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DEAR GOd!!!111!! I’m lame.  

Sorry for spam art. :’(

Anyway, I’ll do more of this but for right now I’m just going to put the rest of the other characters on a mini hiatus (depending). 

Tweek: “Y-you’re not real!”

Damien: “Are you sure?”


Tweek and Damien.

I feel like Damien would love messing with Tweek’s head. Like how Tweek is paranoid so much, Damien would just like appear one second and disappear the next into the shadows just to mess with him because he would find it amusing to himself. And Tweek wouldn’t know if what he’s seeing is real or not.

….I let myself out :v
The thought of having Damien and Merlin crossover been haunting me so I decide to make this😂
Well…since Damien has accepted his fate, he might need someone strong, reliable and can protect him from Angels and Demons. So why not Merlin?
Let just say he gain the power to control time and come to get him XDD

Arthur/Damien by Bradley James