damien and julia


You risk your lives time and time again. You give everything. Yet, men who exist only behind desks, who will never know combat, who will never understand the judgment calls you have to make, you follow their command.

                                           We’re  s o l d i e r s .

No, you’re much more than that.   

LISTEN I know everyone has hopes and dreams for the TBS TV show but I just want to go on record and say that as long as @juliamorizawa is the star all will be right in my book.

If it’s Julia Morizawa opposite Charlie Ian for 6 seasons and a movie I will personally give Lauren Shippen my firstborn because OH MY GOD can you imagine, like please just try to imagine a prequel TV series with Joan and Damien just bantering the whole time, I would watch nothing else but put that shit on repeat 24/7 for the rest of my life, holy fuck

Sad Writing Songs

Songs to write sad bad poetry to // Songs to die to:

Both Sides Now // Joni Mitchell

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You + Rain // The 1975

Accidental Babies // Damien Rice

Nicest Thing // Kate Nash

We Don’t Eat // James Vincent McMorrow

Chocolate and Cigarettes // Angus and Julia Stone

Lua // Bright Eyes

Burgh Island // Ben Howard

Holocene // Bon Iver

There Will Be Tears // Frank Ocean