuck. Away.

Jason, Tim and Damian: *get electrocuted*

Dick: *passes them all up*

Jason: NO!

Tim: Damian, I swear to God, if that question mark gives you a red turtle shell–

Damian: Let me pass you, and this won’t be a problem.

Tim: No.

Damian: Then feel my red, fiery wrath! *shoots more red turtle shells at Tim*

Tim: You sadistic little–

Dick: Told you I was a god at this game. *is seconds away from winning in 1st place*

Jason: *presses ‘start’ and ‘restart race’ a millisecond before Dick crosses the finish line*

Dick: *gasps* YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! *throws his controller at Jason*

Jason: *ducks*

Tim: *gets hit by the controller*

Damian: Too bad you couldn’t have screen cheated to know that was coming.

Tim: *attacks Damian*

Dick: *attacks Jason*

*10 minutes later*

Bruce: You were playing Mario Kart. Mario Kart, boys. Grand Theft Auto doesn’t even make you this violent.  Why is Tim’s nose bleeding?

Dick: It’s Monopoly all over again. It all started because Jason cheated.

Tim: *holding a tissue to his nose* Dick threw a controller at me–well, at Jason, but it hit me.

Damian: Serves you right, screen cheater.

Tim: I will bleed on you.

Jason: You shot a blue turtle shell at me. What was I supposed to do?

Dick: Take it like a man is what you’re supposed to do! You want to know what you’re not supposed to do? RESTART THE RACE JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE LOSING!

Bruce: Why is this my life?

This is pretty much exactly what happens when my fam plays Mario Kart. We get everyone together for a nice, friendly game of racing with funny attack methods, and it turns into a bloodbath. I’ve been every one of these. I’ve come close to killing most of my siblings–ESPECIALLY when they screen cheat. I hate that crap. I just ruins the game. And of course I’ve been a sore loser and either restarted the race or turned the console off before someone else won. I’ve bitten my brother before for hitting me with a blue turtle shell, and he once shattered our tv screen by humming his controller at it because he was playing against the CPU and Peach kept hitting him with red turtle shells. Good times.

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Headcanons for being Wonder Woman's daughter and dating Damian?

-having some cool powers

-you don’t have all the powers that Diana has since she’s a demigod (correct me if I’m wrong) which means you carry even less blood of a god? Idk lets just stick with that

-you were trained by Diana and by others in the League

-this really gave you an advantage since you learned many types of fighting styles

-the leaguers love you they are very fond of you, they see you as family

-you and Damian met at the HQ in space

-at first you guys didn’t get quite get along you guys bickered a bit

-but you guys later developed a friendship since you guys were some of the only people of the same age range in this ‘business’

-then you guys both became friends with Jon, well Damian was warming up to him at the time

-you and Jon would always fly around Damian to piss him off

-the leaguers thinking it was adorable to see the kids of the big three together, like a miniature version of them! (I just really like the idea of this??!!)

-as you guys grew older you started to develop feelings towards each other

-Jon didn’t like it all at first it was too weird for him to see his best friends together and he always ended up third wheeling

-but he got use to it and doesn’t mind it since Jon knew since the beginning that you guys would end up together

-Damian sometimes being a DID and you having to save him (haha like Steve and Diana? Okay that actually made me sad, god dammit)

Dear Damian part 6 (Older! Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Oh yes my Squirtle squad, here comes another part of Pain and Feels, so grab your tissues and find yourself a secluded room where nobody can hear you cry, because this one is a doosy. Love ya guys!

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(Female Reader)

Word Count:1226

Warnings: the angst, blood, swearing

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 7

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Light stung his eyes as the executioner’s hood was flung from his face. Damian squinted while his eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, he frantically looked around for you. When he couldn’t find you, he panicked, his heart sped up as he thrashed around.

“Where is she!” He shouted at the guards that were holding him. “I swear, if you hurt her- “

“Relax young Wayne!” Damian’s head snapped in the direction of your father’s voice, “she’s right here!”

He gestured to one of the arched doorways surrounding them, Damian’s heart nearly stopped as saw the guards hauling your writhing body towards him. They forced you into a kneel and tore the hood off your head. You made eye contact, he could see the pain and fear in your eyes.

Your father clapped his hands together excitedly, “Well, let’s get this started now, shall we?”

He motioned for his servants, who brought him a katana. He swiftly unsheathed his sword, and slowly walked toward Damian, inspecting the blade.

“You, my friend, have ruined my life.” He said, slowly walking closer and closer.

“You ruined my relationship with the league of Assassins, you made me look like a fool, and you stole my daughter away from me…” His eyes narrowed and his mouth formed into a scowl, “and for that, I will make you suffer.”

He pulled back his arm, with hatred in his eyes, and swung down.

You spat blood out on the floor, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. Killer Croc howled and came charging towards you. You rolled out of the way, throwing several knives at the beast. He snarled at you, tearing the projectile weapons out of his scaly flesh. He slashed at you, sending you flying through the air and crashing into the opposite wall.

You winced at your newly broken ribs, and struggled to get up, but your limbs didn’t seem to obey what your brain was telling them to do. Killer Croc stalked toward you, and grabbed you by your hair, slowly lifting you up. You screamed in anguish as you rose in the air.

Just then, a pair of birdarangs flew through the air and sinking into his flesh, right before letting off a small flash bomb. The monster let out a scream, and dropped you to the floor. You let out a grunt on impact, looking up to see Damian rush over to you.

Damian didn’t look at your father, all he could look at was you, your [H/C] hair, your [S/T] skin, and those beautiful [E/C] eyes of yours. He wanted you to be the last thing he saw. He watched as you screamed and struggled against the guards, pleading with your father to spare him.

Then he swung down, but Damian never felt the blade pierce his skin, in fact, he felt nothing at all, he was numb. He watched your face turn from rage to shock, as blood fell from the corner of your mouth. His eyes widened as he lowered his gaze to your abdomen, where your father had driven the blade right through you.

Damian kneeled down next to you, concern showing in his eyes. “Beloved, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Dami.” You struggled to say as you sat up, wincing from the pain. “Better now that you’re here to help me kick this reptile’s ass.”

Damian smiled, but a roar from your opponent caused him to change his focus.

“Give me a moment beloved.” He said with a scowl, as he charged at the beast.

All he could do was watch, in complete shock and horror as your father removed the blade from your torso. You crumpled to the ground, blood pooling around your body all too quickly. Your father casually wiped the blood, your blood, form the katana.

NO!” Damian Screamed in outrage, straining against the guards, trying to get closer. “You should have killed me!” He screamed,” Why didn’t you kill me?”

“Why, my dear boy. Merely killing you would’ve just been to quick, to painless, this on the other hand,” He said with a cruel smile, “Is much more entertaining.”

You struggled to get to your feet, pulling your staff out, and running into the fray.

“Dammit [S/H/N]!” Damian shouted, as you pounced on the Killer Croc, striking him with your staff. “Stay out of this!”

“Fat chance Robin.” You said turning to him for a brief second.

This was a mistake on your part.

No sooner had you turned around, had the Crocodile raised his talons, intending to tear you to shreds.

“[S/H/N]! Watch out!” He screamed, you turned around to see the monster’s claws coming straight for you, but they never hit you.

Before they could tear you into ribbons, Damian had knocked you out of the way, receiving the blow himself.

Rage boiled inside of him, causing his adrenaline to spike up. He tore the guards grip from him, knocking the man to the ground unconscious with one swing from his bound hands. He then tore the bonds form his hands, giving him the opportunity to smash the head of the other guard against the hard ground.

He took them down one by one, knocking some unconscious, but killing most. They would pay.

He then finally reached your father. He enjoyed latching his bloodied hand onto his throat, and watching him struggle for oxygen, before the life left from his face completely. He dropped the lifeless body to the ground. Breathing heavily, he looked around him, observing the mass of dead and unconscious bodies that littered the grounds.

His rage and blood lust subsided only when he heard a faint, weak, and familiar voice.


After Croc had knocked Damian to the side like a rag doll, you had managed to knock the beast unconscious by giving him the shock of a lifetime, tazing him with enough electricity to knock out an African Elephant. You had rushed to his side, gasping and wincing along the way. You knelt down next to him, and observed the large bloody scratch marks across his broad chest.

“You idiot,” You lovingly muttered to him, helping him to his feet. “Why did you do that?”

Damian scrambled to your limp body, almost slipping in the blood as he scooped you up. Your skin was so pale and cold, he almost sobbed when he saw how dull your eyes had already become.

“[F/n], I’m so sorry,” He said, tears rolling down his cheeks, mingling with the blood running down your mouth, “If I had just gotten out quicker, if I had only- “

“Dami…” You whispered, raising your bloodied hand to his face. He leaned into your touch, feeling the blood from your hand rub off on his face.

“Why? Because I love you.”

“I love you.” You whispered, lightly kissing him on his lips. Then leaned your head back and closed your eyes.

And I will always protect you,”

“[F/N]? [F/N]! Please stay with me! I’ll get help! I can get you all fixed up!” He pleaded, but he didn’t move. It was too late.

Sobs racked through his body, as he clutched your small lifeless one close to him. He breathed in your sent, and buried his nose into your [H/C] hair.

“Please don’t leave me [F/N], I need you!”

”… I will always protect you.”

Batboys Reactions To You Saving Them Would Include...

This was originally longer but it got deleted twice by accident


-he is just flabbergasted
-he is lost on how to act
-he flirts with you the whole time your saving him
-after the few first few times you saved him the shock kinda just disappears but his heart stops every time he sees you jump in and kick butt
-“I’m here to save your ass.”
-“I new you were only into me for my ass.”
-he likes to tease you when you save him, just to see what you would do
-he gets turned on by how you fight
-he gets a warm feeling in his chest knowing you care so much about him


-everything just freezes for him
-he can’t even speak
-he is really overwhelmed
-he can’t believe he has this amazing person who loves him back and is willing to put their life on the line to save his
-he can’t stop complementing you after and hugging you
-the second you untie him his places your hands on your hips, takes off his helmet, and gives you a loving kiss
-“That’s my girl.”


-he has never seen you in action before
-you untie him to aid you but he can’t move
-he just cant help but watch you move so fluently, your fighting style is just so graceful and can’t get enough of it
-he kisses you over and over after
-he cant stop complementing you and thanking you
-he just kinda fan girls
-he cant wait to get home and cuddle you
-he also really wants pointers from you
-he just really loves you and he loves that you care about him so much


-he is really pissed
-he doesn’t know what happened to what he thought was a simple mission
-yet he got tied down in seconds upside down
-then you appear, taking down all the thugs under five minutes
-he is ultimately jealous of your skills
-once you unite him he begins to praise you
-he is so proud of you
-he can’t believe how amazing you are
-he brags about you all the time, more than normal
-you never carried him out the warehouse because of his numb legs

Guardian Robin

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Damian gets friend he really doesn’t want

word count: about 3K

warnings: none, except this is one of the first “official” fics I’ve written.

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Stop this

A/n: request from the dialogue prompts.
#20: “Stop this.” With Damian

“Y/h/n!” Damian shouted as you fell to the floor. He let out a roar of rage as he threw himself at the scarecrow. The fight was over soon and the villain was knocked unconscious.

Damian ran over to where you laid, shaking and crying. You had gotten a blast of fear gas at point blank range and the effects were taking their toll.

You were babbling incoherently and had curled up into a ball to protect yourself from your nightmare. Damian grabbed your arms and you let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Damian’s heart broke a little from your fear but there was no time to think about that. He had to get you back to the cave and get you an antidote.

You were screaming as he lifted you up and you fought against him. Damian swore while changing his hold on you so that he wouldn’t drop you. Some blood was on his hand and he realized that it was yours.

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...I want to hug Damian DAMMIT