Opens Thurs, Apr 12, 6-8p:

 Damian Stamer

Freight + Volume, 530 W24th St., NYC

Stamer’s reminiscences of his childhood in North Carolina, liberally inhabited by hay bales, barns and tobacco shacks, is as much about longing for yesteryear and simpler times as it about homage for the grand masters of sixties’ Abstract Expressionism. In his signature blend of realism and abstraction, we witness the conjunction of epic gesture and subtle rumination. - thru May 19


Engage with artist Damian Stamer’s approach to researching and developing imagery in an afternoon of observational drawing in the Museum Park.  Registration required! http://tinyurl.com/j4f8rme

Top to bottom:

Damian Stamer | South Lowell 54 | oil on panel 36 x 48 inches | 2015

Damian Stamer | Patrick Rd. 10 | oil on panel 48 x 90 inches | 2014