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© deborah feingold photography

Yoko Ono 1990

I had taken Yoko’s portrait a few years earlier inside the infamous “white room” at The Dakota, the apartment building where she has lived for 40 years.  

With this new assignment, I was hoping to photograph her in different space.  After saying hello again and chatting for a few minutes, I asked if we could take the photos in a different room from our last shoot. Yoko agreed.  Her assistant and I quietly walked down the hallway.  As he opened the first door, I knew that we did not need to look any further.  The room was painted a golden shade of yellow. There was an aura inside of this small room that was difficult to describe.  As I stood there I felt a calmness settling inside of me (which I never feel when I am working). The walls seemed to offer comfort and I knew that I was where I was supposed to be.

We walked back to where Yoko was waiting and I asked if we could take the photograph in the room with the golden walls.  She didn’t answer right away. Then, in a soft voice, she told me that she had never been photographed in that room.

And then, she said yes.

Featured in my MUSIC Book (Damiani Editore).