damian x claire


She’s not wrong. The balls-out, horribly earnest way she’s saying it is tough to look at – that’s our Carrie! – but the truth is that she is right:
The boy who loved America so much he tried to burn it down, and the girl who loved America so much she set fire to herself. Jacob Clifton


This day in Homeland - July 17, 2012 - the pivotal scene of “Q&A” is filmed
“It was chilling. I literally felt Henry Bromell’s hand reach over and grab my arm. We just stood there. I’ve never experienced anything like it… It was one of the most profound days I’ve ever had on a set.” –Lesli Linka Glatter


Homeland meme → 4 relationships [2/4]
“She knew him before she ever saw his face. She climbed into the walls of his house, and heard his sleeping breathing, and fell in love with him. She traveled side-by-side with him, through his trauma and his recovery, their hearts beat in tandem long before they met, and when they met the whole sky lit up. The purpose for which they were put on this Earth. She brought him back, so many times, she hauled him up out of there, every time it got dark. So few of us are ever really known.” –Jacob Clifton


season four countdown
11. “Semper I”
“In television you’re talking about writers all the time, ‘the writers,’ 'my writers,’ but you just cannot overestimate the importance of our directors, especially Michael Cuesta, who worked with Claire and Damian a lot in the pilot establishing what that connection is, talking about what each character’s motivation is. We sat in [the writers’ room], overdid it, ad nauseam, talking about that stuff. And that scene outside the church in the rain was really the culmination of all those discussions, and all the cat-and-mouse that was going on between these two characters. And Michael’s idea was not to do a lot of rehearsal, just to throw them into the situation and see what happened. And we all just crossed our fingers in hope that something magic would happen, and I think it did.” –Alex Gansa


“Brainwashing is a way of making yourself God, for one person, in one tiny universe. The opposite of that, then: This is a sacrifice of self. Of acknowledging your own smallness in the universe. Inviting him to be less alone, with every truth; inviting him into a spell that heals you both. Not his ego down, but yours. Armor dropping to the floor.
‘I’m just happy to be talking to you again.’
How else would you define love?” [x] [requested by anonymous]