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So, since my life it’s been hell because of work and a problem in college, I’m not able to participate in @starcoweek2 properly :(

But I needed relief today and I couldn’t go with at least ONE thing for it, so ta-da!

This is the Prompt from Day 1 (I guess? I really lost) “Angel and Demon AU). This was inspired on Lully’s fanfiction, because I likethe idea of Star trying to save Marco through love.

I actually got this based on a Brazilian Lullaby (I don’t know if there’s in another languages) called “Se essa rua fosse minha” which is the story of someone who fell in love with a angel who lived and the woods and can’t live their love, but for other references, I used the same song Lully had listened: “AngelMarco’s new hair style as a bad boy/fallen angel is totally not inspired on the BadBoyxPrincess Au and Damien

Translation to the Brazilian song under cut:

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