damian & christine

New to the Family

Disclaimer: Batman and associated characters are the creative property of DC Comics.
Warnings: Canon-typical violence & language, Canon character death mentioned, Mild adoption discrimination at the beginning
Rating: T
Synopsis: In the months following the death of Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne is seeking to adopt Duke Thomas and Cassandra Cain. Of course, what this could mean for them and what this could mean for their soon-to-be brother Damian differs greatly for each of them. 

A/N: Basically, I’ve got some complaints with the Rebirth continuity’s take on the Batfamily and it is this: why is Cass not canon adopted yet and why haven’t Damian, Duke, and Cass had any on-panel time together because. Hello. This is gold! So I seek to remedy this in the brief time we have before Tim’s inevitable return to the comics so I can make it a touch angsty ; ) 

Duke Thomas had taken a long time to look over the paperwork. He read the fine print, understood every litigation of it, and took into consideration what exactly it meant as much as he possibly could without a law degree. Then he repeated the process nearly every night of that week.

He had not expected anything to come of his prolonging of a suitable answer. Honestly, he half expected that the subject would have dropped entirely until he brought it up.

Bruce seemed just that awkward and Alfred seemed just that understanding.

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2005 | Television Film | BBC
Featuring Sophie Hunter

From acclaimed writer-director Stephen Poliakoff, “Friends and Crocodiles” is a one-off television drama about the shifting power dynamics between a Gatsby-like figure named Paul and his secretary Lizzie during 1980′s/1990′s Britain. Sophie featured as Christine opposite lead Damian Lewis. Christine is Paul’s free-spirited and party-loving girlfriend (along with Angela) who lives in his estate as part of his “collection of interesting people”.  

Written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff  
Damian Lewis as Paul | Jodhi May as Lizzie 
Sophie Hunter as Christine | Eddie Marsan as Butterworth
Robert Lindsay as William | Isabel Brook as Angela