damm nigga

anonymous asked:

nigga you dont understand your self lmfaoo how could you? u a low life that stay on tumblr claiming you get money and all this shit reblogging houses with "one day" caption but you sleep nigga, yo ass need to disable yo tumblr n work or drop a mixtape damm nigga

Lmfaooo.. You don’t know my life b. Claim? If you know me you know I get fuckin’ money. Simple ! I grind and buy me, my girl, and my family whatever the fuck they want/need ! I’m one of the most hard working niggas on this shit. Go to school, work, and take care of mines. This tumblr shit is only for entertainment, when I’m not busy with real life shit so relax your fuckin pussy b. Your priorities is fucked up talking about drop a mixtape? I don’t have time for that shit. I’m more focus on getting this degree and continue to grind so my family can have a great fuckin life. I caption posts “one day” cause that’s the life I’m striving for me and my family to live and best believe WE WILL ONE DAY ! 💯