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Hi there! <3 can I request for a headcanon for all the incubi (seperate) and a passive / soft / sensitive (bean) SO? :p Anything specific they’d like about having someone like that? What were to happen if they saw someone taking advantage of it?

James - James, of course, would be very pleased to have an S/O who’s shy, timid, and obedient. He’s particularly fond of their personality because, yes, while they have issues getting their points across or asserting themselves. He knows when you actually take the time to talk with them. They’re actually rather intelligent and very creative. If anyone ever caused trouble for the S/O James would try to handle the situation responsibility. But, if the jerks continued to cause trouble. He would politely shoo his S/O off. Right before his persona turns very intimidating and dangerous. He wouldn’t even need to raise his voice. The anger radiating off of him would be enough to send the punks running.

Erik - Erik is all about more sensitive S/O’S~! He loves flirting and teasing his S/O and if they’re a more easily flustered type, he would absolutely adore and love them. Seeing how red he can get their face, watching them squeak in embarrassment or hit him before they hid their faces, it would drive him absolutely crazy. He would be sure to be extra careful and sensitive to their feelings to ensure he wouldn’t overstep any lines and upset them. He’s pretty good at picking up when his S/O is uncomfortable, so its easy for him to quickly stop discussing a subject if it is affecting the S/O. And of course, if he caught anyone trying to use his dear S/O, he would instantly step in and politely tell them to back off. If they still refuse to stop using S/O, he would ensure their eyes were closed or face was turned away before he went to violent measures.

Sam - Sam would be extremely afraid about saying something wrong, or being too rough and tumble around a sensitive S/O. He does tend to blurt out a lot of blunt things, and of course is the rougher one of the brothers. Of course, he would feel extremely bad and quickly try to apologize if he upsets them too much, but he honestly just would be far too afraid of messing things up. On the other hand, he would admire their passiveness and wish he could be a bit tamer at times. And if he caught someone else using her he would NOT at all hesitate and punch their faces in, or yell at them for trying to use her.

Matthew - Matthew absolutely adores his S/O shy but sweet personality. Her timid actions and nervous stutter just leaves him internally screaming. He has no problem sitting down with them and happily having a gentle conversation. Should the S/O ever feel upset, he wouldn’t hesitate to make them any toy desire. Or even a gentle music box to help calm their nerves. He would be pretty overprotective of them though. Should anyone try to hurt them or harass them, Matthew wouldn’t hesitate to step in and tell that person off. After making sure his S/O is well taken care of. He would later on go and confront whoever bullied them. Proving how much of a man he can be.

Damien - He is into S/O’s who are very down to earth and selfless. So a very passive and gentle S/O would be someone perfect for Damien! He would gladly stoop down to their level if they are speaking a bit softer, and he would happily be patient if they’re struggling to form words. He would honestly treat S/O like a prized possession, ensuring that everything he does is okay and not upsetting to them. If he caught anyone else trying to use S/O, or hurt them, he would try to warn S/O to stay far away from them and warn them that the person is only hurting them. Then he’d find a place to meet this person in private to first politely ask them to back off, and if needed, he’ll use a bit of intimidation.

Seduce Me Animatic



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Kathrine(MC): Who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.

James: I did. I broke it.

Kathrine: No. No, you didn’t. Matthew?

Matthew: Don’t look at me. Look at Sam.

Sam: What?! I didn’t break it!

Matthew: Huh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?

Sam: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!

Matthew: *squints* Suspicious.

Sam: No, it’s not!

Sam: If it matters, Erik was the last one to use it.

Erik: Liar! I don’t even drink that!

Sam: *raises brow* Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Erik: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that!

James: Let’s not fight, I broke it. Let me pay for it, Miss.

Kathrine: No. Who broke it?

Matthew: Kathy, Damien’s been awfully quiet…

Damien: Really?!

Matthew: Yeah, really!

Everyone: *Yelling*

Kathrine: *at the camera* I broke it. It burnt my hand so I punched it.

Incubaes on the internet


  • Tags James in dumb fact memes on facebook to annoy him. (i.e. Did you know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold? Did you know Asians are from Asia?) 
  • Tricks Mathew and Eric with jump scares
  • Meme King 
  • Lives for epic fails. (and epic rap battles of history)
  • Took him the longest to actually learn how to internet 
  • Thinks tumblr is a bad bad place. 


  • Cat videos are really amusing to him. 
  • Enjoys the occasional light hearted meme. 
  • Finds it fascinating that people can connect and form relationships through social media without actually meeting each other. 
  • YouTube is his shit 
  • Falls for click bait every time 
  • Supports online artists 
  • Netflix 


  • Falls for jump scare videos every time. 
  • Laughs at prank videos. 
  • Also lives for epic fails. 
  • Tries to compete for Meme King title and fails
  • Always uses the emoticons in comments.  XD XD XD 
  • Accidentally stumbled upon Omegle video chats 
  • Subscribed to heaps of youtubers 
  • Turns into a huge gamer nerd. 


  • friends with everyone on facebook.
  • Was the one to accidentally stumble upon Omegle video chats with Mathew. 
  • Is called “the Pinterest mum" 
  • Researches about fashion design and concepts. 
  • Has experimented with Tinder 
  • Has an online blog (which is actually quite popular) 
  • Can’t help but love cute animal videos  
  • Is a master at online downloading 


  • Can appreciate meme humour 
  • Enjoys informative posts, news, documentaries etc. 
  • Gets really touched by transformation animal videos (those videos where animals are really sick and then some time later are shown really healthy and happy) 
  • Struggles to understand how many idiots are on the web 
  • Vines are his guilty pleasure 
  • Is intrigued about how the internet works 

[How the Incubi Put Their Kids to Bed]

James: *sweet forehead kisses and bedtime stories*

Matthew: *laughing and playing with them on the bed, MC has to come in and force him away*

Erik: *his kids won’t stop asking questions but Erik’s patience never runs out, sings lullabies*

Damien: *talks with them about their day and plans they have for the future while tucking them into bed, also about kittens*

Sam: *yells as his spawn erupt into chaos in their bedroom* You little shits need to calm the fuck down!

MC: Sam!!

James: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.

Matthew: What if it bites me and it dies?

James: That means you’re poisonous.

Matthew: What if it bites itself and I die?

Damien: That’s voodoo.

Matthew: What if it bites me and someone else dies?

James: That’s correlation, not causation.

Matthew: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?

Erik: That’s kinky.

James: Oh, my god…

This idea was borrowed from ceejles and mininimi.

The top pic is not mine. It’s a picture of the seiyuus of Free!, and since I’ve been on a Seduce Me craze, I had to draw the incubaes in, also because thechristopherescalante mentioned that it should be done. I hopped on that train hella quick.

Sorry, not sorry.


Also, a bonus pic. 

Died of a broken heart

Just a little something I wrote in the Seduce Me universe with a Hanahaki twist. NGL I cried writing this so, I hope you enjoy!

Seeing them smile, their arms around their wives, Mika felt the flowers press against her closed lips, the earthy taste mixed with bile. Forcing the petals back down, she faked a smile, pretending to listen to whatever story Erik’s wife was going on about at the moment. Her mind was an empty buzz, a defense mechanism she picked up when the flowers began to appear, just in case Damien was listening. But, of course, he wasn’t. None of them were.

Mika was an outsider now, trespassing upon the happiness of the five men she loved the most. They had loved her, once. But she wasn’t enough to hold their attention. Their love began to wane, as Diana had warned her, finding others to love and cherish. Mika faded to the background, becoming nothing more than an old friend that the boys owed so much to. She assumed that was the only reason she was even invited to these weekly dinners the brothers used to catch up with each other as they lived on in the human world. She had been to every wedding, every important party and event the brothers had, fading into the background so effortlessly that everyone began to forget she even went, recounting stories only to be interrupted with a pained “I was there, you know.”

Soon, it was too much, and Mika had to excuse herself to the bathroom for the fourth time that night, vomiting rose petals helplessly. She had long ago made up some excuse about a chronic illness that ran in her family, hoping to keep the boys from becoming too suspicious. It had worked better than she anticipated, causing ripples of pain across her chest. The petals seemed to never end this time, and Mika had no idea how long she stayed in the bathroom. She only knew the taste of unrequited love, and the stars that she could never reach. Eventually, lucidity left her, leaving her alone in the bathroom of James’ house as she leaned against the cool porcelain of the toilet. She couldn’t remember who she was at this point, or why she was crying. She just stayed there, eyes unfocused and wet, until the petals stopped. Even then, she didn’t move, covered in roses of all colors and sizes.

Voices filtered into her headspace, helping her to regain some semblance of who she was, though all she did was stare at the door helplessly, unable to move. It sounded like the wives, most likely Damien’s and Sam’s having come to the bathroom to gossip, or to fix something of their appearance, which was always flawless. A fear gripped Mika, suddenly worried about being discovered. She willed her body to move, to hide the flowers, but she had reached her limit. The doorknob turned, and her heart pounded in her chest as the door began to open. The more Mika struggled to move, the harder it was to stay awake. Black began to consume her vision as she heard gasps and a yell for the boys.


Mika woke in a bed, in a room to nice to be in a hospital. Her throat burned, and her chest ached, and all she wanted to do was cry.

“She’s awake.” A voice said from outside the door. She began to taste earth and bile, but it was weak and had no promise of blooming. The door opened, and her eyes unfocused momentarily. When the world came back into view, Mika could see five men stationed around the bed, and five women fretting about the doorway. Mika didn’t care to see the worry and pity on the men’s faces, but it was like she couldn’t look anywhere else. She coughed, and a wilted petal landed on her lap, gaining the attention of the boys.

“We’re sorry.” James’ low voice began, and Mika screwed her eyes shut.

“Don’t.” Her voice was raspy and pained, and the pain of her throat became secondary to the pain in her chest, her stomach, and her heart. “Just, don’t. I’m fine. I’ll be fine.” She said robotically, willing them away. This was a sick dream, and she would be awake soon, rid of the tormentors that haunted her every thought. Though her eyes were shut, she knew Damien winced at that, and a bitterness rose up in her, finding enjoyment that he felt some of her pain.

“This is no dream.” His soft voice reminded her, and her eyes only opened to glare at him.

“This is ridiculous!” Sam’s aggression flared up, not knowing how to handle such an emotionally charged situation. “You’re not fine. You are never going to be fine. Why didn’t you tell us about this?” He barked. Mika could see the panic in his eyes, betraying his rough actions.

“It didn’t seem important.” Mika said blandly, voice void of emotion. James’ expression became indecipherable.

“It didn’t seem important?” He growled, trying to restrain his anger. “Mika, you could die from this. If you hadn’t been found, you could have died. What about that isn’t important?”

The bile that creeped up Mika’s throat was not accompanied by the taste of earth, but by rage that had been brewing in her stomach for years.

“It wasn’t important enough to tell any of you.” She spat, pumping her voice with as much venom as she could muster, still consumed with pain. “None of you seemed to care much, even before I began to hide it.” She snarled, thoughts flashing behind her eyes at a rapid rate. Damien began to feel sick, seeing everything she thought.

“Mika, don’t take this out on us!” Sam snapped back. But that only fanned the flames, earning a masochistic laugh from Mika. Erik and Matthew remained silent, their expressions only of sorrow and regret.

“Then who do I take it out on, Sam? Myself? That hasn’t seemed to do me any good.” Mika refused to look at him, letting her gaze drop to the sheets that covered her. “Years, you assholes. It’s been YEARS.” She let out a broken sob, clenching her fists tightly. “And not once have any of you noticed something was wrong. Or that I even still existed! Inviting me to things is only muscle memory for you now, and as soon as I arrive I am forgotten.” Another small petal made its way past her lips. She wanted to still be angry, to yell more and tell them how much she had suffered, because of them, but she couldn’t. Mika deflated, leaning against the pillows that propped her up in defeat.

“Mika-” Matthew began, but she cut him off.

“Just leave. Please. Just go. I need to rest, and then I’ll be out of your hair.” She said, her voice hardly above a whisper. Sam went to argue, but Erik put a hand on his shoulder. You felt a pang of thankfulness towards the second oldest, but shoved it down, preferring to bask in numbness. James looked like he wanted to argue as well, but he left the room, and his brothers followed his example. Damien lingered at the door, and looked back at her, pain twisting his expression. It broke Mika to see him like that, to see his face reflecting her pain.

“I’m sorr-”

“Go.” Mika commanded, pointing to the door. “Just go.” Damien nodded and left as well, closing the door behind him.


“I don’t get why we’re supposed to be here.” Sam murmured to himself, fighting off tears of his own.

“Because we’re partly responsible for this.” James said, silent tears already streaming down his face as he stared ahead through the rain. The fact that it had rained on the day of a funeral was a slap in the face to the boys, like the world was mocking their sorrow. Damien and Matthew were the first to break down, sobbing as they kneeled at the base of the headstone, the mud and rain ruining their clothes. Erik kept a stony expression, not knowing how to process such intense grief.

“We owe her everything, and she’s gone.” Matthew wailed, his throat tight with words unspoken. Damien sobbed quietly, his emotions intensified by the feelings he could sense his brothers emitting. The guilt, the grief, the regrets they all had when it came to Mika.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair at all.

After a while, James closed his eyes and sighed. “Let’s go home.” He said softly, helping pick up his youngest brothers from the ground, exhausted from sobbing. Four of the boys began to walk away, but one lingered.

“Sam,” James’ even voice called out. “You coming?”

“Just a minute. I’ll catch up.” Sam replied, his voice thick and gruff. He placed a gentle hand on the beautiful headstone, tracing the inscription with his eyes. “Doofus.” He said gently, his tears mimicking the slowing rain.

“Sam.” James said again, with a little more force. Sam looked at the sad words once again, before running after his brothers.

Here lies Mika Anderson

Beloved friend and kind soul

Died of a broken heart.

May she rest in peace.