Who Should You Fight: The Bright Sessions Edition

(idk if someones made this already BUT)

Dr. Bright

Chance of winning: 40%

Homegirl’s a doctor, not a fighter, and im pretty sure theres something in the Hippocratic oath about “do no harm”, but is it for therapists? see rating. She could possibly psychoanalyze her way around you and maybe manipulae you for her own goals, and she’s been taking yoga classes so she’s probably really flexible. If youre fit, go for it. 


Chance of winning: ???

She’d probably get so anxious that she’d time travel and where would that leave you? Alone and with no one to fight. In any case, why would you ever??? Let her rest, she’s been through enough. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Listen. She’s a telepath, she knows youre next move before even you do. You can say “oh shes just an art student!!” all you want but consider: she’s a sculptor and can probably take your eye out with a scoring tool. Do not attempt. 


Chance of winning: 10%

Dude’s a football player, so he’s pretty darn ripped, and probably fast too. Can literally sense fear, will use that to his advantage. Only attempt of you want a challenge. 


Chance of winning: 90%, but at what cost?

This child is an emo wreck and will end up crying on the floor if you hit him, which is not fun for anyone. Also, his boyfriend will 100% beat you up for it, so theres that. And I will also beat you up. Leave this boy alone. 


Chance of winning: 0%

listen I know what the rating says, and we all know why its like that but please, p l e a s e fight Damien, everyone will cheer you on. You’ll fail but it will be glorious. Fight Damien. 


Chance of winning: 50%

He seems like a pretty normal guy? that rating goes up or down depending on what atypical he’s near, but in a fair one on one throwdown? average joe. Go for it for a fun time, he’ll probably take you out for ice cream and a beer afterwards. 

 Agent Green 

Chance of winning: 99%

PLEase fight him it will be easy and hilarious. The guy is a bureaucrat and needs to file forms in triplicate to get authorization to throw down, so time is on your side. Fight Agent Green. 


Chance of winning: 0%

Don’t do it. 


Teen Titans The Judas Contract was better than I hoped it would be. Great story. Great characters and a surprise at the end! All the Character development on all sides!

I loved all the relationships. This is a family. 

I wonder where they will go with this…I’d like for a movie where Kory goes back to Tamaran and deal with Komand’r. Maybe have a forced political marriage. 

“Hey, my name is Aiden and this is my girlfriend Isadara, her girlfriend Eliza, and Eliza’s boyfriend Damien, who also happens to be my boyfriend.”

I had the absolute blessing and a half of commissioning @ladykestrrel / @taylordraws to commission mine and @smetra‘s ultimate OC ot4 that we have (from right to left: Elizabeth Trevor, Damien Ilith, Aiden Gallagher, Isadara Germacia). I am so unbelievably happy with the result that I may or may not have cried uncontrollably at just seeing the sketch.

SO YEAH. I really hope to have the opportunity to commission her again because it is 100% worth it. Everything about this image is perfect. She captured their personalities absolutely exactly in even the tiniest mannerisms and expressions. This is one of the greatest highlights of my life, honestly. So thank you so much Tay, I’m so happy. I am so so so happy with the result. Thank you <3

  • Chloe: I currently have seven empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
  • Damien: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Chloe: I'm currently taking suggestions from everyone except for you.
  • Adam: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Chloe: I'm currently taking suggestions from everyone except for the two of you.
  • Caleb: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Chloe: I am no longer taking suggestions.

This is Damien of Dream Daddy, I’m going to be dating him when the game comes out. He’s one of my favorites so far okay. I really look forward to dating this Vampire Goth Dad with my Dadsona. (ALL OF THE DADS ARE HOT)
Reasons why Damien is already top tier:
. Nothing pales in comparison to his black fingernails. (They’re Anish Kapoor Black like his soul. Did you know the center of a shadow is the brightest point, like he is on my life.)
2. Black earrings, several fucking cheerings from this flustered gay right here.
3. His shirt frills that pay the bills.
4. His fancy cape, my mouth is agape.
5. He’s wearing purple and gold, I’m sold.
6. His crimson & purple eyeshadow, he’s won.
7. Another perk, those fangs he’s hiding behind his smirk.
8. I can hear his campy anime chuckles and it’s making me buckle.
Okay enough rhyming through my gay musings.
Protect him, his gender expression, make-up, and piercings.