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I remember a post about Dick swearing but do the others do that? Jason swears a lot in fanon but I don't recall him or timmy swearing in canon. Damian says "damn" in son of batman, what else?

Okie dokie here is Shelly’s post about Dick swearing, and here is a Jason comparison. So I’m gonna limit myself to the younger three Robins.

Bear in mind that this isn’t even close to a complete list– it’s mostly pulls from the series that I’ve recently reread (Red Robin, Batgirl (2009), both Batman and Robins, Batman Eternal) plus whatever panels I already had on file. Here we go!

Alrighty so I find that pretty much every member of the batfamily uses “damn” and “hell” often. Here’s Tim with 

assorted hells

couple damns

And my personal favorite: “I am so screwed,” when he realized Ra’s was watching him.

I also noticed that Tim is more likely than the others to use fake swears like these

Freaking, darn, and nuts. All in all? Pretty lowkey. Steph on the other hand:

Lots of variations on ass

One bitch and a few damns

Two screwed, couple hells

And a single fuck. Interestingly enough, Steph might have the highest swear rate. I stopped screenshotting after a while because there were so many.


Lots and lots of craps.

And Damian varies a ton by writer. In his very earliest appearance you get

(Side note: Alfred’s response to that is something like “ah, memory lane” while he glares at Bruce, so I’m guessing Bruce was a mouthy kid too)

Weirdly enough I couldn’t find a single Damian swear in the first section of the preboot B&R series. But as soon as it switches over to Tomasi, we’re back in business.

Lots of hells, three asses

Couple damns and two bastards. 

And there you have it

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The "no dates, only justice" thing gave me an idea: smol!Damian would totally mimic the whole "No ___, only justice!" thing. "Damian, it's time for bed." "No bed, only justice!" "Damian, do you want a snack?" "No snack, only justice!"

Now I can only think of Damian standing up on his plump little toddler legs in the grocery cart.

“Damian, sit down.”

“No sit, only justice!”

Everyone is like “aww” but Jason is the only one that sees reason as he smushes the toddler in his seat, buckles him in and comments, “Do you even know what that means?”

Damian, as he struggles against his seatbelt, pants, “No meaning, only justice!”

“Dad you brainwashed the baby way to go”

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it's sad that you say Bruce must love his ADOPTIVE CHILDREN children and hate his biological child.damian is only 10 years old,a message for you Son of the Batman IS Damian REAL NAME- Ibn al Xu'ffasch in Arbic.-Son of the Bat :)

is sad that Jason fans hate Damian because Bruce loves his little son. Jason fans post hate against a 10 year old !I’m starting to hate Jason and his Bully fans.

Nowhere did I even remotely imply that Bruce should hate Damian.It’s sad that you equate considering adoptive children someone’s real children with someone hating their biological children. 

Yes, I’m aware that Damian Wayne is 10 years old. I’m also aware that Ibn’s full name means Son of the Bat. I don’t see what these have to do with anything, but yes, I know these things. That doesn’t change the fact that Damian, who is essentially an AU of Ibn but is not Ibn, is not the son of Batman, because Bruce has other sons. 

If you think only Damian deserves Bruce’s fatherly love because he’s a product of Bruce’s sperm, then, well, we clearly see families very differently. 

I’m a bit disturbed that you think reminding people that families aren’t formed out of blood is a “hate post” against Damian. I’m also a bit concerned that you think I hate Damian even though I buy Robin: Son of Batman every month despite not being thrilled with the title of the comic. 

I hate DC for their stark contrast in how they handle Damian’s behavior as Robin vs. Jason’s behavior as Robin, but I don’t hate Damian. 

If you want to hate the 15-year old boy who dug himself out of his grave saying Bruce’s name but never being heard by him, then that’s good for you. I’ll continue enjoying both Jason and Damian, while acknowledging them both as Bruce’s sons. 

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Oh the other's didn't see Thorn,didn't he kinda look like that drawing Butters made of Damian Pip?

BUTTERS: H-he did?
PIP: Hm, now that you mention it…
PIP: He did possess the same pale complexion and striking red eyes.
PIP: Not to mention the shaggy black hair.
NICHOLE: Who’s Thorn?
PIP: He fell off Marjorine’s windowsill looking for Kenny the human who Marjorine befriended yesterday.
NICHOLE: … I’m not even going to ask further.
PIP: There are a few discrepancies between their appearances, namely with the state of the hair, but otherwise they do look similar.
PIP: What a strange coincidence.
PIP: … Hold on a minute, have you seen Thorn before? How did you know how he looked like?
RED: *kicks Jason under the table despite being three people away from him*

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If Damian and Tim got older and became super close, what would it even look like?

Depends on how you mean! Do mean close platonically or romantically? 

I think their relationship would be very…sarcastic. Lots of eye rolling and snark, but in good nature. And like, be one of those things where only they were allowed to make fun of each other, no one else can even try.

I think it would be based a lot on silent trust. Of the other knowing when he is upset, and knowing when it should or shouldn’t be talked about or brought up. Their relationship would be a lot of companionable silence. Platonic or otherwise, I feel they’d be found leaning against each other on the sofa, but each doing a separate thing, quite often. 

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what do you think of the new rumours about rebirth? About the trinity book and damian maybe leading the new teen titans?

Que Sera Sera,
what ever will be, will be;
The future`s not ours to see.
Que Sera Sera,
What will be, will be

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(2/2) Even when Dami manage to put Jay into prison, Jay makes sure Dami knows where he can be found. When Jay escapes, he kidnaps Dami for himself only. Dami has already been too deep into all these mess to the point "Can't live with him. Can't live without him". I can imagine this with TimDami too. Hell, even DickDami. Based on Hannibal. I'm too much in love with that tv series.

Whoops, didn’t know there was going to be a second part.

AH I LOVE THIS. Like Damian hates what Jason is, what he’s doing, but he loves Jason and he can’t forsake the man. It’s a terrible kind of position he’s in and I love you for putting him there. :D

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I love that one time that Tim just loses all patience with Damian and kicks his ass. XD Even the most calm person has a breaking point, and Damian really shouldn't have pushed Tim so close to his. lol

You’re talking about that scene in Red Robin, right? Gosh I mean. I know Tim kinda provoked it with the whole hit list thing, but then they started fighting I’m just here like “Tim Tim stop he’s ten what are you doing.”

Even though Tim was mostly on the defensive, I just– Children. Y'all need to get along.

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game grumps: no mercy undertale starters. | domigerium

“What’s wrong Damian? Shocked? Horrified? Both?”

Honestly, he wasn’t even sure what the hell the kid was reaction to right now. Either way, the reaction was glorious. Hell, if Damian thought of him as his brother (because he was 99% sure that wasn’t the case), this would probably be a reaction he’d get a lot. Big brothers tease little brothers at times, after all.

Though, now that Jason was thinking about it. If he was getting this reaction in the first place, he - or somebody else, but that was less likely - must have done something horrendous to the kid. Though, one way or another, he wouldn’t be surprised if Drake, Tim, would be the culprit.

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“It’s not just you that I love. I love the me that I become when you’re around.” Jaydami please.

Damian’s 23.


“I know it’s crazy. I know you’re scared.” Jason whispered, taking Damian’s hand, even as the younger backed away a step in surprise. “But here me out, okay?”

Damian stared up at him, eyes wide and hopeful, even as Jason crowded into his space, cupped his hand around his cheek.

“Because…it’s not just you that I love.” Jason admitted. “I love the me that I become when you’re around.”

Damian gasped, and Jason watched those oceans start to mist over.

“You make me better. You make me stronger.” Jason pressed their foreheads together. “You make me happy.”

He felt Damian push back against him, felt his body relax as it leaned into his.

“So, what do you say?” Jason asked with a smile, as Damian already started to nod, collapsed into Jason’s arms and kept nodding, even as he hid his face against his throat. “You want to marry me?”

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( Batmom ) "Damian was born into that and Jason revived into that! You were born into the Batfamily and the Amazons of Themyscira! Not assassins! What the hell were you thinking?! Is that where you went for those months?! Do you know how hard I looked for you?!"

     “Hey, three years and I did FINE, alright? Still standing here aren’t I? It’s not even any of your business.”

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I think you're not being exposed enough to the fandom and hence not getting the recognition which is pretty sad. I think you deserve more. Have you thought of getting an ao3? And posting it up there? /even though the Damian centric pairings are sorta small Haha so traffic seems a little slow many times

I am on AO3. :) I got an unexpected surge of kudos there after my post, so thanks! Or it might be unrelated… I don’t know. XD

And, while I don’t have hundreds of followers, I have more than 3, so if only 3 out of them actually like what I’m writing I have to wonder what I’m doing wrong.

I’m sorry if I sound super bitter, or salty, because I don’t mean to!

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' damian, i have this cat that won't leave the tower. needs a home and i know i'm not the best cat person. what do you say ? '

                    “—-How old is it?” He’s immediately interested, obviously. Concern laced through his words over a kitten he hadn’t even met yet. Feet shuffle beneath him, already too eager to claim the orphaned feline. Of course the bird has no intentions of asking his father for permission before agreeing to take on another cat. It was better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Especially when there was an animal needing a roof over its head. 

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Hello hello!! A long time ago I asked you what you thought about The Robin War fiasco and you said to ask again after its done. Huehue what do you think about it now??

Oh man!! I can’t believe you remembered, haha.

I’ll give them points for trying. I see what they were trying to do, I guess. 

I liked the Damian emotions. I wish they were expanded on and more of the focus, but I was content with what we got. I liked the Duke-Damian confrontation, and even their budding friendship for afterwards. I even really liked Damian’s childish response to everything that was happening, from his breakdown with robo-Bat to thinking he ‘fixed’ it and protected his family by becoming the Talon. 

I ESPECIALLY liked Dick sacrificing everything to save Damian. I’m so down for that noise. So down for Dick doing anything to save his son. 

And here we go.

I didn’t like how rushed this story was. I didn’t like how…obvious it was that none of the writers collaborated with each other. There were too many moving parts and none of them fit together.

The Robin Movement kids were useless. Absolutely useless. Even the main six. Outside of Duke, no one really spoke or had a meaningful role. This could have been the same - and better - story if it just focused on Damian, Dick, Tim and Jason. Duke’s involvement was hit or miss. His scene with Damian at the end, INCREDIBLY important, but otherwise? He was useless too. So a story about Dick, Damian, Tim and Jason, or Dick, Damian, Tim, Jason and Duke. Either way, no reason for all the Robin Movement kids. Absolutely zero. 

Tim and Jason were pretty useless too, frankly. 

They cluttered the story. As I was talking about with @throwntotheair the other day, they just wasted space. All those panels wasted on the training an fight scenes of the Robin Movement could have been used for character development. For Damian’s mental breakdowns and heartaches to be addressed. For Tim and Jason to be brotherly towards Damian, when they knew he was going to lose his mind over Robo-Batman and the new Robins. For just the Court as a whole, they kind of just appeared and everyone was like “oh, yeah, obvious.” For them to have more of a role. Maybe we could have used those scenes for Dick, for his mental processes, or even an inner monologue of how he dealt with Damian’s sacrifice for him. I would not have been against an on-his-knees-in-defeat spread when he saw Damian in the mask, absolutely not. 

Like there were hints of everything this story could have been. Family-oriented, emotional, heroic. But that’s all it was. A bunch of hints thrown together, with the writers hoping we’d get it. And I mean, most of us did, I guess. But. I don’t know, that’s just such subpar storytelling, and I’m sick of getting that when it comes to any of the Robins beyond Dick Grayson, and beyond Pat Gleason with Damian. 

And the story just…didn’t make sense? What did the cop/burglar murder in the beginning have to do with anything? I saw a quick mention a Talon was there but, when did they explain that? In the first issue one of the Robin movement kids said to Duke, something about how he saved Robin, when Damian fought them all in the gym. What was he talking about? The list goes on.

Also, why so many fucking artists. Chill, DC. One per book would have been fine. Two or three for the whole event would have been fine. Not, five an issue, jesus christ. 

I’d give it a solid 5.5/10. It was okay. Very convoluted. None of the issues actually fit together. But the thought of it was nice. It just could have been done so much better.

Risse shouted at the oblivious witch, frustrated beyond a point describable in English.

“I don’t know what your problem is.” The witch, Elizabeth, said calmly.

“He’s my problem!” She pointed at the dog on the floor.

“What did Damian do to you!?”

“He ate my damn french toast!” Clarisse had an obvious disliking for Damian, Elizabeth’s familiar. Familiars are a witch’s companion. They shapeshift into an animal of their choice and do almost anything the witch says.The bond between Damian and Liz is completely unbreakable, although she does acknowledge how ridiculous it was for him to take her french toast.

“At least he probably complains less than you.” Liz mumbled.

“How can you even tell!?”

“Well,” she replied sarcastically. “Most of my observations are sarcasm-based.”

Clarisse threw her hands into the air, causing Liz to grin smugly. She still wouldn’t let Risse kick the Familiar out of their apartment. If anyone was moving out, it was the apprentice, despite the fact that just two hours prior, Elizabeth had had to confiscate a book that Damian had been using to prank her with.

You could say that their apartment was totally normal.

#DVDReview: #Self/Less 8/10

This body-swapping sci-fi is a mix of action, adventure and what-would-you-do-isms

CAST: Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode

DIRECTOR: Tarsem Singh

Special Features: None

This is a re-post of my film review from September 25th 2015


Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) is a New York property tycoon, one of the most powerful in the country. He’s rich and powerful, but even the biggest bank balance in the world can’t protect you from cancer, which he’s dying of. He reaches out to Albright (Matthew Goode), a mysterious doctor who offers Damian an out, a new body (Ryan Reynolds), grown especially for him, to start a new life. Damian takes Albright up on his offer, transferring to the new body, but soon after starting to enjoy his new life he starts to have visions that he can’t explain, feature a woman (Natalie Martinez) and her young daughter (Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen). When he speaks to Albright about this he waves it off as just dreams, but Damian doesn’t believe him, knowing he’s hiding something. His doubt is confirmed when he finds the woman, Madeline, and the little girl, Anna, and discovers that the body he now inhabits wasn’t grown for him, but actually stolen from them, and he’s inside her husband, and Albright wants to kill them all to keep the secret.


Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds as the same character, what more could you want? These two great actors really have fun with this role. Kingsley is scary as the tycoon. We meet him as he destroys another man’s career, which is awesome. He’s in very little of the film, only the first fifteen minutes or so, but he really dominates the screen for the little time he has.

Reynolds gives a solid performance for the rest of the film, bringing the action and the emotions. His character is actually two separate people, the tycoon who is rich and spoiled and ruthless, and the husband, who is a former military man who gave up his life, literally, for his daughter to get money for a surgery she needed, giving up everything for his family. This dynamic is interesting, since Damian is not exactly the family type, preferring property and belongings over personal connections. The only connection he has is with his business partner, Martin, played by Victor Garber, who is also great in the film, as a man with a serious secret, which you don’t even know until towards the end of the film.

The film highlights the question, what would you do? What would you do to survive? What would you do if you discovered that thing had strings? It’s an interesting question, and most of us would like to think we would hold on to our morals, but given that we are dying, would anything be too much? It’s an interesting question.

The film reminded me a little of The Sixth Day, though this time there are no clones. It has a similar feel to it, especially when we see the third body Anton, the person who befriends Damian when he first starts his new life, inhabits. It has a similar sci-fi feel to it, and also has the action to back it up.

If you like sci-fi actioners, with a good dose of thinking and human emotions, then this is one you should really enjoy.

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Hey, sorry for bothering but, can I ask a question? What do you do when you read hateful comments about Damian? I mean, Damian is a great character, but many people know him only for Son of Batman in the pre-rebbor, and he has changed so much, he has grown so much, but people still hate him so much, and they say hateful words... and that makes me very sad because Damian is an incredible character. =( He's just a child who never could be a child.

Well, I mean. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if you personally think it’s wrong. 

But! Try not to think too much about it. If it bothers you enough, you can always block the person who said it. Heavens know I’ve had that urge, and have done it on occasion, though not regarding anything about Damian. 

However, maybe you can take the experience and turn it into something better! Most people who say terrible things about characters on the internet are the type of people whose minds you can’t change, no matter what. So I was going to say, use the opportunity to maybe expand their reading horizons, but that’ll probably just lead to fights or more rudeness.

So, just use it to remind yourself why you love Damian so much. They say Damian’s a brat? Then think of all the times you know he’s not. They say he’s a heartless character? Then think of all moments you know the complete opposite is true. Take their hatred of Damian and turn it into why you know you love him so much.

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Not having a great day today,bee. One of my bestfriend (Ex) actually betrayed me. She thought backstabbing me was really fun. she telling all the super shit story about me to all people and having other friends turning their back on me. They just decide to labeled me "a bad guy" here without even listening to my side story. Here I' m thinking what damian would do if there is his friend betray him. It' s just I know some fics that dami got bullied at school but bat brothers defend him anyway.

ugh, I know how that is. I’m sorry you had to go through that too, lovey. :(

I think he would be angry/hurt at first, but. I mean. That kid hates himself already, so eventually, would agree with the ones who betrayed him, thinks he deserved it. 

If the batsibs knew, I think even Tim would, at the very least, try to make kiddo feel better, or take his mind off of it. Swoop in when Damian’s relaxed a little bit and remind him how much they love him, and always will.

Kiddo needs lots of love, just like you do. I send you mine as much as I can, deary.