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Hey! Could you do one where the reader is dating Tim and whenever she visits the manor, Damian clings to her because he has this huge crush on her and basically just Damian sneaking in between the Tim and reader's fluff? Thanks! Love ya! ✨

Hi, sorry for the long wait! I feel like I diverted a lot from what you wanted… but nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this!

The moment Damian hears the front door open and Pennyworth’s voice greeting you, he casually gets off the sofa he had been laying on and walks out from the living room, just in time to see you. The smile on your face when you see him is very bright – he feels smug about it – and you pad towards him.

“Hello, Damian.” You wrap your arms around him and Damian smiles in to the hug before wrapping his own arms around you too. If this was somebody else, Damian would have hiss and scowl at them, before threatening to take off their hands permanently for even thinking about touching him. “How are you?”

Damian pulls away to answer your question. “To pass time I read a few books just now.” In other words, he had been bored while waiting for you to arrive. You knew Damian well enough to understand his roundabout way of telling you about his feelings honestly. You laugh warmly at that.

“Can you show me what you read? I finished the book you recommended a week ago and now I am itching to get another book.” You tell him excitedly – surprisingly (though by this point, you really should not be surprised by anything Tim’s family procures) Damian has some really good tastes in books.

Damian huffs his chest with pride and nods his head. “Of course – we should go to the library! Father managed to buy me a few more books too. I think you might quite enjoy the new readings as well.” You nod your head and glance at Alfred who is watching the exchanged with bemused eyes. You wave your hand at him and he nods his head at you. The two of you left for the library, with you forgetting the first reason you came to the manor.

That is how Tim finds you a good half an hour later. You were supposed to meet up with him so the two of you can spend some time together and then have hi-tea but when you did not come knocking on his door the moment you texted him you had arrived, that is when he knew something was up.

This lead to him leaving his bedroom to look for you. He had been about to go to the garden – because that is also one of the places you like to go to whenever you visit the manor – when Alfred had kindly led him to the library, keeping a small smile on his face when Tim finally realizes just who had taken away all of your attention.

The moment you spy him though, all of his worries, bubbling annoyance and little tinge of jealousy disappear because the smile on your face looks incredibly bright and there is just something about the way you look at him that made him extremely happy. “Tim!”

Damian shoots him a glare and Tim does his best to ignore the youngest Wayne and heads to his girlfriend instead. He presses a kiss at the top of your head before putting an arm around you, sneakily giving Damian a smirk. He can see Damian gritting his teeth before picking another book to give to you.

Your attention is immediately back on Damian. “Oh, I have heard great reviews about this one; are you sure it is alright for me to be borrowing this much?” You look away from the book Damian handed to you to the growing pile of books. You are so going to have your hands full for the upcoming weeks.

“Tt.” Damian nods his head affirmatively. “Of course – father would not mind and Drake certainly would not stop you from reading.” Damian looks at your boyfriend. “He knows how much you love to read.” He smirks knowing how he had just effectively cut short any possible interactions he would have with you.

This was probably one of the reasons why Tim and you got so well together. You were obsessed with reading books, books in general just as much as he is with his work and his technology.

You laugh. “Thank you, Damian; I will make sure to return all of them in one piece.” You tell him as you gather the books in to your arms. Tim, seeing how you are struggling with the amount of books, took a couple with him. “Thank you, Tim.” You press a kiss close to Tim’s mouth.

“Should we ask Alfred to make a few sandwiches and head to the gardens?” Tim asks you as he stare at you. You smile brightly and nod your head. “The weather is really good too. Come on.”

Damian huffs and crosses his arms quietly. He knows your time with him is coming to an end.

You turn to look at Damian and smile before ruffling his hair with your free hand. “Thank you for this, Damian! Come see me later before I leave yeah?” You tell him and when he smiles at you, you grin back at him happily. Damian is such an adorable little kid; really makes you miss your own little brothers.

Tim wraps his arm around your waist and pull you closer to him, sticking his tongue out cheekily at Damian.

“Tim, love, stop aggravating Damian and let’s go.” You swat playfully at your boyfriend – it’s not like you were unaware of this weird rivalry the two of them have got going. You just choose to ignore it most of the time.

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How about Bruce or Dick do something shitty, forcing Tim or Jason to be the good older brother to Damian until they apologize?

Ye. Hope you enjoy!

Really, Tim thinks furiously, A person would think that Bruce would learn his lesson after having as many kids as he has.

Apparently not, because Damian is doing his whole not-upset-or-hurt routine, and Tim can see right through it.

“He’s such an-an-” Damian starts, scrunching his face up.

Tim sighs and cautiously runs a hand through his kid brother’s hair. Damian snarls at him, and Tim retreats.

“What happened?”


“Wait.” Tim holds up a hand. “They?”

“Yes, they!” Damian replies, and punches the pillow that he’s laying on. “Father and Grayson!”

Tim goes very, very still.

Oh, so it’s not just Bruce. Oh no, it’s Bruce and Dick.

Tim pulls out his phone and calls Jason.

“What’s up, Tiny Tim?”

“Code B and D.”

“Shit.” Jason swears, and Tim nods.

“Demon Baby is at my house. Where are they?”

“Coming your way.” Jason says, and Tim rubs his forehead.

“Of course they are. Stall them while I move him.”

“You got it, Baby Bird.”

“What’s Code B and D?” Damian asks, and Tim looks down at him.

“Just a thing. Come on, we need to go to Jason’s.”


“Never mind why!” Tim snaps, and pulls on a hoodie. “Do you want to face Bruce and Dick?”

“…No.” Damian says sullenly, and Tim throws him his jacket.

“Then hurry up. Jason’s stalling them, but we need to go now.”

“Okay, what the hell did they do now?” Jason asks as soon as he walks through the door.

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Tim replies, crossing his arms. “This is the third time in the last two months. I don’t want them around him.”

They glance down at the sleeping boy on the couch. Damian had finally wore himself out ten minutes ago, and frankly Tim is glad he did. He needs the rest.

“What’s the game plan, Replacement?” Jason finally says, and Tim faces him.

“We fucking don’t let them near him. Not until they apologize, and even then he won’t be going back.”

“So, we’re taking custody and they get visits?” Jason says with a spark of bloodthirsty glee in his eyes.


Jason grins. It’s not a nice grin.

Tim smiles back.


They shake hands, and a pact is made.

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You know I do have this headcanon (thanks to DC pushing Damian/Dick's daughter) that Damian has a type and his dream girl is basically a young female version of Dick. Jason and Tim never stop teasing him over it and he threatens them to never tell Dick or anyone else. Though if Dick knew he'd just think it's cute Damian likes his personality type more then he lets on.

haha if Dick ever found out, he’d probably be happy, because in his mind the only person he’ll ever let steal Damian’s heart is someone who loves his baby son just as much as he does, if not more so. Like if it’s not Dick Grayson-intensity of loving Damian then sorry other person you can’t be his soulmate, it’s just literally impossible, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

Though, as you know. They say people are sometimes attracted to people who remind them of one of their parents….and Dick is Damian’s unofficial parent…….

My Best Friends
  • Jon: Ok you three are Damian's friends *Looks at Maya, Rose, and Suren* how do you all shut him up when he goes overboard
  • Rose: Kick him in the jaw
  • Maya: Sucker punch him in the stomach and be snarky about
  • Suren: Challenge him to a duel
  • Jon, dumbstruck: What kind of friends are y'all?
  • Rose: Evil Parents Friends
  • Maya: We have it trademarked

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So did you see in the latest issue of Batman Beyond Damian has taken the place of Ra as head of the league of assassins

That grown ass white man called Damian? Yeah, I have seen him. It makes me wonder if he’s the same man from Injustice and if he got any relation to Bruce’s son Damian Wayne.