damien stop that

I want to cry… I feel like we lose another beautiful soul every single day.
Protect trans kids. Protect them before they become a hashtag. Protect them while they’re still around. Protect them because a 41% suicide attempt rate is too god damn high. Protect them because we shouldn’t be losing another kid every other day just because of their gender identity.
Protect transgender kids, please, I beg of you.

  • James: Where's Sam?
  • Erik: Doing stuff
  • James: I don't like the sound of that, where's Damien?
  • Erik: Trying to stop Sam from doing the stuff?
  • James: And Matthew?
  • Erik: Trying to stop Damien from stopping Sam from doing the stuff
  • James: I see, and what are you doing here?
  • Erik: I'm supposed to be stopping you from stopping Damien from stopping Matthew from stopping Sam from doing the stuff
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they resume the wedding sometime over the next few days, and all seems perfect once again. except tear's hands are shaking. and damien cant stop looking over his shoulder.

good bye

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whats doubt doing like is he trying to stop it or is he afraid The Evil Boys are gonna start swingin'

well now damien is trying to stop the fight between matty and paul


“He’s become a mini-Fletcher. I really do believe that bullies beget bullies and abuse begets abuse. And Andrew winds-up carrying out, without ever realizing it, subconsciously carrying out exactly the same behaviour that’s been targeted at him. On to not just Nicole, but his dad and everyone who cares about him.” — Damien Chazelle

I’m posting lots of drawings really fast, but I’ve been drawing the incubaes ALL DAY. I can’t help it.

ziocho asked for Matthew on a cake, so I drew Damien too so that I can say I drew all the incubaes in meido outfits. I’m bad at drawing cakes.

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You talk alot about Al Maajik, but you practically live in the Aridian Desert, right? Shouldn't you act more like an Al Maajikan?

Besides, you must remember that I’ve been assigned to this task by Headmistress Esmerelda herself! 

However… To become more Al Maajikan… The thought intrigues me! The most Al Maajikan person here would most likely be the Sultan himself. So…

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What did you eat for dinner?

… Uh… 

Pumpkin soup. 

I was too busy wondering if he remembered me from this embarrassing scenario to enjoy it though.