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I’ll Protect You! (DamianxReader)

a/n:protective, older, damian. this was really funny to me

“Damian, you’ve been down here for at least two days. Let’s go outside!” You called to him.

He was training as per usual, and like Bruce, he sometimes forgot to go out and do non hero things. It was winter in Gotham and you wanted Damian to experience your favorite weather.

“I’m busy, dear.” He panted, dripping with sweat.

You walked down to where he was and put your hand on his shoulder,”When was the last time you ate something,slept,or you know took a shower?”

“I went to sleep at 0500, dear.” Damian took a sip of the water you offered him.

“What about the other things?” He shrugged his shoulders.

At this,you wanted to find his mother and bitch slap her,”Go shower,and eat. We’re going outside.”

He gave your cheek a kiss before running off.

“You ready?” You looked at what Damian was wearing. 

Just a long sleeve shirt and some jeans. Did he not know it’s cold outside? He was used to the heat not the cold.

“Um, Damian?” You pointed at his clothes. “It’s kinda cold outside.”

He picked up his jacket and threw it on,”Ready.”

“Alright.” You opened the door for him. 

He walked out but jumped back into the house and put a mask over your face.

Don’t go outside,dearest!” He clutched you tightly to his body. “I don’t want you to be harmed!”

You squirmed out of the mask,”What the hell are you talking about?”

“The anthrax, love. An assassin has dumped it onto the ground outside.” Damian locked the door and pulled out a sword. Where the hell was he hiding that?!

“Dami, honey,” You pushed his sword away. “It’s snow. Not Anthrax,jesus.”

You went to open the door but he grabbed your hand,”Are you sure?”

“Yes.” You tried not to laugh at him. “Come on,I’ll prove it.”

He followed you, sword still drawn. You took a deep breath of the chilly air and smiled.

“See, Dami.” You held out your arms. “I’m still alive.”

Damian nodded,”Yes, but I do not trust this snow.”

He stalked toward the snowman Dick and Tim had made earlier,”I know you are here assassin.”

He cut the snowman from the head to the ground and kicked it over,”It is safe, love.”

“Thanks,Dami.” You gave him a kiss.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO FROSTY?” Dick screeched.


So @DCComics  implied there was no  love and hope in the new 52. Yeah, not sure what Geoff Johns was reading but there was.

Here are some touching, heart warming and poignant moments we will never forget.

Stop trying to shift blame , DC, on the new 52  to justify Rebirth. All you had to do was allow creators the freedom to tell good stories.