damian bb :(

If your ideal Damian+Duke interactions isn’t them being chill 40% of time and spending the other 60 feeding off tht chill energy untill they inevitably convince each other to do some dumb teen shit, like it’s completely logical, then idk wht 2 tell ya…

justice league vs teen titans was dope af!

had to draw one of my fave otps c:

i finished watching the Judas Contract.

ok, guys, let me explain before i start. 1 )I’ve been a fan of the Titans for a long time. i watched the animated series when it aired, when i was 10 y\o. read the comics when i was 16. i prefer the comics version of the characters, but my favorite characters are still the titans i loved from the animated series- i just love their comic book, older personas better. these characters mean a lot to me.

2) i’m used to seeing a lot of shitty products with their brand name on them.

3) i have an entire au in my head that is based around them- it sort of combines my favorite elements from the show and comics into one.

I’m telling u all of it because this is the closest version i’ve seen of the titans i have in my head. and for that, i’m already impressed. i enjoyed this movie a lot- i know it’s far from being perfect, and i’ll address it soon. but my review is mostly positive, because i came in with very low expectations, and got a pretty good product. 

spoilers from now on:

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Spinelli: But I’m right, am I not? You do have feelings for me.
: Spinelli, you know, I just picked up all the fractured pieces of my life and put them back together into something good, something wonderful with Nathan.

Weird analogy time

Stick with me here.

Teen Titans needs it’s Dan Abnett. Not Dan Abnett specifically, but someone who has the passion to turn around a failing book. Earth 2, when written by Robinson, Taylor, Bennett and Wilson was just awful. They aren’t inherently bad writers, but they didn’t have the passion or respect for the characters that fans needed to see. Instead, we got year after year of writer changes, big shakeup events, and pointless deaths.

But then Dan Abnett took over writing duties for Earth 2 Society. He gave the series a heart and a soul, used it to make a statement on the flaws of New52, and gave the characters the happy ending they deserved.

We need that energy and passion and respect to be put into Teen Titans. Right now we have a team leader nobody enjoys reading (even Damian fans dislike TT), a character fans love being treated like a clown, another two fan favorites being treated like planks of wood, and new characters who don’t get any real development. Hell, nobody has had development. There’s been negative development in regards to Starfire, Damian, BB and Raven.

Teen Titans doesn’t necessarily need a writer who is perfect, or who has incredible skill at crafting a story. It needs someone who just gives a damn about the characters.

corvidaezero replied to your postHow is Robin “more competent” than the other…

In SuperSons, the Titans are trying to track down someone, and Damian turns to Beast Boy and is like “remember how i told you about the honeybee and that they’re good trackers?” Like, why is Robin telling BB about his own freaking powers. BB would know these things. Maybe I could see Damian telling him about some elusive animal only found in the middle east or something. Maybe I could take that. But Robin “damian-splaining” to BB about a freaking honeybee? Nope.

BLESS YOU FOR SAYING THIS. This legitimately bugged the shit out of me when I read it. They literally dumbed down Gar about his OWN abilities to make Damian look like a competent leader.

I wanted to SCREAM. 

Pick Up - dad!jason au

Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, bb!Damian Wayne
Pairing: Jaydick
Summary: Jason goes to pick Damian up from daycare. Turns out someone already did.
A/N: For nevolition‘s AMAZING Dad!Jason AU! Where Jason doesn’t become a vigilante, raises baby Damian to protect him from his parents’ wars, and Dick helps/they’re an item. Here’s a couple fanarts he made for it, and this fic is based on/for the former of those two (that’s also where the gist of what this AU is, in the tags). I love it to the bottom of my soul. I’m totally game to make this AU a thing, but really I’m letting Eric come up with all the rules because this is his brainchild. Basically don’t ask for stuff about all the other characters because I don’t know and at this point in time I don’t much care about them. I am all about the jaydick and the grumpy baby~

(Also, everybody go support Eric, HE’S THE BEST.)


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So. Damian's challenge to the other Robins.

There’s no way he’ll beat Dick. No way.

Part of me wants to think it’s because he respects and cares about Dick, but that was before the New 52 so that’s all been thrown out the window. 

Damian says that he’s going to beat them at something they think they’re unbeatable at.

But we all know no one can beat Dick when it comes to flips and shit.