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Batfam as things my fam has said

Dick: *tells a joke*


Dick: Okay, but when it’s about my life, everyone laughs.


Jason: I’m really trying, and it’s just not working.

Tim: There is no try. Only do.

Jason: I don’t think Star Wars is really going to help me right now.

Tim: *scoffs* Shows what you know.

Dick: You know, I’m proud he got that reference.


Jason: *messes up*

Bruce: *addresses the younger kids* Okay, he’s older. That means you should all learn from his mistakes or risk being just as much of a fuck-up.

Jason: Dad!

Bruce: *raises an eyebrow*

Jason: *sighs* It’s true.


Bruce: Okay Tim, you need some sleep.

Tim: You know, I’ve got enough problems in my life without you shoving your mainstream ideals and corporate agendas down my throat.

Bruce: …?

Tim: Yeah, goodnight.


Dick: Okay, but if cotton shirts shrink when they get wet, does that mean sheep shrink when they get wet?

Jason: Bro, sheep produce wool.

Dick: Really?

Jason: Cotton comes from a fucking plant.

Dick: *in a small voice* So…sheep….don’t shrink…..when they get….wet….?

Tim: I think your brain shrinks when it gets wet.


Damian: *walks into the kitchen at 12:00 a.m.* *sees Dick laying on the table crying*

Damian: So this is adulthood.

*like a month after that*

Damian: *walks into the kitchen late at night again* *sees Jason sitting in front of the fridge just staring while holding a jug of milk*

Damian: Is this like a thing? Does every adult in this family have mental breakdowns in the kitchen late at night?

Bruce: You’ll understand it someday.

Damian: *turns the light on* *sees Bruce sitting on the counter with a single piece of bread*

Damian: What was I born into?


*at McDonald’s*

Dick and Jason: *get their own food*

Tim and Damian: *have to share*

Damian: Dad, that’s not fair. Why do we have to share?

Jason: Because we’re older, nimrod. We’ve paid our dues.

Dick: Yeah. I’m older than all of you. Dad had to raise me before he knew what the fuck he was doing.

Bruce: Jokes on all of you. I still don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.


Jason: *ruins the end of a movie the others haven’t seen*

Dick: You know, there’s a special place in hell for people like you.

Damian: Yeah, it’s this family.


*at the pediatrician’s*

Bruce and Damian: *waiting for the doctor*

Bruce: *starts opening the cabinets* *finds the latex gloves* *starts stuffing them in his pockets*

Damian: Um, Dad? What are you doing…?

Bruce: I use these when I’m working. I like the ones from my doctor better. These are all meant for small hands.

Damian: Well maybe you shouldn’t be stealing from your son’s pediatrician then—or your doctor for that matter.

Bruce: Maybe your pediatrician shouldn’t have such small hands.

Damian: That is so not the problem with this situation.

(I know Bruce is hella rich, but my fam isn’t. lolol)


*getting free samples from the store*

Bruce: Okay, Jason take your jacket off and go up there again. She’s elderly and will probably think your someone else.

Jason: *rolls his eyes* *goes anyway*

Dick: Dad, that is horrible.

Bruce: Do you want lunch son? 

Dick: Yes?

Bruce: Okay then. Roll your shorts up, put your hair in a ponytail, and pretend you’re my daughter.

Tim: We’re all going to hell.


Dick, Tim and Jason: *fighting over what movie to watch*

Damian: *gives a suggestion* *gets ignored*

Dick, Tim and Jason: *keep fighting*

Damian: Hello!

Dick, Tim and Jason: *still ignore him* *still fighting*


Dick, Tim and Jason: *turn to Damian in shock*

Damian: That’s right. I am capable of speaking. I may be the youngest, but I still exist.


Jason: Hey, Dick?


Jason: What’s wrong with him?

Tim: Someone ate all the Lucky Charms.


Jason: How do you know when a fish is dead?

Dick: That’s an ominous question.

Jason: But like, how do you know?

Dick: I don’t know. Usually if they’re upside down at the top of the water.

Jason: So…laying at the bottom of the bowl all pale and colorless probably means dead, right?


Jason: I DON’T KNOW! I think I fed him too much. I mean, he just kept eating. I figured he was just that hungry!

Dick: Damian is going to kill you.

Jason: This is like his fifth fish. How attached could he have been, really?


Damian: I thought I said that this family was banned from going anywhere near my fish. Why do you all keep killing my pets? Dad freaking swallowed one!

Jason: Wow Dad. I just overfed one. At least I didn’t eat it. 

Bruce: That wasn’t my fault! You shouldn’t be putting them in water bottles!



Tim: Why is the world against me?

Damian: Is that rhetorical or would you like me to answer?


Dick: *wakes up* I really feel like today is going to be a good day.

Dick: *spills his bowl of cereal on himself*

Dick: I’m going to go to bed now.

Bruce: Dick, you just woke up.

Dick: Well the world doesn’t seem to care!


Tim: Can you have a midlife crisis at 17?

Damian: I don’t even think I’ll make it to 17.

Jason: I’m pretty sure I died the day I turned 19.

Dick: I’ve been having a midlife crisis for the past three years.

Tim: So that’s a yes.


Bruce: I miss being young and childless.

Jason: As your child, that’s just so nice to hear.


Bruce: Why aren’t you in school right now?

Dick: Dad, why does life feel like an endless abyss of self-loathing and humiliation?


Bruce: I’m just going to call and say you have the flu.

Damian ‘cockblock’ Wayne - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon - Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where Damian keeps cockblocking Jason and the reader (he sees the reader as an older sister/mother type of figure)


Summary - Sexually frustrated Jaybird seems to not be able to catch a break.

Warnings - swearing, make outs, reference to sex.

“God I want to kill Grayson…” Jason grumbled as he climbed through your apartment window, normally he would visit you during the day and take you out, but most recently he had been appearing in your apartment at ungodly hours of the night after patrol; he came over either just needing to feel you next to him as he slept, or just needing to feel you writhing beneath him, moaning his name as he showed you how much he loved you – he had been away for a couple weeks, patrol had practically taken over his life and all he was thinking about through those gruelling weeks was you, and how much he missed you and needed you.

“Baby? You better be ready to stay awake all night long…” He smirked to himself as he made his way to your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and throwing his leather jacket away in a random direction before swinging your bedroom door open. “Jay?” You whispered, eyes widening as you sat up and stared at him as he started pulling off his armour. “You have no idea how much I need you right now, if you thought you were sore the day after my birthday, god babe you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” He bit his lip, taking off the rest of the remaining clothing on his body, leaving him all bare before you. “Jay shut up!” you squeal, you did love his spontaneity but this was definitely NOT the time. “You won’t be saying that in a couple minutes…” He smirked, striding towards you and ripping the duvet from your body and revealing you and a certain someone else.

“What the-?! Why the fuck is demon spawn here?” He backed away, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on like the flash as he stared at little Damian, snuggling his face into Jason’s own pillow as he slept soundly. “Dami has been keeping me company since you’ve been gone!” You whisper-shouted, getting out of bed and pushing Jason out of the bedroom and closing the door behind you.

“I thought you weren’t back till morning?” you spoke “I couldn’t wait…” He spoke low, eyes darker than night as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and turning you so you were now against the wall; he crashed his lips onto yours impatiently, not wanting to answer any more of your questions. “Jay-mhpf” You tried to speak, but Jason clearly wasn’t having it as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, your tongues now fighting for dominance as he slid his hands into your shorts as he began groping your arse, taking you to the lounge area and throwing you against the couch.

You laid there breathless as Jason went back to his original position between your legs, kissing your neck and sucking onto your sweet spot beneath your ear as he grinded into you, Jason Jr clearly happy to see you; if Damian wasn’t asleep in your bed right now you would gladly go all the way to welcome Jaybird back home, but, he was.

“Jay- Damian might wake-“ “I don’t care let me show you how much I love you..” Jason purred, tugging at your shorts as he kissed your hips. “Y/N?” A voice echoed in the hallway “Damian!” You gasped, pushing Jason off of you and turning to look at Damian. “Fucking cockblock…” Jason groaned as he continued to lay on the ground where he landed, earning a side glare from you. “You’re insufferable.” Damian rolled his eyes at Jason and then turned back to you “I thought you had been kidnapped, last time I saw you, you were in bed with me so I was concerned. Anywho, continue whatever you were doing I’m going to get some water.” Damian spoke, nodding towards Jason before returning into the shadows and back to your bedroom.

“Now where were we…” “No Jay!” you giggled, pecking his lips before getting up on your feet. “What? He said continue!” He whined, pouting his lips out at you; god you wish you got that as a picture, because if you told anyone the mighty Red Hood pouted his lips out at you to get what he wanted, well, he would indefinitely deny and no one would believe you anyway. You shook your head, smiling to yourself “Oral?” he pleaded, watching your magnificent behind walk away from him as you rolled your eyes “five minutes in the shower?” He raised his voice “good night Jay!” you chuckled “Jerk me off?!” he shouted out, he really needed you right now, soon after he heard your bedroom door slam shut. “God I hate you demon spawn…” He groaned, collapsing onto the couch.

He glanced down to his crotch, sighing, he was literally throbbing; “what am I going to do with you now?”

The smell of pancakes and bacon filled the air, Jason nose twitched, waking up on the couch in the same position that he fell asleep, a mug of hot chocolate sat beside him. “Y/N?” He called out, stretching out his body and sitting up, rubbing his eyes and running his fingers through his dark hair before glancing to the kitchen, expecting to see you in one of his shirts… and ONLY one of his shirts… bending over the island in the centre in order to get something, your ass practically inviting him to come in.

Although, much to his dismay, he looked over only to see Damian sat the island eating, and you, fully clothed.

He sighed, standing up, earning a few cracking sounds from his back before groggily making his way towards you.  “Todd.” “Cock block.” They nod to each other, as Jason made his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist he smiles “good morning” you giggle, leaning back into his warmth as he hugged you from behind, he began to kiss the spot beneath your ear making you bite your lip.

“AHEM” Damian spoke up, making Jason groan against your skin, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Why is he still here?” He whines “Because he wanted to spend some time with me! You’re lucky he didn’t wake up when you were all lusty last night.” You chuckled “It’s not my fault that I wanted my girlfriend after weeks and weeks apart. I have no idea how people can wait till marriage.” he smirks, resting his hands on your waist and turning you around to face him, he tucks a stray hair behind your ear as he looks down at you lovingly, leaning his head down towards your lips. Just as he was only mere centimetres away from those lips he has wanted to taste for weeks,  Damian’s head pops up next to the two of you and his hair brushed against your cheek.

“I know you two are a couple but I care more for my hunger rather than that so Y/N may I have 2 more slices of toast?” He asks “Help yourself.” You smile, ruffling his hair before turning back to face your beloved boyfriend “GO HOME DEMON SPAWN.” He growls, earning a glare from you as you slapped your hand on his very broad chest “Jason!” you gasp “oh come on! my balls are almost as blue as Dick’s nightwing suit” he complained, hands gripping a bit tighter onto your waist.

“Todd could you refer to your genitalia more subtly, I’m trying to eat my breakfast” Damian sneers, biting into a piece of toast. “BEAT IT DEMON” “Maybe that’s what you should be doing” “DAMIAN!” you gasped, surely something like that shouldn’t come out of the mouth of someone his age. “What? It would make him less of a challenge to be around” “Dami! Go get ready I’ll take you out for ice cream!” you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, you did not expect Damian to say anything of that sort out loud, let alone think of it. “Tt” he rolled his eyes, retreating back to your room to most likely get a shower.

Once the coast was clear, your attention was now all on Jason.

“Couch. You have until you hear the shower stop to do what you want, I don’t care whether if you’ve came or not, when the shower stops, we stop.” You smirk “Ooo I love it when you take control sometimes” Jason winks, slapping your behind before dragging you to the couch.

“Y/N your shower seems to need fixing so I took it upon myself to call a – TODD WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING TO Y/N”

Not my best of works I must admit but I hope you enjoyed and if you would like to request just message me! 


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The day they almost lost you - Batfam x Batsis (reader)

This is the PERFECT exemple of a request I received only a few days ago and will write before others I have received months ago purely because it inspires me a lot <3. Sorry if you send a requests like, six months ago and I still haven’t written it…Again, I really work on things that inspires me the most so it totally depends on the day and mood…Like for example right now, I miss my little 3 years old nephew and I could definitely write a story with a toddler in it ! So here we go, hope you guys will like it :  

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


-Remember that time you lost me in the biggest mall in Gotham ?

-Oh my God (Y/N), how many times are you gonna remind that to us ?! Besides, you weren’t even two, you don’t actually remember it yourself…

You smile as you look at your older brother, Damian, mumbling something else you didn’t understand but that looked a lot like “and we found you anyway so…”, and shake your head.

You had heard that story a billion times, and you never really got tired of it.

Your brothers were suppose to keep an eye on you while your father was busy, and they had lost you in one of the busiest place in the entire city…Oh yes, how could you be tired of that ?

Whenever your four older brothers would annoy you, or be overprotective (which, not very surprisingly, happened a lot), like right now, as they were bitching about your boyfriend, Conner (Superman’s clone, and also your brother Tim’s best friend…needless to say, when your family heard you were dating him, they were a bit taken aback, arguing he was too old for you but…technically, you were actually a bit older than him, as when he was “born”, you were already four months old, and besides, you did whatever the Hell you wanted anyway), you would re-tell them the story as you heard it so many times (from Alfred mainly), and they’d instantly leave you alone, still feeling guilty about the all ordeal.

Sometimes though, you felt that maybe, it was that episode that made them so damn overprotective of you…Damian was right, you weren’t even two years old when everything happened, and you didn’t remember a thing but, even so, you still knew it was a big deal.

Because that day…Well, that day, you almost died.

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When you’re all of a sudden sentimental during a family barbecue…

Dick: *stares at the Manor’s facade while grilling*

Dick: Someday, when I’m old and wrinkly, perhaps I’ll go back and look fondly at this house.

Jason: *sips beer* Well, stop in and say hi to me because I’ll still be here chilling in my basement bachelor pad.

Tim: *tosses a frisbee back to Damian* Make sure to water my backyard grave.

Jason: As long as I can dig you up and stick you on the front porch every Halloween.

Tim: Just don’t dress me up as a woman.

Jason: We’ll see.

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Some SuperSons headcanons pls

  • Jon has to constantly remind Damian that “fight me” is not the correct response to anybody saying something he doesn’t agree with slightly
  • Damian asked Jon for piggy back rides which he uses to throw Dami up in the air really high and pretend he won’t catch him. Damian has only started to forgive him over this
  • Jon has a bunch of batman stuff in his room (because superman is his dad so obviously he barely has anything of him) but because of all the batman stuff in his room, Damian isn’t allowed to go in there because he knows the teasing will never end
  • In Dami’s phone, Jon is called “super nerd” and the picture the picture is Jon making a gross face at the camera. In Jon’s phone, Dami is called “bat brat” and the picture is a double chin selfie with the dog filter
  • Whenever Jon comes over to the Manor, he and Damian have an intense water gun, hide and go seek game. Bruce and Clark watch from the kitchen while drinking coffee and making “bets” on who will win. Clark usually goes for Damian while Bruce flip flops 
  • Damian refuses to let Jon milk Batcow because Batcow doesn’t consent to it and “how would you feel if someone you didn’t know came up to you and started trying to get milk from you”
  • Jon is banned from playing Mario Kart because he takes it too seriously and accidentally broke the TV last time he played it
  • Damian invites Jon to every single Wayne Gala so that he has someone his age to talk to and play around with. 

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How about Tim adapting from being the youngest to Damian's older brother?

This got a little out of hand… and it’s basically just Tim angsting over being a terrible brother and not knowing what he’s doing wrong. Hint: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Timmy is nothing if not hard on himself. Anyway. Enjoy :)

He likes to think the whole process would be a lot easier if the brat wasn’t so annoying and obnoxious and rude and insufferable and-  and- Damian

Jason insisting on calling him “babybird” certainly doesn’t help though. How is he supposed to feel like an older brother when he’s still treated like a little kid? He’s seventeen, for god’s sake, eighteen in just a few months. He’s practically an adult.

(The real problem, he knows, deep down where he doesn’t have to think about his neglected childhood, is that growing up an only child never prepared him for how to deal with younger siblings. All his time that wasn’t spent alone was spend in the presence of people older than him; nannies, his parents, his parents’ friends, his parents’ business associates, teachers, tutors, classmates. Even when he became Robin, he was still the youngest.)

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Damian Wayne as a Father Headcanons

A/N: Reader and Damian are adults in these. I went all out on this, so I really hope you like the structure and everything. Feedback is welcomed. ☺️

(c/n) = child’s name


Damian as a father would include:

> Damian was excited when you told him he was going to be a father, well as excited as Damian manages to express.

> He had his concerns about whether he was going to be a good father, based on his family background and upbringing he had his doubts. However after reassuring him, that he managed to change and has become a better person his worry subsided.

> Now when he goes out on patrol, he’s more cautious and careful as he now has two people to come home to and protect.

> Whilst you’re pregnant, Damian is extremely over protective with everything. You are not putting yourself in any danger and he’ll make sure of that. He understands he’s being this way and apologised, explaining he doesn’t want either of you hurt since you’re a prime target now.

> Catering to your cravings the best he can. Sort of.
“Pennyworth, we need some strawberries and hot sauce?”
“We’re currently out of strawberries Master Damian, Miss (Y/n) has cleared them out.”
“Ugh, I’ll be back shortly beloved.”
“Really? You have to leave me, I know you’re getting stuff for me but I’m kind of annoyed by that and I don’t know why.”
“Hormones (y/n).”

> Trying to comfort you when you get emotional, but since Damian isn’t the best at it he comes up with other solutions.
“I could punch you right now!”
“Beloved, that’d be a stupid move.”
“Oh really? Because I love you… a lot and I didn’t mean that!” You were still yelling and you weren’t sure why.
“How about throwing some knives instead?”
“What?! NO! That’s ridiculous and I’m actually willing to do it. You’re such a good partner for letting me do this.” By your last statement you were crying and pulling him into an embrace.

> Both of you low-key freaking out when the baby kicks and you’re just hugging each other with massive grins on your faces.

> Receiving visits from Damian’s family, all of which are super excited to be apart of it and looking forward to having a new member in the family.

> Dick encouraging Damian that’s he’s going to be a good father.

> Bruce still not quite getting the fact his son has a proper family that’s almost normal, but enjoys it none the less.
“Bruce, you know you’re going to be a granddad right?”
“Yes of course I do (y/n), Damian is going to be a father and to be honest… it all feels surreal.”
“Tell me about it. It’s gonna be great though.”
“It truly is.”

> When your waters broke, Damian was with you since he’d estimated the most likely time it’d happen. This man was prepared, he was still the son of the original Batman.

> Damian drove you to the hospital as soon as possible, not in the Batmobile much to your disappointment but understood there’d be no easy way to explain that.

> Panicking and being exhausted throughout labour and Damian telling you to breathe.

> “Holy shit (y/n)!!!” Damian actually yelped when you squeezed his hand during labour.
“You’re not giving birth Dami!”
“You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”
“Yep, comes with being your significant other for so long! Ah shit!”
“Breathe beloved, breathe.”

> With over 10 hours in labour you finally had your child and you were exhausted.
“I did it - Dami I -”
“I know beloved, you are so strong. I’m proud of you (y/n), I love you so much.”
“Love you too.”

> Holding the baby and you simply can’t believe you’ve created something so pure, suddenly you forget all the pain because it was all worth it for this child in your arms.

> Damian holds them next, and is so smitten that you know this child is gonna be spoilt. He almost cried because he thought he was incapable of producing something this innocent, his family do not have a grip on his baby and they never will.

> The rest of the Batfam piling in minutes later hoping to see their new addition.
Dick is super enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and sheds a few tears, whilst promising to be the best uncle ever which was open to dispute.
Jason was smiling more than ever, saying “It’s up to (y/n) to make sure we don’t get another demon spawn in the family. Right now though, I’m really proud of you two.”
Tim making sure you’re alright, asking about names and how much the baby weighs before checking on the others.
Bruce is over the moon and is third to hold his grandchild, he’s quick to congratulate you both and offers for you to stay at the manor so they can all help to get you back on your feet.
Cassandra doesn’t say anything, instead hugging you tightly with a wide grin on her face then patting Damian on the shoulder who remained by your bedside.
“You’ll make a great auntie Cass.” And that only made her smile more.

General Child Raising:
> Taking turns to get up in the night when the baby wakes up.

> Morning cuddles because you’re both exhausted.

> The baby getting lots of attention and babysitters consisting of Damian’s family which you’re eternally grateful for.

> Damian still being smitten as you expected, you find yourself leaning on the doorframe and watching the two interact often, a smile making its way onto your face.
“Are you alright beloved?”
“Y-yeah, it’s nice to be apart of this family.”
You soon join the two.

> Damian teaching your child self defence from a young age and you’re not too thrilled with the idea.
“Oh my - Damian! Why does (c/n) have a katana?!”
“I’m teaching (c/n) how to wield the weapon beloved.”
“Y-yeah, couldn’t you have started with a wooden one. A real one isn’t exactly safe for a 5 year old!”
“I did. At the age of 3. (C/n)’s skills have developed since then (y/n).”
“Oh my gosh. We’re terrible parents!” You yelped, throwing your hands in the air.

> Your child learning about Damian’s culture and heritage as well as your own so they know where to come from and if they want to celebrate any traditions.

> Both of you helping out with homework from school, Damian specialising in Maths.

> Having to come up with crazy explanations as to why their father came through the window in the dead of night looking like Batman.
“Is daddy Santa?”
“Uh not exactly… It’s more like the tooth fairy?”
“We are not saying that beloved, (c/n) I’m Batman - but you can’t tell anyone as this is a family secret.”
“Ok Batdad.” You’re child whispered, giggling at the nickname.

> Damian ok with them joining the family business as long as they pass his training resumés. They don’t go out if they’re sick or injured no matter what as this increases the likelihood of reckless behaviour.

> Teaching them the ways of Wayne Enterprises since they’re the future heir now.

> Your child learning about the hero business when they get older and finally accepting their father isn’t the tooth fairy.

> Giving them the choice of whether they want to become a vigilante with you supporting them 100% and Damian teaching them League of Assassins techniques regardless of their decision.

> Joking with you and Damian about becoming a villain because they’re fully equipped to do so but knowing that’s not how they were brought up.

> Them secretly having a favourite uncle but only Damian and yourself know who it is and refuse to tell the others.

> Kate Kane being the go to person for anything LGBT+ related, if your child is in fact an LGBT citizen or not.

> Generally being quite an open family that comes with a few cracks but you’re happy.

If it’s a Boy:
> “Looks like there’s a new son of Batman now.”
“Indeed there is, I hope he’ll be my successor one day.”

> Father son bonding activities, most of which included one on one training sessions. There a lot of testosterone in your home.

> Play fights all of the time, literally with anyone of his uncles that comes over. Whether it be Dick, Jason, Tim or Duke he’s going to show them the new moves Damian taught him.

> “I’m going to be the next Red Hood. You watch me!” As your son runs around with finger guns yelling ‘pew pew’ at inanimate objects much to your amusement.
“I’m going to kill Todd…”

> You’re son actually wanting to have powers like Jon, Supermans son, who visits on some occasions. Though after a long conversation about practicality with his father, (c/n) is convinced he’ll be the next Batman.
“Well Superman doesn’t have a Batmobile.”
“But he can fly father.”
“(C/n) has a point Dami.”

> Your son imitating Damian any chance he gets since he looks up to his father more than he realises.
“I am the son of the demon!”
“(Y/n), what was that?”
“Dick, do you really want to question it? He has Dami’s genes remember.”
“That’s who he reminds me of, Damian when he was younger - such a little sh-” Covering Dicks mouth before he could finish that sentence.

> Bruce saying he looks a lot like Damian and is proud of you both for raising your son so well. (C/n) has great manners at Galas when he’s older and is a hit with the ladies. Of course, for now - you’re the most important female in his life until he finds that special someone. Damian couldn’t be more proud.
“Meet my parents, Damian and (Y/n) Wayne.”
“It’s a pleasure, I hope our son is treating you well.”
“Yes, thank you Mrs Wayne.”

If it’s a Girl:
> Literally his little princess who he loves dearly.

> Cass coming over to style your daughters hair and spend time with her. Even though Cass isn’t talkative, your daughter speaks enough for the both of them.
“Can you do plaits Auntie Cass, like milkmaid ones?”
“I bet you can, you’re really good at making hair look pretty.” Cass just kisses her forehead and starts braiding.

> Finding out that she isn’t going to be a girly girl from a very early age.
“As I have Batdad, I get to drive the Batmobile when I’m older - maybe I can race!”
“I can teach you to drive now princess, I could drive by your age.”
“No! Damian, that’s illegal!”
“So is vigilantism.”

> Barbara and Stephanie coming over to help out and Stephanie even brought your daughter a Batgirl costume. Stephanie being so involved for personal reasons and just becoming her auntie not that there was any question.
“Steph, why did you buy this?”
“Why not? She’ll follow in our footsteps one day.”
“I’ll make sure she knows all the technical tricks.” Barbara was quick to add referring to her way with computers.

> Kate Kane and Harper Row also visiting to check up on you both. Kate claiming that girls have got to stick together. Your daughter thinking Harpers hair is the coolest thing in the world.
“Mommy, can I have my hair just like Harpers? With pink in it and can I have it rainbow?”
“That would look so cool!” Came the exaggerated enthusiasm of Harper.
“When you’re older, you can dye it however you want.”

> Damian gets over protective when romantic relationships come into the equation.
“Father, I fight crime with you at weekends. I’m perfectly capable of handling a romantic partner.”
“It’s funny you think they’ll even get a chance to get close to you.”
“Mom, a little help?!”

> “Touch my daughter and you’re dead.”
“You’re dad is joking right (c/n)?” Came your daughters current interest.
“Haha, uh yeah… no. No he’s not joking.”
“So what? Beat me to death?”
“More like slice you. With his katana.” Your daughter corrected.
“And that’s only if your uncles don’t get to them first (c/n)!”
“Thanks for that mom.”

Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- The Next Bruce Lee (Part 2)

Part 1

Warning: Descriptions of injuries, swearing

Groaning, you slapped your hand on your face, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.  You frowned when you felt bandages attached to your face.  Sitting up slightly, you threw the blanket covering you off, shocked to find more bandages covering your body.  Looking around the room, you noticed that you weren’t in your room, not even in Pete’s or the recovery room where badly injured fighters usually go.  The room was very formal for your taste, which confused you even more.  Hissing in pain, you sat up even more, agitating your wounds. 

“What the hell happened?” you asked yourself, rubbing your temples.

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Batboys headcanon at the beach because it's summer time 😎

Of course, my star!

• They’re all bickering on the car ride over

• Well, mostly it’s Jason teasing Tim, and Damian being mad at literally everything

• “Damian, there is no way in hell I’m letting you take your freaking sword out to the beach!”

• “Ooooh! Dick said hell!”

• “Jason, you cuss like a sailor every other word!”

• “Shove it, Timbo!”

• “Does this mean I can take the sword?”

• “NO!”

• Jason throws sand at Damian after Damian throws a plastic bucket full of water over him

• This results in war

• Dick attempts to defuse the situation

• That is until Damian “accidentally” misses Jason and hits him dead in the face with a sandball and gets sand in his hair

• “Damnit, Damian! I just washed my hair this morning!”

• In the end Jason throws Damian over his shoulder and sprints for the water

• Damian screaming the whole way

• Dick cheering Jason on

• Tim dying of second-hand-embarrasment 

• Until Dick throws him into the water

• And he throws more wet sand at Dick

• Damian underestimating the importance of sunscreen stronger than SPF15 and getting the worst sunburn in the history of the universe

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Damian and Dick brother headcanons

  • Dick gives Dami piggy back rides from one end of the Manor to other. The entire time Damian is screaming “FASTER GRAYSON FASTER” while giggling his head off and Dick is trying not to show he is getting tired and can’t go faster
  • Whenever Dick calls Wayne Manor a house, Damian corrects him and goes “Manor”. Dick does it to now just to annoy Damian
  • If anyone says anything bad about Dick (even just teasing) around Damian, Damian goes into fight mood™. Everyone has learned not to tease Dick in front of Damian unless they want a black eye
  • Dick is always trying to get Damian to do normal kid things like read all the Harry Potter books, play Pokemon, or invite his friends over to hang out. Dick goes out of his way to make sure he isn’t on patrol the nights Damian wants his friends over.
  • Damian is always begging Dick to let him train just a little bit longer because Damian doesn’t want to make a fatal mistake. Dick refuses because he knows that too much training is bad especially on a growing body
  • Dick makes sure that Damian gets at least one fruit or vegetable into his a body a day. If Dick doesn’t watch him eat it, Damian will go days, weeks, or months without picking up something healthy. Dick also flavors Damian water for him because Damian doesn’t like the taste of normal water. 
Get it yourself (Damian Wayne Smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: I would like to request a Damian wayne smut like a lot of smut. Where he’s showing the reader who’s boss. Plz and thank you
Summary: Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him.
Word count: 439
Warning(s): smut
Note: Fixed the perspective :)

You had been irritated all morning, nearly anything he said would cause you to sass back or just ignore him. Usually he would just turn a blind eye to it, but today it was simply getting on his nerves. 

You were in the kitchen getting a drink, “Beloved, could you get me some water,” Damian requests politely. “Get it yourself,” You I bark back, walking back to where he was sitting.

With out another word you were quickly pushed up against the closest wall. Damian leaving feather-light kisses on the side of your neck. “You think it’s okay to be rude to your boyfriend, beloved,” He questions, slowly taking off your shirt, laying rougher kisses down on your neck and the valley of your breasts, causing your breath to slightly hitch and a light moan to escape. 

“Answer,” He demands, looking up, you nod but that doesn’t satisfy him.  “No.” you finally squeak out. He completely removes himself from you, a dissatisfied groan leaving you as you slightly slump forward, hoping for even the tiniest amount of contact.

Bedroom now,” He demands, a smirk on his lips when he sees you pretty much eagerly run towards the shared room. 

When there standing in the middle of the room, he walks in, connecting his lips to yours in a rough kiss, a big contrast to his usual soft and loving ones. He skillfully takes off the rest of your clothing, leaving him completely covered.

He slowly walks you backwards until the back of your legs hit the cold wooden bed frame, and then lightly pushes you down on it. Judging by your eagerness, Damian guesses that foreplay isn’t really necessary.

He quickly rids of his clothes before climbing on top of you. With out much warning he pushes himself in you, stretching out your walls, a loud moan echoing through the room. He starts pounding in to you roughly, while leaving dark purple marks all over your neck. You leaving deep scratches down his back, they’re definitely going to hurt later on.

His breath starts becoming erratic and so is yours, you’re so close, but right before you could reach your release he pulls out, jerking himself  a couple of times, cumming all over your lower stomach. You let out a cry in disapproval.

“Damiii…” You cry out as he slips his boxers back on. He smirks, “That’s what you get, beloved.” He exits the room to get the water that he wanted prior. 

“Can you get me some water at least,” I question.

“Get it yourself,” He simply answers before going back to doing whatever he was doing before.


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Opposites Attract - Damian Wayne x Reader

Originally posted by just-b-reathe

Requested by Anon - Damian meets a girl from the darker parts of Gotham and she is almost the exact opposite of him, but he finds himself falling for her. (Can Damian be about 17) 

Damian walked past the old abandoned amusement park on the pier that the Joker often frequents when he escapes from Arkham. Of course, nothing was happening now since the sun was still up, and the Joker was still in Arkham. Damian was in street clothes, having been ordered by his father to get out of the manor for the day. His father claimed Damian needed to get a life, which was quite hypocritical of him if you asked Damian.

Nevertheless, Damian did as his father suggested and roamed the streets. He told himself he was investigating criminal activity, but he was kidding himself. The truth was Damian didn’t know where to go.  

Damian was about to cross the bridge to the ruined boardwalk when he noticed a person walking towards him. It was you, strolling clumsily towards him with a bundle of balloons in your hand.  He stopped to stare at you as you gave him a small smile before continuing on your way. Maybe it was because you were alone, or because you seemed a little lost yourself, but Damian felt himself drawn to you.

“Are you alright,” Damian called out, making you stop and turn back to him. 

“Yes, I’m fine,” you assure him, giving him another tiny smile. His stomach fluttered. “Are you okay?”

Damian raised an eyebrow at you. “Yes, I’m well,” he answered. Both of you stared at one another for a long moment before you held out your bundle of balloons to him.

“Did you want a balloon,” you offer, thinking that was the reason he stopped you. No one ever talked to you before when you were walking around. 

“No,” he refuses bluntly, glancing around him. “Are you out here alone?”

You glance around, prompted by his movement. “Well, you’re here,” you shrug a shoulder at him. He was so intense, it made you a little nervous.

“That is not what I meant,” he shot back, annoyed. Damian didn’t like the idea of you being out by the Joker’s amusement park alone. It was funny, but he felt protective of you even though he barely knew you.

“But that’s what you asked,” you tease back before turning around to continue on your way. Damian’s mouth dropped open in shock at your treatment of him.  He found he was attracted to you, which was strange. You seemed to be his opposite in every way.

Damian stomped after you. “I wasn’t finished talking to you yet,” he demands, slowing to walk beside you. You give him a sideways glance.

“Really,” you remark, genuinely surprised. “Sorry about that. Continue talking.”

“Where are you going,” he asks, finding your tone to be strange. Your words seemed to be sarcastic, but you didn’t mean them in that way.

You gesture in front of you. “To the end of the pier,” you state simply. Damian gives you a suspicious look.   

“Are you planning to jump,” Damian questions gently. For some reason, the idea of you drowning was unbearable to him. 

“I know I may seem strange, but you really think I’d come out here to commit suicide, “ you answer, shaking your head in disbelief. This boy was a weird one. You couldn’t believe he was talking to you as he seemed to be your opposite in every way. Graceful and muscular, he was the complete opposite to your clumsy and flabbiness.  

Damian sighed, irritated with your round-about way of talking. If he was honest, he kind-of liked it. “Then why are you going to the edge of the pier?”

You give him a sad smile before relying. “I’m going to release these balloons.”

“Why,” Damian asks, giving you a strange look.

“They’re for my brother, he would have been six today,” you state simply with a trace of gloom. You had both reached the edge of the pier, and stood a few feet from the water. 

Damian gazed at you for a long moment. “I’m sorry,” he consoles, placing a hand on your shoulder. You give him a gentle smile before handing him one of the balloons.

“Do you want to help,” you offer softly with unshed tears in your eyes. Damian pauses for a moment, and slowly takes the extended balloon.He found his gaze to be frozen on you as you took a deep breath. You were beautiful in this light, Damian had the itch to draw you.

You hold out the balloons in front of you. Taking a glance at Damian, you ask, “Are you ready?” Damian nodded as you let the balloons float into the air. Damian copied you with his one balloon. You two stood there for a long time, watching the balloons disappear into the clouds. 

Damian watched you from the corner of his eye. He wanted to comfort you, but didn’t know how. Even though it was against his nature, Damian gently took your hand in his. You glanced down at your entwined hands for a moment before giving his hand a squeeze. “Thank you,” you whisper, tears steaming down your face. 

TT,” Damian huffed awkwardly, unsure of what to do next. He began to think of what Grayson would do in this situation. “Do you want to go get some coffee,” Damian posed casually, hoping you would agree to come. He wanted to be close to you.

“Sure,” you agree, wiping your tears from your face. With Damian’s hand still in yours, you both walked away from the pier. A smirk crossed Damian’s face when he realized he may have found “a life”. 

Damian hates drinking water. He says there is no taste and there is no point to eating/drinking things that don’t have taste. Alfred has to get tricky with getting him to drink water, usually by flavoring it and telling him it’s a new kind of drink he is testing out to see if the others will like it.

shadows in the water - NikeScaret - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]

Chapters: 1/1

Fandom: Batman (Comics)

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Characters: Damian Wayne, Talia al Ghul

Relationships: Talia al Ghul & Damian Wayne

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, I just will not stop with these aus, I also have a fascination with Death being sentient I guess


The Lazarus Pit is more alive than anyone ever expected.

So when Talia sinks herself into the poison green water, pregnant, but not for long, with her only son, the Pit takes and takes and takes.

It draws attention of another being.

And Damian’s left stranded in the aftermath.