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for prompt how about Lucien and Damien painting each other's nails? :0 that's all I got really hsbdnd

THIS IS SO CUTE. You got it, anon!

Quality Time

“Dad, you’re, like, painting outside of my nails.”

“Oh, I am sorry.” Damien carefully maneuvered the tip of the wet brush away from Lucien’s finger. The nail polish was glopped onto the brush and he didn’t want it to drip and get even more paint everywhere. He wasn’t too skilled at this and he sincerely hoped his son would forgive him.

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So after it was made canon that Hal has Jewish heritage, I’ve began making a few headcanons. One of which is that he learned Hebrew and Yiddish when he was younger, and sometimes gives his nieces and nephews Yiddish terms of endearment. I also like the idea of using this headcanon to make some Batlantern goodness involving Hal crashing at Bruce’s manor after a long mission and in his tired state, accidentally mistaking Damian as one of his nephews or actually referring to Damian as his own kid. 

At first I was gonna use Motek, but then I dug around and realized the the majority of the Jewish community in the US speak Yiddish and thought that would fit better for Hal… However if I got the word wrong please tell me, I’d rather fix it than let it remain a mistake.


How the fuck you gonna say TØP is better than Gorillaz?????
Does TØP have a demon bassist????????????
Or a badass child soldier on guitar?????????????????????????
How bout a blue haired singer with Damin Allbrans voice??,???,??,?,,?????,???,,,??????????
Yea, I thought not

Princess (Chanyeol)

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“Daddy likes making food” he coos lightly to the 5 month old clung to his shirt as he made breakfast for you. “Mama has had a long night with you” he continues as little Damin rests well against him. “Daddy will make you a bottle then or maybe mama will feed you while she eats” he continued his conversation. “Chanyeol” you call as come out of the bedroom. “Ah my love you should still be in bed” he whines as he finishes his omelet for you. “I’m sorry I wanted to know what you guys were talking about” you coo as you watch your daughter turn to your voice.

“We were talking about mama” he says in his baby voice as he handed you the plate of food he made for you. “Thank you” you say as you leaned over kissing both of them before heading to the table. “After you eat will you feed?” he asked as you nodded. He smiled and took a seat beside you patting Damin’s rear. The small girl groaned at the pair of you annoyed that her meal came after yours. “Ah don’t be greedy” Chanyeol tells her as she looked at him. “I think she’s already annoyed by me” he says as he looks over at you.

You simply chuckled as you gestured for him to lay her down in your arms as he quickly did. In seconds she was under your shirt chugging her breakfast. “Such a hungry baby” he coos as he moves close lifting your shirt up she he was able to see the top of her black mess of hair. “Mama treats you to a great meal I bet” he said as he talk to your daughter as she sucked from you.

It was an odd yet sweet sight of the grown man chatting with your baby while centimeters from your breast. At one point he was laying against your lap as he was looking up at her. You simply ate used to the pairs actions as they did this almost every time you were feeding her. “She eats so well” he would compliment as he sat up after she finished eating. “Have a good breakfast? I bet you did” he cooed as she ended up over his towel covered shoulder preparing her for a burp as you finished eating.

He smiles as he leans over kissing you “thank you for breakfast” you told him as he shrugs. “I feed you well so you feed Damin well” he coos as he lifts his 5 month old up “you continue my line. I must keep you fed” he says as he looks at you. “We should have another” he said as you scoff. “Your children have large heads” you say as he whines “but they’re pretty heads look at this face” he said. His hand was much larger than his daughter’s face was the only thing you could think about while he babled on more about his perfect princess.


You Nerds Are Ruining My Life: Part I

(I changed Stevie to Damin, because 1] I get too confused when there’s more than one of a name 2] I felt like he needed a more Indian name, for his Maheswaran heritage)