damion suomi & the minor prophets

I was tagged forever ago by @radical-feminist-seokjin to post the first ten songs after hitting shuffle on my music. I’m ngl I picked my favorite 100-song playlist for this lmao

1. Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp
2. I Was a Teenage Anarchist by Against Me!
3. Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore
4. Iron by Woodkid
5. Victorious by Panic! At The Disco
6. Mustard Seed by Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets
7. Divided by Ecca Vandal
8. No Church in the Wild by Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, The-Dream
9. You’re the Wanker, If Anyone Is by Say Anything
10. God’s Whisper by Raury

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My Top 5 Artists...and Why (As of Sat Dec. 17th, 2011)

1. Brand New- Just discovered these guys (I know…behind.) and their lyrics are moving and their musical cohesiveness speaks volumes about the depth of their work.

2. Helicopter Showdown- These guys are essentially becoming a cornerstone of the dubstep realm. Just check out their track “The Terror” and be prepared for your heart to stop. “Tonight, the terror begins again…”

3. Frightened Rabbit- Pretty freaking swell. And Scottish. My roots have not failed me once again.

4. Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets- These guys are awesome. They have helped me get through a lot of shit in the last year and have helped me take positive steps to recovery with their music. And I might see them tomorrow night! If I can find a ride to Orlando… (And that’s a big IF.)

5. Flyleaf- I forgot how ridiculous this band is. I really really enjoy their music and message a ridiculous amount.

Pearls (Before The Swine)
  • Pearls (Before The Swine)
  • Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets
  • Go, And Sell All Of Your Things

Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets- Pearls (Before the Swine)

Narrow’s the road that leads you back home,

but i need some room for dancing.

Accuse me a glutton and crown me a drunkard,

and of dining with tax collectors.

Sing for the sick not the healthy.

The poor and the wealthy, for mercy not sacrifice.