dame four


The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Raphaël Personnaz as Quasimodo
Jessica Szohr as Esmeralda
Sir Ian McKellen as Lord Frollo
Chris Hemsworth as Captain Phoebus

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My film is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real objects I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected on a screen, come to life again like flowers in water.

Robert Bresson

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Holy. Crud. Imagine Hancock actually singing Hellfire though. It's late in the Third Rail and all the ladies are swoooning because it's freaking sexual tension the song, but the whole time his eyes are locked on Sole like "You. Are. Mine."

I couldn’t help myself, so here is a short drabble about that. xD Sole is assumed to be a female because of the song saying women and girl, etc. You know? You can change the pronouns to fit whatever Sole you want.

Also, we will ignore how Hancock knew the lyrics to this song and whatever. 


It had  been a long day in Goodneighbor and now that night had rolled around, many were heading to the Third Rail to rest for the night. Turns out it was karaoke night, which brought in more occupants than normal. Of coarse, the mayor himself couldn’t help but step in for the fun. He even brought Sole along with him, insisting that they would have fun. 

They didn’t know if that was true, but it didn’t disagree with the man. They wouldn’t mind getting a drink with him. The Third Rail did have good drinks, plus it would be amusing to watch the people go up and sing. 

What Sole didn’t expect was for Hancock himself to stand up and walk toward the microphone. It seemed as though the others didn’t expect it either, as they all clapped wildly when they saw him. Sole just sat back and watched, their drink in their hands. This would be interesting. 

At first, they thought that the song that he decided to do was a joke, but once he got into the intense part of the song, they realized that this was a serious song. It wasn’t some funny song you would hear on Diamond City radio. 

Sole looked around and noticed that many of the women in the bar were blushing, leaning on the arms of either their significant other or friends. No matter who it was, it was hard to keep from falling for the man’s voice. Sole was having a hard time themselves. 

The hardest part of keeping Sole from melting in their chair was that the entire time, Hancock’s dark eyes didn’t leave theirs. He wanted them to know that this song was for them and only them, Not for any of the other women and men in the audience who were enchanted by his voice, just them. They were his and he was going to show it to him. 

“Hellfire, dark fire, now gypsy it’s your turn. Choose me or your pyre. Be mine or you will burn.” Hancock’s voice was rough but powerful while singing, something that probably caused many of the patrons of the bar to squirm in their seat.

Sole tried their hardest not to show how they were feeling while he was singing, but it was hard. They didn’t want to show that he was getting to them. They never let him have the satisfaction of flustering them, but here he was, causing them to have a red-filled face. 

“God have mercy on her. God have mercy on me. But, she will be mine or she will burn!” Hancock stared dead at Sole, a smirk forming on his lips as he finished up the song. Sole decided that something was going to happen tonight, maybe some sexy-times or maybe more teasing. But, they didn’t mind. They didn’t mind at all. They didn’t mind being his gypsy. 


Dame Four - How We Roll

yes i do remember all the lyrics. MILA DID THAT.


Shitty quality but yea. Dame Four “How we Roll”