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A compilation post of all my batfam dc ink sketches

Damien was the first one to properly meet Clark out of the Batkids. The others were constantly in and out of the house to meet with friends so the first few times he came over Damien was the only other one in the house with Bruce beside Alfred.

To say Damien was skeptical of him was an understatement. He would watch Clark and Bruce from the doorway, and refused to enter the room when Clark was over. It took a while before he adjusted to his temporary presence. Unlike Bruce’s other suitors, this one didn’t try to impose themselves on him in an attempt to bond, nor did he ignore him.

If he brought food over he would ask Damien directly if he wanted some. He made sure to say hi and bye when he came and went. But he was more vigilant than Damien thought. Clark was the one who pointed out that Damien had very few toys for an eight-year-old, to which Damien replied that he had no use for such thing.

Despite that statement, Clark brought over a stuffed bear the next time he came over. He presented it to Damien, who took it not to be rude and kept it by his pillow for show, and not because he liked snuggling it at night.

Bruce later surprised him with a trip to the toy store. Clark was with them. He helped him pick out a toy box and gave him the challenge to fill it with toys that he wanted. Damien, at first, was reluctant to participate in something like this and only put a few things in so he wouldn’t be difficult.

The adults were the ones who were having fun with it. Clark and Bruce were having a light saber fight in the middle of the isle. It was stupid, but Damien found himself laughing at their antics. It wasn’t until Clark started to get the upper hand that Damien stepped in with a lightsaber of his own. Clark was a good sport about it and went down easy, he even played dead. 

Then they passed the stuffed animals and Damien found a stuffed cow that he had to have, a cat that was too soft to leave behind, a set of chicks that had to be kept as a set, a turtle that was the side of his head, and a bunny that wanted to come home with him. 

They didn’t get bags to put them in on the way out of the store because they needed to breathe. He knows it’s childish, but for some reason pretending that they were living creatures made him feel less lonely.

After that, Clark started to bring more stuffed animals around. It wasn’t until the bear ripped and Cark borrowed Alfred’s sewing kit to fix it, that Damien realized that the ones Clark brought him might be home made. 

It would be a few years later before Damien was mature enough to thank Clark.


Damien Clarke is a GIF maker from Melbourne, Australia who posts under the name 12gon. All of his graphics are generated entirely by writing code, inputting vertex coordinates, animating values using different algorithms and choosing colours by typing in hex values. This is all done in a 2D/3D graphics library he wrote for a different purpose in an Adobe AIR app.



if you love(!!!!!!!!!) La La Land as much as this blog does, go check out this video by @doddleoddle on YouTube!! she captures so many of the emotions this movie made me feel during/after the movie, so GO CHECK IT OUT!! (I cannot exaggerate how fucking accurate this video is!!!!!!) #nonspon but i love you so much dodie <3

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Justice League vs Teen Titans

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Justice League vs Teen Titans

100 Fanvids for The 100 S2

I’ve seen so many amazing fanvids since the finale, (they’ve been helping me get through this hellatus) so I thought I’d make a post to show off some truly talented vidders and some specacular videos for your pain enjoyment. 


  • The first 82 videos are strictly Bellarke videos, at the bottom there are more generalized The 100 videos, all organized by song
  • Only videos posted POST 2x16 are included (spoilers for seasons 1 & 2)
  • None of these videos are mine, I’m simply sharing. All sources are stated if I could find them, if not they obviously belong to the youtube channel who posted them. 
  • Sorry for any mistakes!

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