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Guys I have to share this with you. If you know anything about the genre “dembow” you would know its hypermasculine street/party music. Which is why I was surprised when one of the hottest dembows out is sung by a gay man who even dresses feminine in the video. The fact that hes been so easily accepted makes happy. And hes oh so fabulous at it. You cant imagine how many macho dominican men ive heard uttering the catchy chorus “dame leche” which translates into give me milk, milk meaning semen lol

Here you go, dame leche by jhon featuring la delfy


Dude may be gay but this song is my damn jam rite now

“Hey, are you okay? You look tired” I said. I saw sadness beyond his dark-brown eyes. Yeah he’s tired, I thought. “I heard that you and Dad talked. So, how did it go?”, I said sweetly said and wrapped my hands unto his nape. Without answering, he looked away and took a heavy sigh. At that moment, I felt a strange feeling. I just hugged him tightly ‘cause I know, maybe, that this could be the last. Few weeks have passed after that day, I noticed that he’s getting more busier. At first, he was texting me twice a week, then it became once a week, until he stopped.

It hit me. Then I got tired. My thoughts blew like a wind and my heart is aching for attention. I broke up with him. Three years after, I received a letter from an unknown person. I was a reading a magazine called “The Bachelor” where he was the cover. My heart sank when I saw the smile plastered on his face. But I knew better, I know that he’s not happy at all. I can see through his eyes. The moment I held the envelope, my heart skipped a beat. The wind blew hard. The fallen leaves flew up into the sky along with the small birds. I hugged the envelope. A tear escaped my eye. I decided to open the envelope whole-heartedly and the message goes like this:

To my dearest Monica,

“It’s been three years, right? I hope I’m still the one. I hope there’s no one right now in your heart. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the sadness I brought you. Remember that day? The day your dad and I talked? He said that I should let you go. That I will only bring you sadness. That I can’t even sustain your needs. That I am not perfect for you. So I worked hard. But little did I know, I’m losing you. I am losing the most important treasure, which is you. But I can’t forget what your dad said. So I continued working until I got this confidence to face you. Again, I’m sorry. I still love you.”

From the guy who loves you very much,

I didn’t know. But the moment I closed my eyes, I saw you smiling. I remembered it all. When I opened my eyes, I saw you standing in front of me holding a little red box. You’re crying as well as I do. You swept those tears.

Naalala ko lang 1 month na kameng di nagpapansinan ng kapatid ko, oo alam kong mali pero kase boset talaga e ubod ng arte di naman ako ganyan nung nagdalaga ko ibang iba talaga ugali palibhasa daming friends outside whoo leche aga aga naiinis nanaman ako Zz

feeling ko makakalbo na naman ako neto sa stress eh tanginang buhay to! leche ang daming problema nakakagago na. di ko na alam gagawin ko, sugat na sugat na ko woah ang sakit, ang hirap leche pinatay niyo nalang dapat ako diba? hay kasawa nadin minsan. sarap magwala woah nakakapagod! lahat nalang feeling ko buong mundo pati araw at buwan dala ko na leche :(

No sé en qué momento paso qué poner una cara feliz significa estar molesto.
:) ;) :}
—  Dame-leche