My headcanons of Adrienette consist a lot of Marinette going “……” to Adrien’s face (bc whoa this guy looks kinda like someone she knows). And yeah Adrienette is my favorite pairing out of the whole messy love square UvU

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Sterek, "Why's your hand on my ass?"

“Derek….why is your hand on my ass?” Stiles’ eyes widen, trying to swallow down a small whine as he looks around the club. 

Derek tends to get a little…possessive over him at times. Not in a romantic way- although Stiles desperately wishes- but in a back-off-this-is-my-human kind of way. Apparently Stiles’ 18 year old hormones, combined with his budding spark, means he’s now some kind of werewolf cock tease. Kind of like a siren, but for werewolves, Deaton had said, and wasn’t that just what Stiles had wanted to hear from his slightly shifty neighbourhood vet. 

Yup, apparently Stiles Stilinski actually do got a booty and apparently all the local weres want a piece of it. It’s flattering, most of the time. Until it’s not. Stiles can usually take care of himself, but he can’t go around carrying his trusty bat with him all the time, and he’s still got a lot to learn about protection spells before he can actually do one.

And so, enter Derek, who, for some unknown, slightly painful to Stiles’ long suffering crush on him and his eyebrows reason, is totally cool with playing the part of Stiles’ pretend boyfriend when they go out. 

(The fact that Derek even goes out with Stiles at all is baffling in itself, but hey, Stiles isn’t going to question a good thing. If Derek gets something out of watching him get his groove on he ain’t gonna ask no questions.)

Usually, Derek just growls a lot when Stiles’ hormones, siren song, whatever, starts triggering overzealous reactions in people, sometimes pulling him wonderfully close and scenting him, just a little. (Stiles is super proud of himself for not whimpering during these moments. He deserves medals, or, at the very least, milkshakes. The good cholesterol killing kind he never lets his dad have.) Never though, never has Derek touched his ass.

Stiles isn’t too sure how he feels about it. Should he back up into it? Is Derek trying to initiate something? Shit, maybe he hit his head and he’s dreaming. It wouldn’t be the first time Stiles has dreamt about Derek groping him in public. (Shut up, he has an exhibitionist kink okay? It’s normal. Erica said so.)

“Shhh, Stiles, just let it happen,” Derek…giggles?

Swinging around, Stiles’ eyes widen even further, a surprised laugh catching in his throat. “Are you…are you drunk?”

Derek never gets drunk. Ever.

“I don’t know,” Derek frowns, eyebrows pulling down adorably. “What is drunk supposed to feel like?” He looks up then, face completely earnest, and Stiles’ heart kind of stops. Not even Scott manages to pull of that puppy level of cute.

Stiles has caught glimpses of Derek’s softer side before. He rarely lets people see it, but it’s there, and Stiles wants nothing more than to find ways to coax it out of him for the rest of his life.

(He’ll admit, he’s in pretty deep.)

“It’s different for everyone,” he finally manages to get out, licking his lips, unable to help it, breath stuttering as he watches Derek track the movement. “How do you, uh, feel?”

“Wrong,” Derek…Derek actually pouts. Oh my god. “I like it when I can touch you, makes me feel safe, and I’m not touching you. So I feel…unsafe.” Derek’s frown deepens, like he’s a little confused by his own words, but then he’s looking at Stiles in that way he sometimes does when he’s struggling with something, like Stiles is the only person in the whole world who understands him. It takes Stiles’ breath away every time, that trust, and even now it takes him a few moments to recollect himself, to focus on what Derek is saying.

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From this video from Parks and Rec 
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nothing like fighting off monsters in the woods while trying to protect your nephew

Monster Falls is my all-time favorite Gravity Falls AU there’s so much I love about it and so many scenarios I want to draw for it ahhhhhh