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Headcanons for being Wonder Woman's daughter and dating Damian?

-having some cool powers

-you don’t have all the powers that Diana has since she’s a demigod (correct me if I’m wrong) which means you carry even less blood of a god? Idk lets just stick with that

-you were trained by Diana and by others in the League

-this really gave you an advantage since you learned many types of fighting styles

-the leaguers love you they are very fond of you, they see you as family

-you and Damian met at the HQ in space

-at first you guys didn’t get quite get along you guys bickered a bit

-but you guys later developed a friendship since you guys were some of the only people of the same age range in this ‘business’

-then you guys both became friends with Jon, well Damian was warming up to him at the time

-you and Jon would always fly around Damian to piss him off

-the leaguers thinking it was adorable to see the kids of the big three together, like a miniature version of them! (I just really like the idea of this??!!)

-as you guys grew older you started to develop feelings towards each other

-Jon didn’t like it all at first it was too weird for him to see his best friends together and he always ended up third wheeling

-but he got use to it and doesn’t mind it since Jon knew since the beginning that you guys would end up together

-Damian sometimes being a DID and you having to save him (haha like Steve and Diana? Okay that actually made me sad, god dammit)

Dear Damian part 6 (Older! Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: Oh yes my Squirtle squad, here comes another part of Pain and Feels, so grab your tissues and find yourself a secluded room where nobody can hear you cry, because this one is a doosy. Love ya guys!

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(Female Reader)

Word Count:1226

Warnings: the angst, blood, swearing

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Light stung his eyes as the executioner’s hood was flung from his face. Damian squinted while his eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, he frantically looked around for you. When he couldn’t find you, he panicked, his heart sped up as he thrashed around.

“Where is she!” He shouted at the guards that were holding him. “I swear, if you hurt her- “

“Relax young Wayne!” Damian’s head snapped in the direction of your father’s voice, “she’s right here!”

He gestured to one of the arched doorways surrounding them, Damian’s heart nearly stopped as saw the guards hauling your writhing body towards him. They forced you into a kneel and tore the hood off your head. You made eye contact, he could see the pain and fear in your eyes.

Your father clapped his hands together excitedly, “Well, let’s get this started now, shall we?”

He motioned for his servants, who brought him a katana. He swiftly unsheathed his sword, and slowly walked toward Damian, inspecting the blade.

“You, my friend, have ruined my life.” He said, slowly walking closer and closer.

“You ruined my relationship with the league of Assassins, you made me look like a fool, and you stole my daughter away from me…” His eyes narrowed and his mouth formed into a scowl, “and for that, I will make you suffer.”

He pulled back his arm, with hatred in his eyes, and swung down.

You spat blood out on the floor, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. Killer Croc howled and came charging towards you. You rolled out of the way, throwing several knives at the beast. He snarled at you, tearing the projectile weapons out of his scaly flesh. He slashed at you, sending you flying through the air and crashing into the opposite wall.

You winced at your newly broken ribs, and struggled to get up, but your limbs didn’t seem to obey what your brain was telling them to do. Killer Croc stalked toward you, and grabbed you by your hair, slowly lifting you up. You screamed in anguish as you rose in the air.

Just then, a pair of birdarangs flew through the air and sinking into his flesh, right before letting off a small flash bomb. The monster let out a scream, and dropped you to the floor. You let out a grunt on impact, looking up to see Damian rush over to you.

Damian didn’t look at your father, all he could look at was you, your [H/C] hair, your [S/T] skin, and those beautiful [E/C] eyes of yours. He wanted you to be the last thing he saw. He watched as you screamed and struggled against the guards, pleading with your father to spare him.

Then he swung down, but Damian never felt the blade pierce his skin, in fact, he felt nothing at all, he was numb. He watched your face turn from rage to shock, as blood fell from the corner of your mouth. His eyes widened as he lowered his gaze to your abdomen, where your father had driven the blade right through you.

Damian kneeled down next to you, concern showing in his eyes. “Beloved, are you okay?”

“I’m fine Dami.” You struggled to say as you sat up, wincing from the pain. “Better now that you’re here to help me kick this reptile’s ass.”

Damian smiled, but a roar from your opponent caused him to change his focus.

“Give me a moment beloved.” He said with a scowl, as he charged at the beast.

All he could do was watch, in complete shock and horror as your father removed the blade from your torso. You crumpled to the ground, blood pooling around your body all too quickly. Your father casually wiped the blood, your blood, form the katana.

NO!” Damian Screamed in outrage, straining against the guards, trying to get closer. “You should have killed me!” He screamed,” Why didn’t you kill me?”

“Why, my dear boy. Merely killing you would’ve just been to quick, to painless, this on the other hand,” He said with a cruel smile, “Is much more entertaining.”

You struggled to get to your feet, pulling your staff out, and running into the fray.

“Dammit [S/H/N]!” Damian shouted, as you pounced on the Killer Croc, striking him with your staff. “Stay out of this!”

“Fat chance Robin.” You said turning to him for a brief second.

This was a mistake on your part.

No sooner had you turned around, had the Crocodile raised his talons, intending to tear you to shreds.

“[S/H/N]! Watch out!” He screamed, you turned around to see the monster’s claws coming straight for you, but they never hit you.

Before they could tear you into ribbons, Damian had knocked you out of the way, receiving the blow himself.

Rage boiled inside of him, causing his adrenaline to spike up. He tore the guards grip from him, knocking the man to the ground unconscious with one swing from his bound hands. He then tore the bonds form his hands, giving him the opportunity to smash the head of the other guard against the hard ground.

He took them down one by one, knocking some unconscious, but killing most. They would pay.

He then finally reached your father. He enjoyed latching his bloodied hand onto his throat, and watching him struggle for oxygen, before the life left from his face completely. He dropped the lifeless body to the ground. Breathing heavily, he looked around him, observing the mass of dead and unconscious bodies that littered the grounds.

His rage and blood lust subsided only when he heard a faint, weak, and familiar voice.


After Croc had knocked Damian to the side like a rag doll, you had managed to knock the beast unconscious by giving him the shock of a lifetime, tazing him with enough electricity to knock out an African Elephant. You had rushed to his side, gasping and wincing along the way. You knelt down next to him, and observed the large bloody scratch marks across his broad chest.

“You idiot,” You lovingly muttered to him, helping him to his feet. “Why did you do that?”

Damian scrambled to your limp body, almost slipping in the blood as he scooped you up. Your skin was so pale and cold, he almost sobbed when he saw how dull your eyes had already become.

“[F/n], I’m so sorry,” He said, tears rolling down his cheeks, mingling with the blood running down your mouth, “If I had just gotten out quicker, if I had only- “

“Dami…” You whispered, raising your bloodied hand to his face. He leaned into your touch, feeling the blood from your hand rub off on his face.

“Why? Because I love you.”

“I love you.” You whispered, lightly kissing him on his lips. Then leaned your head back and closed your eyes.

And I will always protect you,”

“[F/N]? [F/N]! Please stay with me! I’ll get help! I can get you all fixed up!” He pleaded, but he didn’t move. It was too late.

Sobs racked through his body, as he clutched your small lifeless one close to him. He breathed in your sent, and buried his nose into your [H/C] hair.

“Please don’t leave me [F/N], I need you!”

”… I will always protect you.”

Imagine Damian “I see a cow and I adopt it” Wayne playing Pokémon Go and completing the pokédex within two days

Imagine Damian catching a Zubat and naming it Zubatman

Imagine Damian flying to Japan on the batplane because he wants that machamp, dammit.

Imagine Damian Wayne straying off on a mission just to catch a doduo


Damian Wayne playing Pokémon Go

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How do you think Dami and Jay will react to Tim's 'death'?

With any luck? Extensively.

If I were writing it (which….. might happen, depending on how satisfied I am with the canon portrayal) I would work the historical angles. Both Jason and Damian have had antagonistic relationships with Tim in the past, which could make this interesting.

For Jason, I would take his complex feelings towards his own replacement and redirect them– he’s always been angry at Bruce for letting it happen, but now? Project his own experience with death onto Tim. On top of “how dare you let someone replace me after I died,” it’s “how dare you put another child in a position to die.” The anger’s already there, so you’d get this convoluted tidal wave of strong emotion that would be really interesting to explore– rage, grief, regret about his own treatment of Tim, retroactive parallelism, and a redefinition of his own experience. Good stuff. Aim it at Bruce, shove them together, see what happens. 

And Damian… well Damian’s just been through death himself, but more importantly, he’s been through a resurrection. Kid’s grandfather is Ra’s al Ghul– stack that on his own experience, and he’s unlikely to see death as permanent, especially since his own return was a positive one. That makes it really likely that he’ll lean towards denial. If he can come back, why not Drake? The problem, of course, is that they don’t have a body to attempt a resurrection with, which frankly? Is suspicious. I don’t mean in our world, I mean within the DC Universe. Personally, I’d make Damian the one that finds out that Tim isn’t really dead. Someone’s gotta do it, and Damian’s attitude towards life/death makes him a prime candidate.

See it would also be fitting because “he isn’t really dead” is Tim’s line, back when Bruce was fake dead in ‘09. Damian and Tim’s relationship is super complex [read more], and I think it would be fun to play with Damian intentionally taking on Tim’s roles– clearly he’s got a background in that (Robin), but this time intentionally, for Tim’s benefit.  

I would love to see the arc move in that direction.

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Days had passed since Riff met Damien's allies... But now, she was concerned for her friend, was everything alright?

The Tock Clan were nowhere to be found. N was the only one left, and the only way of reaching him was through the Clan Space communicator that Damian had in his workshop. The Leader was desperately trying to reach his missing second in command.

“Dammit, Damian, Come in!”